Good Deal or Not? “Relaxing front porch” edition

This home is located at 1368 C St, NE:

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The flier says:

“Renovated Capitol Hill cutie! * Stellar locale just several blocks to Lincoln Park and an easy walk to Eastern Market * Remodeled stainless eat-in kitchen w/ exposed brick walls * Convenient main lvl half bath * Gleaming refinished hardwoods * Remodeled Full bath * Dbl paned replacement windows * Relaxing front porch & fenced private backyard * Close to 3 metros * A great alternative to a condo w/ no assoc. fee”

You can find more info here and photos here.

$439,900 sound right for this 2 bed/1.5 bath?

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  • Uh oh. I sense “cheap HD, souless reno, too-far-from-metro, bad-neighborhood, no restaurants, place sold last year for half that” comments a-comin’!

    • Some of which is true, but that’s why it’s a bargain compared to other houses on the Hill. This would be a great location for a dog owner with the Kingsman Field dog park being right there. I’m not crazy about the block but you can definitely get a good deal around here.

  • I think it’s kinda cute, though I’m not a big fan of the placement of the fridge.

    I have no idea about what places should cost anymore so I’m not going to comment on whether or not it’s a good deal.

    • claire

      Yeah, that fridge . . . why there?? They could’ve easily put it on the wall where the counter is and extended the counter under the window to the door instead . . .

    • Haha I didn’t notice the weird placement of the fringe at first. And on a second look, the entire kitchen is just weird.

      Why is the microwave not over the stove?

      Why is there no exhaust hood?

      Why are the cabinets not aligned on the top?

      Can you even open the dishwasher all the way?

      Why do the cabinets stop in the middle of the wall?

      Why is that spoon so big?!

      . . .

      For real, you could have moved the entire set of cabinets down a few feet and done an “L” configuration so that the counters would wrap around the corner and incorporate the fridge into the rest of the kitchen. The design here was just lazy.

      • austindc

        That spoon is epic.

        Yeah, the kitchen sucks, and anyone with a lick of common sense would have put in a smaller fridge or one that wasn’t so deep. On the plus side, that would be an easy kitchen to update to something more practical and attractive, so it could be a fun cosmetic project for someone who likes the rest of the house and wants to do a little home improvement.

  • It’s towards the shadier end of “outer capitol hill” but the price reflects that. The trend for the block is positive though.

  • Wowsa. $440K for 768 square feet. There are some really lovely aspects to life on Capitol Hill but not enough for me to understand the housing costs.

    Schools are one thing, but an affordable house doesn’t fit a family.

  • austindc

    My spoon is too big!

  • I like it actually. But wow, 768 square feet is tiny. Kudos to the photographer for making is seem so much larger.

    Also, the Realtor and I have different definitions of what “Close to 3 metros” means. This place is at least a 15 min walk from the closest metro.

  • I like it, but it is claustrophobically small. It can’t be a good sign when the master bedroom is staged without a bed.

  • The close to 3 Metros is laughable as is the placement of the fridge (but they did what space allowed). Cute house but agree with the previous posts as to the size. A master bedroom without a bed is an interesting concept!

  • Agree with most of the comments-bizarre fridge placement and it’s small, but, considering what most of the condos go for in this area, I also agree with the realtor that this is a good condo substitute. I agree that the area is transitioning, but I like the neighborhood and I think the price reflects the fact that this isn’t yet a completely established neighborhood. I think it will go for around asking.

  • Where do you eat? In the living room or the kitchen?

  • I used to live at 1426 C Street NE (about 7 years ago). It’s not even “close” to 3 Metros. However, the D6 run right up C Street, so it is easy access to Union Station via the bus.

  • If your house is that tiny, you don’t really need a refrigerator that massive. Or, they could have knocked out the back wall and built around it, giving a recessed look.
    As far as the “master” bedroom, it should have been staged with a crib.

    Many pictures of the back yard, one completely devoted to the plastic patio furniture!

  • They recently dropped 30K from the asking. It’s getting close now.

    IMO, however, you’d be nuts to pay that price for 2 bedrooms, 768 square feet, no parking, no metro, and no basement.

  • Some people just want a house. And a yard. And while not huge, these little houses in this part of the Hill offer cozy spaces for people. And they bring couples together – lots of babies get made in little houses! 😉
    A shame about the kitchen though. Probably killing the deal for everyone. WTF?

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