Dear PoPville – Where’s the Best Fried Chicken in DC?

“Dear PoPville,

I’m due to have my second baby in just over a week, and my husband and I are scheduling a last date night out before the months of sleeplessness commence. I’d say it’s just a hormonal pregnant lady craving, but to be honest, there’s nothing I’d like more anytime than a plate of really good fried chicken. I’m open to fancy sit down or greasy hole in the wall, as long as the food is good. Could you poll your wise readers for suggestions on where to find the best fried bird?”

Hmm, I’m thinking Oohhs and Aahhs (1005 U St, NW) and Florida Avenue Grill (11th and Florida Ave, NW) or Founding Farmers (1924 Pennsylvania Ave. NW) or possibly Art & Soul (located at 415 New Jersey Ave, NW.) Where’s your favorite spot for fried chicken?

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  • Answer: My kitchen.

    • Pollo Campero in Columbia Heights… They’re also in NOVA by baileys Cross Roads, and in Wheaton MD. Hands down, the only store bought Fried chicken I’ve loved for the past 2 years.

  • I am a fan of the Hitching Post in Petworth. I haven’t tried FL AVE Grill yet, but I hear its awesome.

    • Hitching Post is not fancy, but it’s got a nice dining room perfect for a casual meal out.

      • and all of the food reviewers (WaPo, City Paper) have said their chicken is the best fried chicken pretty consistently

        • I’m pretty surprised by that. Honestly, I love the place, but I’d give it 10/10 for atmosphere, service, and portion size, but more like 8/10 for the chicken itself.

          • Pretty much agree – Except I’d say a 7 for the chicken. They deep fry it in a basket. The best fried chicken is pan fried in a cast iron skillet.

            Their sides are amazing as is the atmosphere and the portions are always huge. But anyone who says they are the best fried chicken has never had real southern made fried chicken.

            I have only lived here for about 4 years and I’ve yet to find anything to write home about.

      • Thought the Hitching Post was no more? I remember hearing they were trying to sell the space, but I didn’t follow up to see what happened.

        And a note on their chicken: it’s almost perfect. I think it needs a generous salting, but the batter is crispy and the chicken is juicy. They also don’t have real sweet tea, which completely freaking baffles me as a southern girl who grew up on soul food and brewed tea that was so sweet you could stand a spoon in it. Theirs is lemon Nestea or something similar.

    • Hitching Post fried chicken is great. Also, the chickens must be mutants because you order the half-chicken and get two or three drumsticks. Advice: Don’t go when you’re hungry, but go when you think you will be really hungry in about an hour — speedy service is not their strong point, but all the portions are enormous.

  • Art and Soul or Georgia Browns, tho both are on the fancier side.

  • Crown Fried Chicken on the 800 block of H St, NE

  • Isn’t the fried chicken at Central Michel Richard supposed to be very, very good? I’ve been meaning to try it for some time now..

    • Yes, yes it is.

      I’d also suggest Ray’s East River.

    • Central would be my pick

    • austindc

      Oh yeah, that is tasty. Good cheese puff things too.

      Ok, now I want fried chicken bad and I don’t care who gives it to me.

    • I would certainly nominate Central for best fried chicken presentation in the city. Nevertheless, traditionalists might not be hankering for fried chicken consisting of a gigantic, boneless, panko-crusted breast even if it manages to be crunchy, moist, and greaseless simultaneously. A similar presentation at West End Bistro was almost as good. I’ve had several bone-in fried chicken presentations — most recently at Eatonville, that were very good, but not quite awesome.

  • POP, how could you forget Hitching Post?

  • Langstons on Benning between 17th and 18th NE has some damn good fried chicken. I would put it up there near the top. As a matter of fact, I am about to go hit their food truck right now.

  • Hitching Post for sure. The fried chicken is as good as it gets and you get a huge serving (6 massive wings for $8.95 last time I was there, finished about four). Just plan for the inevitable food coma that will follow.

  • Is there any good broasted chicken in DC?

  • I haven’t tried most of these but both Marvin and Cork Deli have really good fried chicken.

  • As a fellow pregnant women who also craves fried chicken I would do one of the following:

    Hitching Post
    Oohs and Aaahs

    Good luck – and Congratulations Mamma!

  • Don’t underestimate the chicken at Eatonville. It comes with collards and mac n cheese. Delicious.

    • Now that I think of this I have to agree – they have an AMAZING brunch fried chicken, biscuit and mac n cheese. Forget what it is called but I love it. My arteries do not…

    • Yeah, I love Eatonville. When I go out for chicken I’m really going for the whole meat-and-three package, and they never let me down.

