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“Dear PoPville,

I moved to DC a couple years ago and have tried at least 5 different hair stylists in that time. The one I really liked (which took me almost a year to find) moved to Texas and I am starting again from scratch. I am wondering if anyone has suggestions for a hair stylist/salon who is good at cutting short (chin length or so) and stylish (female) cuts that don’t take a lot of maintenance? Price is not as much of an issue if I know that I will get a good haircut that will last for a bit of time. Thanks!”

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  • Linda Bui and Salon Balayage

  • Amy at Salon One80.

  • Ask your stylist who she’d recommend before she moves!

    Otherwise, I’ve found that Inez at Luna Hair Salon in Dupont goes a no nonsense hair cut, and its really easy to get an appointment.

    • Ditto Luna, but I really like Alicia there. All of my close girlfriends now go to Alicia ever since one friend discovered her.

  • Try PR @ Partners on K street.

    I’ve been seeing Robert for about a year now and I love what he does with my hair. Everyone else there is pretty awesome too and knows what they are doing.

  • Tom at Chaos Salon in Bethesda is really good. I’ve been going to him for the last 3 years and have never been disappointed.

    • AGREED! Tom has been cutting my hair for 8 years. He is AWESOME! I have not only followed him to THREE different salons, but I’ve also had him chop off my hair several times. Also I love changing my hair style up every three months or so and he always knows what to do. Great style and great talent!

  • I like Nicole from PR in Shirlington. I don’t know if she still works there. Also Renee from Cole Stevens Salon

  • Lily at Trina’s Hair Gallery (14 St / T St NW) is amazing. Wife gets hers done there, as do I — amazing attention to detail, good instincts, and not expensive. She’s got quite a following.

  • Jen O at Bang at the Verizon center location. She herself has a cute chin length cut so she’ll know how you feel. She’s been my stylist for 4 years and I love her!

  • I was in a similar position and then found Marisol at Parlous…she’s fantastic. She chopped my long hair to a great chin-length a-line bob that was the best cut I’ve ever had and has been doing a great job with my long-again hair. Highly recommended.

  • Nestor at Voila on 18th near M St.

  • I love Sherrin at VSL Hair Design in Dupont. It’s been several months since my last cut.

    I feel your pain — I’ve had so many stylists cut out on me with no notice whatsoever (my last one moved to Alabama!). Sherrin has been there for 25 years and assures me she’s not going anywhere. 🙂

  • David Beck at Salon Rouge on 17th Street. 202-232-2974. HANDS DOWN. He was the first person to cut my hair when I moved here 7 years ago, and no one else has cut it since. I’ve recommended him so many times there is now a group of us “David Devotees.” He first cut my hair from past my shoulders to a bob. We kept cutting from there and eventually I had a pixie. I’ve grown it out since and now have long layers. He is AMAZING.

    • Ditto on David Beck. I’m a guy, but he does an awesome job on everyone’s hair, so far as I can tell. I am definitely a David Devotee.

    • +1 for David Beck at Salon Rouge on 17th Street. 202-232-2974. Will talk to about what you want and listen. If you’re not sure what you want, he’ll help you decide. very pleasant and focused. Go see David, you won’t be sorry!

  • A post that effectively rules out 50% of PoP readership.

  • Angie at Bang Salon Verizon. I’ve had short hair for years, and she keeps it looking chic without me having to maintain it too much. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and skilled, and also a pro with color.

    The price point don’t hurt too much, either.

    • I swear by Angie. I moved a few months ago and still travel down to DC to get my hair cut by her. Highly recommend!

    • Angie is great, I’ve been seeing her for over two years. I have longer hair, but she is really good with layers and texture. I’m not one for doing much to my hair and she’s able to accomodate that as well. I love recommending her to others, but it’s becoming harder to get a reservation with her now!

  • Scott at Bang on U St. I actually found him because I decided to try Bang and asked for a stylist who could do short hair. Now he’s been my go-to for over a year.

    I have shorter hair but the cuts always last way more than 6 weeks. I think their cuts for women are $47 maybe?

  • I have had various lengths of short hair over the years, and I always get stopped by people asking who cut it.

    All the credit goes to Gina at Blondies, b/c I don’t do a thing with it.

  • Roi @ Salon Roi on Connecticut & Calvert (the building with the Marilyn Monroe paining). He’s fabulous. A bit pricier than some, but it’s worth it just for the entertainment value!

  • Tyler at Immortal Beloved is fantastic! I love every cut I get from him and he’s incredibly nice! Good luck!

    • I vote for Shawn at Immortal Beloved.

