Dear PoPville – Parking Options in Navy Yard

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“Dear PoPville,

I’m hoping you or your readers can help me save some money. My girlfriend and I are moving to Navy Yard later this month. While I would love to be car-free in the city, she needs a car to get to her teaching job across the river. The apartment building that we’re moving into rents parking spots in their undeground garage for $175 per month. This seems really expensive to me, and I was wondering if anyone out there has any tips about other places to park cars or free street parking in the area. We learned that Navy Yard is in a different zone from the rest of the Hill, so street parking on Capitol Hill might not be an option.

Any help/information for two people looking to save some money would be really appreciated! Thanks!”

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  • Maybe living in cities for so long has really jaded me, but $175 doesn’t seem too bad.

    • +1…my first thought was, “Oh, that’s pretty cheap.” Especially after reading an article this morning on $100k parking spots.

    • +1, that’s really not too bad. Maybe just a little high if you consider that there can’t be a whole lot of demand down there right now, but I pay the same amount for a garage spot in Cleveland Park.

    • When I first moved to DC I was working for a Federal agency in Alexandria, and the DISCOUNTED employee rate to park in the garage was $150.

  • What? I’m not really following. get a residential parking sticker for your zone and park on the street.

    • Yea, what ro said….get the zone sticker. It’s $15 for two years or something cheap like that. You may have to park somewhere not immediately in front of your home, but hey you live in a city and presumably aren’t disabled so can manage to walk a bit.

    • Yeah this isn’t NY. DC has ample street parking for zone residents, but I can see it being a bitch during Nats games and possibly during the day what with DOT and DOD employees.

    • saf

      Most of those building are not RPP eligible.

      • +1. There is hardly any non-metered parking around there, and residents of the big buildings aren’t eligible for a street parking pass anyway. It’s super lame.

    • Due to the very limited parking in that neighborhood (mostly office with meters, not RPP zoned) residents in the Ballpark area can’t get RPP stickers to park on the Hill in Zone 6. Your only choices, based on building permit legislation (for all residential buildings in that area) are paying a meter or buying/leasing a space. That’s the main reason I’d never think of moving there…

  • The buildings are listed for non resident parking, so they wouldn’t be able to park on the street. Plus there is no street parking unles youre willing to pay everyday to park and move your car before 7 am

    • With a residential parking permit, which is $15/year, anyone can park on the street in their respective ward.

      • saf

        You can only get an RPP if you live on a block that is zoned for RPP. Not all blocks are.

      • If your building isn’t on a street that is zoned for residential parking, DC won’t give you a residential parking permit. I believe that’s what the OP is dealing with. At least I hope he looked into that.

  • $175 isn’t that bad. You can look around at the other garages in the area and see if any of them are cheaper. Granted, they won’t be as convenient as the garage being in the same building, but the inconvenience might be worth it if the price is right. I don’t think Navy Yard is a different zone as the rest of the Hill – looks like Navy Yard is in Ward 6, so you’d be zone 6 parking. Just like the Hill and SW Waterfront. You can confirm by putting your address in the Citizen Atlas on The bigger issue is whether you have residential zoned parking on your block. If you don’t, you won’t be eligible for a residential parking permit.

  • I live there, and you can’t get residential parking stickers in that neighborhood. I pay $100 in my building, so $175 def seems high. There’s a parking lot across the street from the Jefferson that I believe is about $80-100 a month.

  • $175 per month for 150-200 square feet seems very low for that area.

  • From what I understand, per my friends with condos in Navy Yard. The area isn’t part of RPP with the DMV because of the stadium. By law every building in the area has to have one spot per unit because of this. Only metered street parking is available and what you can use becomes very limited during games.

  • Does your girlfriend drive to work every day? If so, perhaps look into whether there are any weekend only rentals (or even weekend/evening rentals). Many lots will sell weekend only spaces for a discounted price. Also, check out craigslist and see whether any of the condo buildings in the area have spaces for rent – maybe put an add up on craigslist that you are looking to rent a parking spot? I think $175 is a lot for that area, but demand could be such in that area that people will pay it. I’ve never paid more than $125/month and have lived in Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights, and Logan Circle (yes, there are more parking options in those areas and zone stickers are easy to get). Depending on how far you are willing to walk from your parking space, you can probably get a more reasonably priced rental.

  • There are actually a good many of empty lots in that area that were cleared for construction but haven’t had anything built on them yet. Some of the lots closer to the apartments rent spaces for much cheaper than garage spots. The catch is that you have to move your car on Nats gamedays. Since the baseball season is coming to a close, that might be worth looking into.

  • Well, I’d say to check Craigslist to see if anybody is renting a spot in the area that may be a bit cheaper. You may luck out and find something at least marginally less expensive in the area. Happy hunting!

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