Dear PoPville – French Street Park Finally Opens

“Dear PoPville,

I just thought I would let you know that the park on the corner of French and 10th Street NW is finally open after MONTHS of being finished [it seems].”

I said it when they were close to opening in May ’11 – the transformation is pretty awesome. Here’s how the park looked in July ’08:

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  • Anybody know why the old park featured a Ziggurat? That was a unique feature to say the least!

  • It was built back in the 70’s. That was for the children to play on.

    • now, from the looks of it, there is nothing for the kids to play on.

      • you’re right, there isn’t really anything for kids to play on. but there aren’t really many kids in that ‘micro’ neighborhood (bounded by 11th, 9th, ri ave, fl ave).

        i walked my dog through there the other day (wasn’t sure if dogs were allowed, so i didn’t let her play in the grass) and it was really nice. i would definitely sit there with a couple of (soft) drinks and play scrabble or something..

  • Actually there are lots of kids in our area (around 14 will be born this year in just a few of the blocks you mentioned). There is a great playground on the 900 block Westminster so I think the idea was to make the one on French St. more of a park for everyone.

    I read somewhere that dogs were allowed at the French St. park on leash, but I would expect comments about dogs belonging at the dog park on 11th (I have gotten that for using the empty fenced in lot across the alley to run my dog).

  • Just in time for… fall?

  • They really dropped the ball here. It should’ve been more… French. Put an ornate, Art Nouveau sign over the entrance gate, a la Paris Metro.

    • andy

      I think they were trying to go “Tenth” style.

    • Pay for the sign, Chuck, and Friends of French Street Park will be happy to give you credit. Park open to all daily dawn (or so) to dusk. Dogs, cats, gerbils, kids, welcome with appropriate restraining devices.
      New signage will be up soon. There are still some construction issues to be resolved before the park is considered finished. Friends of French Street Park will be working to add more trees and plantings later.

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