      I’ve moved from Bang to Parlour and now Immortal Beloved. Highly recommend.

    • I love Ashley at Immortal Beloved! I’ve gone to Bubbles and Bang and even got my haircuts at Andre Chreky for a brief stint before trying Immortal Beloved. Ashley is by far the best, most consistent stylist I’ve gone to. I’d suggest reading Immortal Beloved’s Yelp reviews, because they speak for themselves.

      • +1 on the vote for Ashley. She’s awesome!

      • Immortal Beloved has some great talent but to go there you must put up with the disorganization, poor scheduling, and poor internal management. Sure hope the owners are cleaning out the problems.

  • Bulent at Okyo Salon has always done a great job with my hair. I have fairly long wavy hair that will lose all wave and body if the proper layers are not cut into it. Bulent worked absolutely meticulously to give me amazing layers that lasted about 6-7 months before I started to look like I needed a trim up. A bit pricy but WORTH IT!

    I also tried Angelica at Roche Salon because I got one of the discount packages through giltcity. Not a great blow out, but amazing haircut.

  • Another recommendation for Bang… I cut my own hair these days but I used to see Elena at the U Street location. She’s especially great at curly hair and coloring.

    • Oh god, Bang on U is awful, including Elena. She gave me a cry-worthy cut. I went back to give someone else there a shot, and it was even worse.

  • I swear by Rachel at Blondie’s on 18th St (across from Lauriol Plaza). She cut my shoulder-length hair short and it was the best haircut I’ve ever gotten.

    • Rachel at Blondie’s is my absolute favorite too! I’ve adapted my hairstyle a bit over the last year and a half, and she’s always so good at knowing what will work and what is just too much for me! Love her!

  • Any stylist at Corte Salon. They are all great – it’s at 10th and U.

  • Ive never posted here but I had to recommend Stephanie at Parlour on U street she is amazing

  • Anyone at Parlour Salon, 1500 block of U street.

    • Yep – I like Nicole at Parlour myself. I never had a “hair person” I was loyal to until her. Her cuts always grow in fabulously — probably not in her interest, since I can go months and months without going back!

  • Bang salon at Metropole (Logon Circle)…I have heard from some friends with mixed reviews but I have had my hair (simple cut, but I am still a little picky without being obsessive) cut by both Mark and Andrea and they were fantastic. Reasonable rates for women’s cuts in DC– Around $45 or so.

  • I use Vilma at VSL in Dupont – the price is decent ($35), and the simple but stylish chin-length bob she gave me is the easiest hairstyle I’ve ever had maintenance- and styling-wise.

  • Kellee at Trim in Adams Morgan – best haircut I’ve ever had and it grows out really well, too.

    • +1 the mrs. gets hers done by Kellee (ha, Tom, looks like some of us other 50% can contribute after all)

    • +1 million for Kellee! She’s the best, and has been awesome with me as I grow my hair from a pixie to (currently) chin length. I think I’ve had two weeks of awkward hair in the months since I started this.

    • I also love Erin at Trim. I get the sense you can’t go wrong there! It’s $70, but the beer is free.

  • PR at Partners in Metro Center. I’ve been going to Monica (salon manager) for YEARS and never had a bad cut. My hair is long now but I had it short for a couple years too and she always did great.

  • me

    Tom at Spalon (17th and Q, I believe, right next to Annie’s Steakhouse). The place isn’t done up all that well, but Tom is THE MAN. I have gotten compliments from random strangers after I get a haircut from him, and one (after I recommended him) had an appointment right after me- it was kind of funny. But it is extremely low-priced for DC and seriously, he is really talented. (The rest of the services there, not so much, and I can’t speak for any other stylists.)

  • Odie at St. Germain on 7th and E NW.

    He has been cutting my hair for years and I always did a great job. However, what sold me on him was when, long ago, I used someone else to color my hair and him to cut it. I went in once and the colorist was unavailable so I had Odie do the color as well as the cut. He was honest with me and firmly told me that the highlights I’d been devoted to didn’t suit me (looking back at photos, I cringe – he was so right), and then suggested something that would look great. He was entirely right – and I got a ton of complements on the new look.

    I liked that he wasn’t going to do what I wanted, just because I thought I wanted it, but instead worked with me to find a look that would actually suit me and my lifestyle (i.e. not too fussy).

    Polite honesty is so crucial. And the man can cut some hair. I’ve had stylings at other salons (when I’m out of town and have a big event), and I always get a boatload of complements on how well cut my difficult hair is.

