Found Dog at 18th and Lamont St, NW

“Dear PoP,

My friends came across an abandoned dog at 18th & Lamont this morning and are trying to find someone to foster or take him. He’s part pit bull, speckled black and brown with white streak on chest, neutered, male, very friendly. If you know anything, please call (202) 384-4926.”

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  • He’s a cutie! Everyone hates on pit bulls but my sister has one and she thinks she’s a human. She literally sits on the couch like a human would.

  • I wish I could take him. I love pits.

  • I guy on a bike asked me if I’d seen a dog with a description matching the dog in the photo in Ledroit Park this mrning. He said the dog had a tag on the collar with his name and phone number. He seemed very eager to find his dog.

  • Hey Jake,

    This dog had no tags or collar. He may have lost it on the way. We’re going to post flyers shortly–so hopefully that guy can find us.

  • Noelle — he didn’t give me his name or contact info., so I don’t have any way to put him in touch with you. Hopefully he’ll find this posting somehow and contact you.

    • Hey Noelle – good for you for taking the dog in/looking for his owner. I’d recommend giving the Humane Society a call. It’s possible the owner has called them to see if his dog has been found.

  • A friend of mine saw a dog loose and running up 2nd Street in Bloomingdale this AM whose description matched the picture. It was about 6:40 AM near 2nd and V St NW.

    I mention this in the hopes that it helps pinpoint the location of the owner (assuming it is the same dog)

  • This is definately a neighborhood dog: I’ve seen him walking with his owner a few times around the Harris Teeter/16th/Kalorama area. I hope she is looking for him and gets in touch!

  • PS: Noelle if you’d like help postering the neighborhood I’d gladly help out.

  • boochow

    DC Animal control 202-576-6664. This is where the owner will be most encouraged to look for their dog if lost. They can also scan for a microchip.

  • Glad someone grabbed him. I saw this dog walking around while I was walking my dog but I couldn’t grab him in time and my dog is an a**hole to other dogs.

  • If it comes to the point where you haven’t located the owner and you can’t keep him any longer, I can foster him for a few days so that he hopefully doesn’t end up in a shelter. (Assuming that he gets along with my dog and you can get him to Logan Circle; I don’t have a car) You can get my email from PoP.

  • I’m so glad you caught him. I tried to get him last night but he got away from me. I live in MtP and have a spare collar if you need one.

  • I’ll post it on the Bloomingdale/Ledroit Dog Park website right now! And we’ll tweet it as well.

  • ditto what megan said about fostering over putting him in a shelter. i live in hill east, have a car, and assuming he likes my dog, who likes all dogs, i can help – POP has my email too.

    • Hey all–here’s an update:

      “Cruiser” has a microchip, but it’s registered to an animal rescue in NC and his owner hasn’t updated the record with his/her info yet. I’m waiting to hear from NC and hopefully they’ll be able to match his description to his parents.

      I’ve started putting flyers around MtP and I am happy to keep him for a few days here. He is a very friendly, though timid and frightened, and good with other dogs. He and my dog get along great. I’ll definitely let those of you who volunteered to foster know if anything changes. Also, I know Alyson at the Humane Society would likely love to hear from you too! She helped me find my dog, who was originally a foster, and I’m sure she’d love to have some new potential foster parents ([email protected]).

      Thanks for all the good suggestions!

  • You guys are all wonderful. This post filled with comments from people willing to help. For real, you are making me feel a lot better about humanity today.

  • He looks part Plott Hound too which would fit with North Carolina as it is their state dog. We have a Plott hound but have confirmed he is safely at home on 18th St in Mt Pleasant. Plott Hounds are sweet although kinda stubborn and definitely not really ready for off-leash. They are scent hounds and will track a scent forever and get lost if off-leash. If you have a scent hound of any kind, keep them on leash.

  • I’m so glad to see you were able to pick him up! I saw this dog (90% sure) escorting a pack of very slow cars down Rock Creek near Piney Branch/Mt. P last night. I tried to stop but it was impossible with the traffic/darkness. Hope you get home soon, buddy! Thanks again to everyone reaching out their hand on this.

  • Thanks everyone for your offers of help and information. Noelle and I put up more posters this morning in Mt. Pleasant and have wrapped one of Cruiser’s paws because it was pretty raw from a few days on the street. Other than that he’s in good spirits and is gaining some confidence after getting some rest and getting more comfortable with us. As much as we love the guy already, we can’t adopt him for life in our current circumstances. While we appreciate the offers to foster him, we are happy to take on that task. Anyone seriously interested in permanently adopting him, please let us know. And thank you TCM for the Plott Hound info, I believe you’re correct as he seems to fit that description better than he fits the pitbull breed (but still may have some pit in him). Please don’t be discouraged by the word “pitbull,” regardless, the pits who are mean and nasty were raised by nasty people! Cruiser is a real charmer and sweet as can be. Thanks again!

  • Tangential, but this story about a cat lost in Colorado surfacing in New York — and being traced back to its Colorado owners — was heartwarming:

    Sounds like the case with Cruiser is more likely someone from NC who moved to D.C. and didn’t update the registry info with the microchip company…

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