Garden of the Day (reader submittted)

The reader writes:

“One weekend when we were out of town, a friend of ours “yard crashed” our house in Brookland and built this beautiful garden for us as a wedding present! We decorated it with our gnome and Buddha, but are really enjoying this awesome surprise gift.”

That is a very cool wedding present!

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  • What wonderful friends.

  • Very sweet and thoughtful wedding gift!

  • That’s a great kind of wedding gift, useful, long-lasting and memorable. Sure beats a few towels and some silverware. Very cool.

    (Now, I have to be “that guy” for one second here: just a warning to the OP that if they piled dirt against the wooden fence you may want to tuck some plastic edging back there to keep the soil and mulch from touching the fence. This will prevent moisture and insect damage to the fence, and will prevent you from ever resenting such a special gift.)

    • I’ll be that guy, too, and add: if that is a rhododendron behind the gnome, it’s waaaaaaayyyyy to close to the fence. People make the mistake of planting small plants too close together, and too close to the foundation.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Very cool.

  • Your friends are awesome, and so is your new garden!

  • Great wedding present, I have to be that guy, too. Knockout shrub rose to left grows very fast and will be 5’x5′. The Rhododendron, at a minimum, will be 3’x3′ (PJM) not to mention dyed black mulch and manufactured red concrete scalloped edging. It’s a nightmare. But very generous and thoughtful.

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