Found Dog at 18th and Allison St, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I found this little dog this morning on the corner of 18th & Allison St NW, in Crestwood. There is a little bit of a leash left on his collar, but no contact information. Planning to take him to a vet later today to see if he has a microchip, but also hoping someone will recognize him.

If you or anyone else knows anything about this little guy, please call me at 202.596.9763.”

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  • Pretty sure the dog lives at 1809 Shepherd St. He and his two buddies get through the backyard fence all of the time.

  • My goodness, PoP readers, where is the moral outrage? Someone’s pet-child was left to roam the ‘hood.

    Thank you for taking the dog in while you search for the owner, BTW. Awesome karma.

  • Maybe he just bolted.

  • Update: I took him to the vet and he does have a microchip, so they are currently trying to get in touch with his owners. If we can’t get in touch with them today, I’ll check on that 1809 Shepherd lead. Thanks!

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