Dear PoPville – Help! Date Auction Conundrum!

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

“Dear PoPville,

I’ve signed up for a charity date auction tomorrow night and am now realizing I need a little something extra to sweeten my date package and raise more money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Other eligible bachelors and b achelorettes have added Kennedy Center shows, Ghost Tours etc. I’ve emailed all the segway tour spots in DC since that’s probably the one thing I haven’t done yet and segways look pretty fun to ride!

Do you and the readers have any other suggestions about where to go or who to ask for donations for fun date activities? I’m stuck!!!
Also, if any readers are interested the auction will be held at 6:30pm, Thursday, September 29th at Dirty Martini in Dupont!

Thanks a million!”

How about the Trapeze school by Yards Park?

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  • Some sort of scotch or whiskey tasting if you are a lady looking for guys to bid.

    Trapeze school is a good idea, too.

    There are some fall rock climbing classes in the area if you are looking for another adventurous alternative.

    Good luck and, as someone who has had cancer effect some of my closest loved ones, thanks for your fundraising efforts!


    • claire

      +1 on the whiskey tasting idea. Bourbon in Adams Morgan just had a coupon deal for a bourbon tasting (which, naturally, I purchased) – maybe they’d be willing to hook you up with a bourbon tasting for your date? Or maybe one of the beer bars in the area (Churchkey, Meridian Pint, RFD, etc) could do a beer tasting? That would definitely get me to bid on you . . .

      • Thanks!!! Those ideas are great and I love beer & bourbon. I emailed both establishments asking about getting a tasting donation!

  • Please do not do a segway tour. You couldn’t pay me to do one of those and I certainly wouldn’t pay to go on a first date with someone on a segway.

    • +1

      Nothing screams tourist more.

      • Oh no, wouldnt want to look like a TOURIST, they have cooties. I’d rather be a tourist than a recent transplant afraid of looking like a tourist and doesnt do anything in an attempt to look local.

        • As someone who works down on the mall, I hate the toursits/locals who do Segway tours. They spread out 5 wide on the sidewalks or 3 wide on the bike lanes, and are a general nuisance.

          First world problems.

          • “As someone who works down on the mall, I hate the toursits/locals ”

            uh. unless you revel in your hate, don’t work on the mall.

    • you would be surprised how fun they are.

      not even joking.

      but then again a person has to like fun to have fun.

      • It’s unfortunate that the only way to ride a segway in DC is to take a tour. I’ve lived here for a long time so a tour is unecessary (and I know I will look like a moronic tourist) but who doesn’t REALLY want to ride a segway?!

  • Go Ape! or any of the zip line adventure park places around the area. Sounds like a fun date to me!

    Thanks for fundraising!

  • SKYDIVING would be baller.

  • maybe a little D&D sesh at labyrinth?

  • I’ve done the trapeze a couple of times, and while I enjoyed it a lot, I got queasy afterwards both times, sort of like motion sickness. I would not have wanted to go on/continue a date after that. I don’t know if affects others the same way, but it’s possible.

    No to segway.

    Sorry for two negatives and nothing positive to suggest. I hope you raise a lot AND have a good time!

  • andy

    two entries to Marine Corps Marathon?

  • Cooking classes at that place on Thomas circle.
    Photo walking tour with PoP.
    Call the Passenger,Gibson or the like and get a private mixology class.
    Apple/Pumpkin picking & haunted house.
    MPD ride along.

    captcha: 7STD – be safe your date could be dangerous!

  • shooting range

  • msmaryedith

    I’ve done trapeze three times and loved it. Go for it!

  • Dance classes, I think Habana Village still has them or go to Glen Echo Park they have different dance lessons.

    Canoeing up/down the Potomac – Thompsons Boat Rental

    Go see a show of Speakeasy DC, every 2nd Tue of the month (google it).

    Free Biking opportunity on Thurs with Bicycle Space.

    Free – traipse around Eastern Market and then go for lunch

  • Dinner and drinks @ the Crucible in SW. Should prove for a fun and “interesting” date!!!

  • I went to one of those cooking classes last month and they are REALLY fun…The place is called Culinaerie.

  • I like idea of private tasting or class – I wonder if the guys who import Spanish wines at Tradewinds would do a private tasting (they have delightful accents!) Also, according to the Washington Wine Academy’s webpage they have beer tasting classes in addition to wine classes. If trapeze or rock climbing is your thing, go for it!

    My mother was diagnosed with lymphoma yesterday – thank you for doing this and good luck!

  • Doesn’t Room 11 do whiskey tastings? Or maybe I just think that because of the giant scot behind the bar. Or maybe he’s an aussie…

    Don’t listen to me.

  • The National Zoo does some “behind the scenes” or “talk with a zookeeper” type events. I don’t see anything in the next couple of months on their website however.

    But you might give them a call – explain your charity and ask for a private reptile tour or something.

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