  • I LOVE my stylist Monica at PR @ Partners (the Metro Center location). She is very dependable, always remembers everything about me, knows how I like my hair and helps me to decide how I should change it up. I’ve stayed with her longer than any stylist I’ve ever seen. She provides free consultations and if you have the type of hair that needs frequent bang trimmings between appointments, she does those for free too.

  • Brittany at Bang on U Street is great! She’s exactly what you are looking for – I have chin length hair and I have no time to worry about styling it. Just tell her that’s what you are after and she’ll give you a great cut.

  • Also support Immortal Beloved. Haven’t had a bad person there yet.

  • +1 on Immortal Beloved and on Urban Style Lab in Dupont. Have been going to Tim at Urban Style Lab for a few years, and my friends swear by him as well. $75-90 for a cut. Pricey, but grows out nicely so you don’t have to go as often.

  • Love John at Salon Loule near Lauriol Plaza, and he’s pretty inexpensive, and very easy to get appointments – he’ll squeeze you in within a few days. I have longer hair, but I do get compliments on the street – I don’t even blow dry it on ‘special’ days anymore because it looks best air dried! No product either, I don’t usually brush it…. not sure what’s more low maintenance than that!

  • Price??? Useless recommendations without price! Short hair needs clipping every 4 weeks. $50 or $150.00 is a big difference.

  • I have been going to Hanane at Salon Cielo for over 6 years now – she is fabulous with layers (razor) and short hair!

  • ANGIE at Bang Salon Metropole is the answer to your question. She gives a great haircut, fantastic color, and is sweet and fun to boot. I only wish I had hair that required more maintenance so I could see her more often.

  • Patrick at Bang Salon U Street.

  • Forget everything else, Kelly at Immortal Beloved is the best stylist in town.

  • novadancer

    another plug for K street [email protected] I have been going to Jonathan for several years. His cuts last forever and are stylish (chin length layered angled).

  • I like Jessica at Alchemy in Silver Spring. You need a car to get there, though.

    • On second thought, don’t go there. She’s terrible.
      (I have enough trouble getting on her schedule already. What am I thinking advertising her on PoP?)

  • Am I a cheap-ass for thinking that $75 before tip is expensive for a cut? Just throwing it out there to gauge what you all think. I have shoulder-length hair that I like to keep in a pretty low-maintenance style. Also, do you all typically tip ~20%?

    • YES that is too much. But then, this is DC, where everything is too much…

      • I’d say depends on your cut. if you just want a simple cut, too much. But if you want them to bring out texture and do something creative that takes them 45 minutes to cut – then it’s worth it.

  • Tracy at Tracy & Co, a shop on Barracks Row. She’s been my stylist for years and did my wedding too. Details: difficult curly short hair, always looks great and cut to grow out for 6 weeks, $65/cut. Haven’t been able to find anyone else in DC who compares.

  • I have driven out to Rockville every eight weeks for the last seven years to see Sung at Progressions. Worth the money and effort.

  • CARLOS at CORTE on U Street. Known him for 18 years and my best girlfriends trust him and even business associates I found out – we all go to Carlos. He’s really good.

  • Deanne at [email protected] – Tenleytown. She is great and she listens!

  • Jane at Trim in Adams Morgan is awesome… she gave me a chin length cut that I am in love with. She was chatty without being too pushy and the cut has grown out amazingly.

  • Ramon at Kibana in Downtown Silver Spring!

  • i’ve gone to the aveda institute downtown and had the trainees there cut my hair. It went great the first couple times but then I got an awful cut. Has anyone else had any experience with them? The price is great, but now I’m kind of nervous to go back.

  • You’ve gotten tons of options, but I’ll throw out one more (I hated PR at Partners, by the way).

    Tahir at Tigi Boutique at American University. I love him and I always get compliments on my cuts. $45 isn’t bad either, and he has a decent spread of hours since he is on campus. Parking at the Katzen building is free after 5 during the week, too.

  • i have long hair – midback. i am terrified to go to a stylist because they will chop it all off. anyone have a “long hair” stylist to recommend?

    • Go to Kim at Salon 4 in Rockville MD. I am also a long hair lover and spent most of my life avoiding hair cuts or crying for 6 months after because they cut it too short. this all changed when another long hair fan told me about kim. She does exactly what you ask for. EXACTLY. I basically tell her to freshen up my ends without affecting length and she does just that. Its kind of amazing to walk out of a salon loving your haircut.. this is something i had never experienced untill Kim. I usually w ould be crying or yelling. She will make your ends fresh without sacrificing length if that is what you want.

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