Dear PoPville – Looking for Flea Markets and Used Furniture

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Following this morning’s good news about Ruff n Ready reopening:

“Dear PoPville,

We’ve just moved in to a house and are looking for unique pieces at the right prices (low budget here) to fill our new space. We’ve scoured craigslist and some higher end antique stores, but aren’t finding anything that is decent quality for a decent price.

I know there are a few flea markets scattered about town (Florida Avenue comes to mind, though I never seem to find furniture there) and I love Hunted House and Miss Pixie’s…they just tend to be a bit higher on the price scale than what we’d like to spend. However, I’m hoping people may be able to chime in with other flea market locations where we can find more reasonable prices for fun, quirky pieces for our new place.”

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  • I was just at Mansion on O Street and everything there was for sale. There were plate sets, rugs, dressers, etc for less than $100. The only down side is that you have to pay to go in. We were there for a self guided tour, but walked out with a room full of stuff. They also offer free delivery

  • SouthwestDC

    There’s a vendor at Eastern Market, in the parking lot just to the right of the 7th Street entrance, that has a lot of reasonably-priced pieces. He’s there on both Saturdays and Sundays, but try to get there early before the best items get snatched up.

  • Tuesday auctions at Weschler’s Auction House on F St:

    If you like the stock at Miss Pixie’s, etc. and can take part of the day off to go bid in person you can get pieces for far, far less than what they charge in the resale stores. You can also place absentee bids and preview the auction on Saturdays and Mondays.

  • Definitely the best by far, is the Dixon Crumpton Auction on the eastern shore. Incredible array of selections, best prices no doubt. Auction happens every Wednesday all year long except xmas and T-day.

    • Don’t you have to bid on a whole lot at Crumpton? By “lot” I mean they have tarps full of stuff and you have to buy the whole thing – good stuff and whatever else is in that pile. Which is why the great table or chair at Pixies costs more.

      • Not when I went years ago. I remember a great day at Crumpton when I came prepared to spend abut $800 and walked away with all my goodies for less than $200.

        I bought a bowl full of stupid bells that no one seemed interested in. I sure didn’t want those bells but I was dying for the bowl they were in. No one bid against me because I assumed they didn’t notice the bowl itself and I got it for the lowest bid.

        Great fun at Crumpton but it’s on a weekday.

        So happy to hear about Ruff & Ready. Farther away for me but it’s always been a destination jaunt for me anyway.

  • Madison and Mabel and the related barn sale (once a month) in Buckeystown, MD.

  • If you have a vehicle, I highly recommend a trip to Frederick, Maryland. We’ve gotten some grate pieces there with a keen eye for WAY cheaper than you can find in the district or Alexandria. They also have places like madison & mabel and chartreuse & co. which are more “curated” but slightly more expensive for that service…

  • If you have a car you may also want to visit AAA Antiques Mall in Laurel MD, off Rt 1 across from the CarMax (it’s 23 miles from Petworth). It’s huge and full of various dealers, some more reasonable than others but lots of good stuff. Google them for directions.

  • I would have to agree with the O St Mansion and Eastern Market if you want to stay within city limits to find what you are looking for.

  • Check out Capital Consignment in Bethesda, MD – 4909 Cordell Ave. You can get there by metro. They get super stuff. Some of it is expensive, but some is really cheap.

  • There’s plenty of good stuff on craigslist, if you know exactly what you want, how much it should cost, how much you’re willing to pay, and have patience. I’ve gotten most of my period appropriate furniture (20s/30s) from craigslist, but the right piece only shows up every so often. It also helps to have a truck/large car so you can pick things up yourself on short notice (or a zipcar membership).

    Craigslist is probably where you’ll find the best price/quality ratio, but as with any antique/thrift store, you’re also at the mercy of whatever happens to be on sale at any given time. Whatever avenue you go down, you’ll likely need lots of time and patience to get exactly the items you want.

  • Mom-n-Pop Antiques on 3534 GA in Parkview.

  • there is a new place opening up on U st (1522) called FOUNDRY I think they will have a mix of itmes at different prices, and there is a shop in Falls Church that has some reasonably priced stuff called Stylish Patina, Both of them have Etsy stores and have been known to sell the raw furniture as well as stuff that had been re done,

    Good luck!

  • Thanks Kelly for the shout out! Stylish Patina rocks and I LOVE the chaulk paint too-
    I am the owner of FOUNDRY at 1522 U ST NW, and welcome to the neighborhood. Please come by FOUNDRY and visit, mention you saw this post and we will extend a 10% discount-
    Happy Shopping!

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