2nd Location of St. Arnold’s Belgian Restaurant and Pub Coming to Cleveland Park

Old Sabores space located next to Dino at 3435B Connecticut Ave. NW

“Dear PoP,

Rumor has it that Dupont bar St. Arnold is moving biergarten operations in. Can PoP confirm? The thought of having such an establishment just steps from my door is fundamentally titillating.”

Ever since Sabores closed back in June ’11 folks have been wondering who’ll be moving in. I’m happy to say that I’ve confirmed with the folks at St. Arnold’s Belgian Restaurant that they’ve signed of a lease not only for the old Sabores space but also for the old Club Soda space located downstairs (on the other side of Dino.) This will be there 2nd location as they are keeping their Dupont location on Jefferson St, NW which opened back in Dec. ’10.

The former Sabores space will be more of a restaurant feel and the space downstairs will be more of a pub feel. Additionally the downstairs space will have lots of tvs to watch sports. The hope is that the former Sabores space will open up in November and the downstairs space hopes to open shortly thereafter.

Former Uptown Tavern/Club Soda space to the south of Dino

You can see St. Arnold’s Food menu here and their beer list here.

All in all, I think this is pretty great news for Cleveland Park.

St. Arnold’s current Dupont location at 1827 Jefferson Place, NW

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  • I’m glad that something is finally filling these spots, but after looking at the menu and the beer list for the existing location, I’m a little disappointed. The beer list seems massively overpriced, and the menu just isn’t appetizing at all.

    Has anyone been to the first location? Maybe it’s better than it sounds after looking at their site.

  • I’ve been to the first location and it always seems massively chaotic. Happy hour is off the wall and because every surface is hard it gets incredibly noisy.

    The food was pretty tasty though with the exception of a cheese board that was clearly pre-sliced and stored in the fridge until someone ordered it. I think I was a day too late on that cheese board.

    Oh yeah, and it’s pricey. I feels like every beer is a dollar or two more than it should be.

    I’ve been back but I certainly don’t go out of my way to get there.

  • I’ve been 3 times and I love going. They have half-priced mussels during happy hour and great wait staff. The beer is pricey but the food and service have been great the times I’ve gone.

  • I hope that they do some renovations to that rat infested basement before they move in.

  • I’ve been to the Dupont location and liked it! Met up for mid week dinner with the girls – had a great mussels & frites… and split the Nutella waffle for dessert.

    This should be a great fall/winter comfort food/drink spot for Cleveland Park. And SO happy its a local business and not a chain fast food joint!

  • Sabores restaurant was decent, but that basement used to attract a bar crowd that instigated many annoyingly loud fights out on the street in the middle of the night. Hopefully this new place attracts a cooler-headed crowd!

    • That downstairs bar had a real douchey frat boy vibe to it. The old Park Bench Pub, at least the part that was where Sabores was, was great though.

  • St. Arnold’s is awesome, the food is delicious and hearty, especially on those cold winter days.

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