Good Deal or Not? Weekly Wed. House Porn “exquisite garden w/ limestone terr., koi pond & custom English Conservatory with fireplace” edition

This house is located at 3025 Whitehaven St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Built in 1951, this stately 7BR, 7.5BA, Georgian residence is magnificent in scale & design, featuring extraordinary finishes & detail, w/ gracious reception rooms opening to a stone terrace leading to an exquisite garden w/ limestone terr. , koi pond & custom English Conservatory with fireplace. Incredible 3rd level FR with panoramic views of Embassy Row, plus latticed garden room.”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

Oh man, that was a fun virtual tour. This 7 bed/8 bath is yours for $6,950,000.

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  • andy

    A koi pond seems so declassé for this kind of place.

  • Way too traditional for me but I guess any place that has a “conservatory” has to be traditional, right?

    If I had a conservatory I would have to have a big ass candlestick and a dog named Col. Mustard.

    PoP, you labeled it GDoN instead to House Porn, FYI.

  • Pretty cool house. I would be interested in seeing what that top floor looks like with all the windows going straight across the back.

  • And you neighbor would be Hillary!
    I consider under $7M a bargain for that alone.
    @13 NW – the garden for sure needs a peacock to go along with Col. Mustard.

  • With a house that big, you really need more than one maids quarters!

  • I wouldn’t change a thing! Straight pimpin’

    Favorite part is how the ‘morning room’ has the TV – so you can watch Squawk Box with your bran flakes.

  • I was thinking that all the green in the decor was some sort of subliminal message for all of us serfs who dared to watch this – “sorry, no access without…”

  • Wow. I really, really love that sunroom. And the yard (“yard” is too pedestrian a word for it). And the ginormous dressing rooms that is bigger than any of the bedrooms except the master. And the third-floor family room.

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