Dear PoPville – Where Can I Buy Russian Black Bread?

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

“Dear PoPville,

I am hoping some of your readers might know of a Russian bakery in the area. My friend’s brother is getting married and we’d like to have lots of traditional Russian Black bread (Ukrainian family!). It would have to be shipped to the location as it is out of town.

I know Rockville has a large Russian population but I am unfamiliar with any specific stores/markets.”

Anyone know of authentic Russian Bakeries in the greater DC area? If not – you can check with Firehook Bakeries.

And sorta related – I’d be curious if folks could recommend some good options to get borscht as well.

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  • andy

    Why not try, Russian Embassy? Is large building on Wiscontzin Abenue. Вы понимаете?

  • Maybe try the Russian Gourmet off of Slater’s Lane outside of Old Town Alexandria.

  • So there’s 3 Russian grocery stores in Rockville but none of them have their own bakeries unforch, all that shit is shipped in from Brooklyn.

    There’s one on Nicholson and Rockville Pike right behind the gas station, one just north of Congressional Plaza and across Rockville Pike next to the Persian market/restaurant and one in the Quince Orchard mall.

    I’d say all are equally good and will have your Borodinsky (the one with coriander seeds) and Lithuanian-style rye bread.

    As far as borscht, you might be SOL. No good Polish, Ukrainian or Russian restaurants in the area. Make friends with an Eastern European woman?

  • saf

    If the wedding is not local, perhaps you should look near the wedding? Where is it?

    As for local – call the Keilbasa Factory in Rockville. They are the closest place I can think of.

  • Russia House has pretty decent borscht, but super yummy black bread! They are on the pricier side though.

    You might want to try Rodman’s
    I am Czech, and I find a lot odd stuff there that I can’t find other places. For example: Farmer’s cheese and hot Hungarian Paprika

  • I’ve gotten some good Russian bread at the farmer’s markets. Both the bakers at the Columbia Heights Market and Dupont Circle had good bread. Maybe try talking to them?

  • Although its not in DC, I’d recommend the International Food Market in Baltimore. They have a bakery and also import more crap from Eastern Europe than anywhere I’ve seen in this area. Baltimore in general is a good source of some authentic Russian food.

    • Ahhh..thank you. I think they are in Pikesville but just forgot the name. babushka deli is near there too.

      It’s for an out-of-state wedding so we could just call and order maybe!

  • I had a Russian roommate who swore by the black bread from the Whole Foods in Silver Spring. Not exactly what you’d first think of, but it is what is.

  • I used to work with a russian woman who told me that she would go to Baltimore to get russian goods. Not sure of any names of places, but you might want to check up there.

  • you can try contacting Ukrainian embassy, they have cooks, they have to get bread from somewhere. Also there are a few ukrainian churches in the area that might give you leads, the Silver Spring one, St. Andrew’s, is your best bet. I get all my ukrainian/russian foods from the Russian Gourmet store in White Flint, near the metro. But it’s all imported from Brooklyn.

  • I second the Russian Gourmet in White Flint. If you go there you can ask for contact info for some of ladies who do catering out of their homes and can get you some borsch and other things to order.

  • Mari Vanna, when it opens, will have great borscht. PoP, you had a thread on them earlier this year.

  • Cafe Assorti next to Rosslyn Metro offers homemade stuff from Russian, Kazakh and European cuisines:

    1800 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

  • Third Russian Gourmet. I think the one on Slaters Lane in Old Town is the closest. They don’t bake their own; it’s shipped in from Russian bakeries in New York. Good stuff.

  • i remember a ukrainian bakery out near andrew’s, but can’t find it online. there’s oftentimes great stuff at the ukrainian national catholic shrine on harewood ne. you could at least give them a call and they could hook you up with someone in the community. i’ve been there a bunch for festivals and there are always great merchants selling great food (though not as good as my grandma’s).

  • On a somewhat related note, there’s the Russian Bazaar (at St. John the Baptist in Crestwood) that is taking place October 1 that should have some good bread – not that it will likely supply an entire wedding party…

  • I buy Russian black bread from Firehook Bakery all the time.

  • I second Whole foods. It is surprisingly good. Also you can probably order online from a NY bakery and have it shipped here.

  • I want to say there is a bread vendor that sets up on Sat or Sun at Eastern Market. She is usually near the Port City Java and I think (don’t quote me on this) that I saw Russian black bread.

  • New Panera in the target mall in Columbia Heights. [Ducks.] Kidding!

  • I concur that you might want to give Russian Gourmet in Alexandria at 907 Slaters Lane by Buzz and Rustico a try.

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