Good Deal or Not? “historic charm & modern convenience” edition (reader request)

This home is located at 646 South Carolina Ave, SE:

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The flier says:

“Wide, sunny 3 level Victorian w/ 3-4BRs, 2 spa-style BAs, Gran/SS kit, new CAC, warm wood flrs and lots of great storage! You’ll love the flexible finished lower level for guests/family room. 2 outdoor “rooms” & mature gardens offer extra sanctuary! A terrific blend of historic charm & modern convenience –in a stellar location just half-block from Eastern Market & Metro!”

You can find more info here and photos here.

This 4 bed/2 bath is going for $859,000. The reader thinks this’ll start a bidding war – do you agree? If so – what do you think it’ll really sell for?

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  • I like it a lot. I think the one drawback (and it’s a pretty big one) is that there are only two bathrooms, with one being in the basement. Not even a powder room anywhere else. The bathrooms are of course lovely, but there just really needs to be at least one more.

  • I think its priced well and will probably go quickly, with a potential bidding war.

    I am not a fan of the main upstairs bathroom. That sink looks awful!

    • Those sinks are pretty useful, actually. It’s not all pretty design. My parents installed one in their downstairs bathroom, and I like it a lot, especially because I’m taller, and don’t have to bend down as much.

  • Love this rowhouse! It’s refreshing not to see a complete gut job with an open floor plan for once. I think the renovations are very tasteful.

  • Bad taste in bathrooms, but I hope it goes for a lot more.

  • No parking is a major drawback right around that area. Yeah, it basically next to the metro, but there are no grocery stores nearby and sometimes you just need to use a car.

    I think it’s priced just about right though and could start a bidding war because of the lack of good housing stock in DC right now.

    But if there was a parking spot, I could see it easily hitting the mid-900s.

  • Nice to see so many original details preserved.

    My concern would be that the bedrooms are on the small side… they look small even in the artfully shot photos.

    Ditto what others have said on the bathrooms. When I saw the comments beforehand, I was thinking, “How bad can they possibly be?”… but they, um, exceeded my expectations. Looks like someone spent a lot of money on bathrooms that aren’t attractive (too busy, tile set diagonally, etc.) and don’t go with the rest of the house.

  • andy

    and the location is really, really sweet.

  • Two of the bedrooms seem to be really, really small. No parking. I think it’s priced about right given that.

    That being said, maybe I have horrible taste, but I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the bathrooms (other than the teal design in the 2nd bath.)

    Is the master suite in the basement?

  • I agree with the person above, the scarcity of bathrooms and the fact that one is in the basement is going to ding this one.

    However, the house is still underpriced, probably by 50K even with the bathroom issue.

    If the place had another full bath, heck..even a powder room it would likely go for ~75K more.

    Nice house, great location.

  • Bedrooms being small doesn’t really upset me as long as one is big and could be considered the master. My current house has two really large bedrooms and one rather small. I’d rather have 1 lg bdrm/3 small bdrms than what I currently have. For a family of four, does the 7 yr old kid and 3 yr old baby need big rooms? I don’t think of it as much as a drawback. Storage/bathrooms do make a difference.

    I think it will go for over. 35K over.

  • Hmmm…I’m surprised by the strong negative reactions to the bathrooms.

    I like historic houses and bathrooms a lot, but actually thought “these bathrooms look like nice renovations” (except perhaps for the “pebble” tile on the floor of the main bathroom – seems like it would be uncomfortable to stand on with bare feet).

    That said, the lack of parking seems more of a problem to me. Does that block of SC Ave have parking meters? If so, it would be annoying to have to park on other blocks.

    • Same here. As to the number that isn’t out of line with most places on the Hill.

      The parking situation is much more of a problem – not as big an issue of you don’t have a car or you don’t use it much of course.

    • I actually used to live in one of the rowhouses across the street, and SC Ave is pretty good for street parking. No meters, and my roommates and I could nearly always find a spot on that block.

  • Also, how does one get into the kitchen?

  • The bathrooms are great!

  • Mid 900s. Parking isn’t too terrible on the street I’ve always found parking w/in a block of my destination in the immediate area (non-metered).

    Bathroom situation is the big drawback.

  • The bathrooms are top-drawer renovations — spas, really. The lower-level one runs almost the length of the house. There’s a steam room and an air bath. And I think it’s great that the original design and historic features weren’t broken up to make room for a first-floor bathroom.

  • I like the house a lot and actually think the bathrooms are a plus. House has lots of Victorian charm, which is maintained in renovation, but bathrooms are state-of-the- art and fun. Best of both worlds.

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