“DPW Announces Parking TicPix Now Available on DPW Web Site”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Wayan Vota

From a press release:

“The DC Department of Public Works announced today that motorists who receive a parking ticket issued by DPW may go to www.dpw.dc.gov then click on TICPIX to see images of the violation and resulting ticket. The images will be posted 72 hours after a ticket is issued, but not all violations will have associated images.*

“DPW issued 1.5 million parking tickets in FY 2010 (October 1, 2009-September 30, 2010),” said DPW Director William O. Howland, Jr. “By posting these images, we are giving motorists a picture of the violation that led to a ticket.” Director Howland added that DPW parking tickets refer motorists to the Web site to see the images, and the tickets also note that motorists can register to receive e-mail alerts about tickets by going to www.dmv.dc.gov.

The images will remain online for 90 days and can be seen by entering the license tag number, state where the vehicle is registered, and the ticket number in the spaces provided on the TicPix site.

* Images will not be posted for the following violations:

o P017 Excessive idling
o P033 Meter, deposit 2nd coin
o P034 Meter, fail to deposit coin
o P037 Overtime at meter
o P076 ROSA (register out-of-state automobile) warning
o P077 Motor run unattended
o P159 No parking/No standing AM rush
o P161 Snow regulation
o P172 Fail to secure DC Tags or reciprocity sticker
o P218 Ballpark event meter overtime
o P239 Expired meter handicap
o P259 No parking/No standing PM rush
o P287 Overtime in meter loading zone
o P386 Relocation tow”

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  • It amazes me that the only thing DC government does efficiently is ticket parked cars! If half the resources were used to focus on serious crimes, we would be a much safer city!

    • in my opinion this is not the case.

      i see many cars parked illegally on my street. blocking fire hydrants, impeding alleys. sometimes they get tickets. other times they don’t.

      i’ve also found parks and rec to be fantastic. i’ve found dc libraries to be pretty good. the dmv has been efficient since they made so many things available online. bulk and regular trash pick up is pretty great. pot holes get fixed pretty quick these days. street sweeping happen every week, though the machines could be better. i’ve hardly ever seen a crosswalk signal out. broken street signs get replaced quickly. i find many dc government workers to be some of the nicest people i encounter in the city.

      maybe you’re just bitching, but maybe my experiences are vastly different from yours.

      • Also a lot of cars get ticketed that shouldn’t. It’s happened to me a few times and it’s a waste of time and resources to issue a ticket that’s just going to be dismissed later. This is a step in the right direction.

      • +1. I never thought the best and easiest DMV experience of my life would be in DC.

        • +1

          I made the mistake of moving back to VA for a few years. A bad idea for many reasons, but the dozens of trips I had to make to the VA DMV just to switch my license and registration over were no treat either.

          The same process in DC took 40 minutes, on a Saturday morning no less.

          • +1 I zipped through inspection in August in no more than 15 minutes. Of course, I showed up at the last minute, and they actually let me in.

      • austindc

        I got to say, I love the circulator too! That thing is pretty damn cool. Props to DDOT for making a handy bus that runs so often. And I know it’s run by a company, but I dig the bikeshare. I think they do a pretty good job with that too. Thanks DC government!

    • Ticketing poorly parked cars has my full support, I wish DC did it even more. Would help traffic flow through our city better. I would also like to see them start ticketing and impounding the cars of people that pull over and wait to pick someone up in a no stopping zone.

  • They include all of those exceptions for what won’t be pictured, but what else do people even get ticketed for? What’s left to actually be pictured?

  • I wish they had this service when I got a $250 ticket for allegedly being parked in a handicapped spot. I took my own picture, but it’s hard to ptove I didn’t move the car later.

  • What the heck is “fail to deposit 2nd coin”?

  • You’d think that photo of the relocation tow would be extremely helpful…

    • We had that happen yesterday. My ex calls screaming that the car had been stolen with her wallet in it. While I’m canceling credit cards, she’s talking to MPD who said it got towed around the corner. Turns out it was stolen for a joyride and returned and parked badly. It was all too effing weird.

      • A similar thing happened to my ex. There was a record that her car had been towed to a certain block, but when she went there it wasn’t there. The MPD didn’t know whether to report it stolen or not, but about a week later it was found nearby. I think the person that towed it didn’t give the correct location. I’m guessing that happens a lot.

      • austindc

        Crap, that happened to me. I thought the truck had been stolen. It had just been towed to a meter spot three blocks away where it subsequently earned three tickets because it didn’t know how to feed the meter itself. And that’s when car free started sounding pretty damn good.

  • I’m not sure I understand what the purpose of the photo is. Just to prove, yeah, you did it?

    • It’s so when local bloggers need a stock photo for an article about parking enforcement they’ll use your image and you’ll get credit/traffic to your Flickr acocunt?

    • austindc

      It’s a faster way of ticketing. They can drive by with a camera, the camera captures your license plate, then the ticket gets generated. Pretty fancy. Maybe giving you access to the picture is like a souvenir. . . like if you had your appendix out and they put in a jar for you.

      • Sweet. But I’d rather have an appendix in a jar than a lousy online photo.

        • austindc

          You and me both, brother. I’d name it and talk to it and stuff. It would be creepy, but whatever, it’s my appendix and this is America. A picture of a car illegally parked just makes me sad and kind of itchy.

  • So I get a ticket when I fail to feed the meter? (Sorry, I had the same question and am still confused.)

    • Sorry, that was supposed to be in response to ah @ 12:14. Silly WordPress.

    • You can get a ticket if you fail to put money in the meter when you first park (P034). You can also get a ticket if you put more money in the meter after the time limit for that spot has expired (deposit second coin/feeding the meter, P033). So if you’re at a meter with a two hour time limit and you come back after two hours, put more money in, and stay another two hours, you can be ticketed for feeding the meter. And, obviously, you can get a ticket if you’re still parked at the meter after it has expired and you haven’t put more money in (P037).

  • I hope I can return the favor of sending in pictures to the head of the Parking Enforcement agency when their own drivers can be the worst offenders. Numerous times I see the enforcement officer parked in the road causing traffic jams instead of using an open spot around them. Seriously…I see this all the time in Columbia Heights.

  • notlawd

    Has anyone gotten a ticket while using that parkmobile system? This week I got one on Connecticut 1 hour into my paid two hour session. The parkmobile people claim they can get the ticket voided, but wondering if I should expect this to be a normal occurance

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