    • Yes, Eatonville. If it isn’t perfect, send it back to make certain it is. When they get it right, they get it right. Plate comes with the chicken, their amazing mac n cheese, and incredible greens, along with a biscuit. Go.

    • +1 delcious Eatonville. Best I’ve had, including my grandmother’s. And she was born in rural Georgia in the 1920s, where fried chicken was kind of a thing.

  • jim_ed

    Levi’s Port Cafe on the south end of Barracks Row has phenomenal fried chicken. If you ask nicely, he might just fry you up some fresh pieces. Good mac and cheese and greens too. Stay away from the Mashed potatoes though, definitely instant variety.

    Also, Marvin and Eatonville do a damn fine rendition. Wholly unimpressed with Founding Farmers or Georgia Brown’s.

    • Second Levi’s for the fresh chicken. Pass on the steam tray chicken, have them fry you up a batch. Superior to Ooh’s & Aaahs at a fraction of the price. Also the collards and mac & cheese are pretty awesome.

    • +++ Levi’s.

      Awesome fried chicken, and good soul food/country cookin. Im from the South, so…….Im just sayin

  • Haters gonna hate. POPEYES!

  • I used to get excellent fried chicken at Madam’s Organ, but I don’t know if a) they still have it on the menu or b) if Madam’s Organ is even still open. Haven’t been over there in quite a while.

  • Any place you can get fried turkey wings in this town? This Detroiter wants to know!

  • 2 babies in 1 week????

  • Founding Farmers has quite possibly the yummmmmiesssstttt Chicken and Waffles I’ve ever had. It sounds strange but that fried chicken is so great.

  • Ray’s East of the River. Smoked and then deep fried. Very tasty!

  • Another fried chicken loving preg here…Marvin is the best. Georgia Brown’s is crap, I’d take Popeye’s over GB’s. Eatonville is pretty good, but all the sides are wicked salty. Founding Farmers is good if you order only dark meat, they can’t fry a breast for the life of them. Hitching Post is good, but I hate waiting for food there and they always take forever. Pregnant lady does not like waiting for her food.

  • Hands down the best fried chicken (and sides): The Argonaut on Monday nights!!!!!! GREAT food at a good price!

  • Logan Tavern has some good fried chicken.

  • “I’m due to have my second baby in just over a week,…”

    Two babies in less than 14 days!!!!! God Lord woman, call Guinness! You must have the gestation cycle of a mosquito! Just kidding!

    My brain about popped when I read that first line.

    Good luck with the baby…got two boys of my own. As for Fried Chicken, except for my home recipe from East TN…I recommend, and it ain’t close,it’s in Virginia, but (after the baby arrives of course) next time you are on a road trip down I-81, stop in New Market, VA and get the fried chicken at the Southern Kitchen…lord a mercy it is good.

  • Popeyes! and the HUD cafeteria on Fried Chicken Thursdays!

  • I’m a fried chicken luvah, but the fried chicken in DC has much to be desired. I’ve been to Hitching Post, Georgia Brown, Marvin’s, Eatonville, Church Key, Founding Farmers, Bojangles, Ohhs and Ahhs (NB: they only have fried chicken wings), Levi’s, Florida Ave Grill, Cluck U, Popeyes, and Saint’s Paradise Cafeteria (United House of Prayer Church, aka “Daddy Grace” surprisingly no one mentioned them…). Hitching Post and Daddy Grace are the best cheap options in DC. I have to strongly disagree with folks who claim Eatonville, Marvin’s, Founding Farmers or Georgia Brown are any good, those spots are meh to terrible. IMO the best fried chicken in the DC area is a little spot in Falls Church called Flavors.

  • Mr. Henry’s on Capitol Hill – but only available on Fridays. Central.

  • You people seem to go out to eat an awful lot! How do you afford it? Jealous. As a foodie, I am ashamed of myself for not having even heard of these random places like Hitching Post, Church Key, etc. But I must agree, that Daddy Grace place puts out some good food, including the chicken. Seems strange that one would go out to eat and sit down for fried chicken. For fried chicken, the first thing I think about is Popeyes, specifically the Wisconsin Avenue location. They put out hot, juicy, spicy chicken, the best of all the Popeyes and I can imagine better then these no doubt over priced holes in the wall.

  • clevelanddave

    Not in the district but the Majestic on King Street in Old Town Alexandria is wonderful but you have to pre-order it…

  • Lawrence’s II – hands down

  • What about Henry’s Soul Cafe on U Street? Any one ever tried it? It gets great reviews on Yelp.

  • Henry’s on U Street has, hands down, The Best Fried Chicken in DC.
    1704 U Street NW

    (and they make amazing sweet potato pie!)

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