Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – AU Park

This rental is located at 4316 46th Street NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Bright and spacious English Basement apartment for rent.

This clean and modern apartment features 1 large bedroom, and 1 full bathroom. It also features a large separate kitchen and living area. Washer/dryer is also included.

This apartment is ideally suited for a student or young professional as it is situated near American University, AU Law Center and Tenley Metro.”

$1200 sound right?

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  • This place could not possibly be more ugly.

  • wow, rents are out of control if this place rents for 1200. I know this is near the school, but I think I’d rather stay on campus than live here. Also do people actually like living near tenleytown?

    • These days, an owner would pretty much be a sucker for listing a place for less than $1,100 or $1,200. Someone’s going to pay it if they want to live without roommates.

      Sure this basement is a little pokey, but it’s in a quiet, pretty neighborhood. Close to a university and a 15 minute walk to the Red Line. I lived near there when I was younger and it worked fine.

  • Ok, if you advertise the apt as “bright” the picture better damn well be bright…

  • I lived in Tenleytown and now in a studio english basement in Friendship Heights which I pay $1125. This apartment looks MUCH bigger and nicer (looks like this place just needs better decorating) than mine. I enjoyed living in Tenley.. as long as being surrounded by college kids doesn’t bother you – you can take long walks to friendship heights or in the other direction toward glover park and have everything else you need – the metro, buses, grocery shopping, and restaurants just blocks away.

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