Dear PoPville — Bars to Watch Football with a Dog?

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“Dear PoPville

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a bar where one can bring his dog to watch the NFL — either on a patio area where they have TVs, or otherwise. Am looking forward to the season, but now that we have the puppy, we can’t go watch the games all day and just leave her crated. Used to go to Jay’s when I lived in Arlington, but I think they are closed now. Any ideas?”

I know Lou’s in Columbia Heights has a patio but I’m not sure if you can bring a dog? Anyone know where you can catch a game with your dog?

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  • Union Pub in Capitol Hill off of Mass near Union Station. There’s an outdoor patio with tables and a huge TV. I’ve seen a few dogs there

    • If your Dog has to “be crated” when you go out, I wonder what sort of bar is going to welcome you and your dog? Or is it the kind of dog that is sedate when he/she is with you?

  • I was just at Lou’s on Sunday, and a lot of people had their dogs.

  • This is the whitest question in the history of mankind

  • This is a terrific question. I’m a Steelers fan but my dog is a Cowboys fan, so there’s usually a lot of squabbling over the remote between us on Sunday afternoons. Finding a bar where we could both go and watch our games together would be an excellent solution.

  • It is just me or is this a bizzare question (and I’m an owner of two dogs who probably spends too much time on the couch with them on fall weekends watching college ball, much to the dismay of my SO). In any case, I hope this thread fills my craving for the dog-good vs. dog-is-bad debate that appears on this site twice a month…

    • It appears dog-is-bad has won the toss and elected to kick. Snoop comes out with a strong kick and [email protected]:25 returns it for dog-good.

  • Why can’t this person just stay home to watch the game with the puppy? I love my dog, but I can’t imagine taking her out to a patio restaurant/bar with me because I’m afraid it will bore her to death.

  • Can I be controversial for a minute? I am so sick of goddamn dogs in the city. We live on top of each other in small spaces and for some reason a lot of people decided how awesome it would be to add dogs to that mix. I actually happened to love dogs and owned a dog for many years when I lived in a house with a yard and oh, I don’t know, some reasonable amount of f’ing space to keep a dog in.

    • Some people clearly have dogs that are too big for the spaces they must be living in, but I think they’re in the minority.

      I can’t have a dog because they aren’t allowed in my building, but I love seeing so many dogs around town. It puts a smile on my face.

    • Not all dogs need a ton of space, and I think mine are a lot better off since we moved to DC from the suburbs. They get more walks and longer walks (because the neighborhood is a lot more walkable) more time and attention from me (because my commuting time has descreased drastically) and more opportunities to socialize with other dogs (because there are a lot more of them here).

    • Not really controversial. Just overstepping your boundaries. If someone wants to own a dog, that seems to be their own business. However, if you want to complain about unleashed dogs, or dogs pooping and owners not cleaning up after it, or dogs hogging space on patios, that is a different story.

    • So you got rid of your dog when you moved to the city?

      • No. My dog died of old age many years ago. I never really considered one while living in the city for obvious reasons.

    • also consider that most dogs around here are rescue dogs. my dog would either be stuck in a shelter or put down. instead, she lives in a row house with three people she loves, and gets to tromp through rock creek park three times per day.

      sorry that you have to watch us walk down your street together, snoop.

      • I wouldn’t say most dogs are rescue dogs, but there do seem to be more and more of them.

        Plus, DC is a city of transients, as everyone knows, and you certainly can’t expect someone to drop their dog off at the shelter when they move here.

        I think we should find Snoop a puppy!

        • saf

          :DC is a city of transients, as everyone knows:

          Amazing how often what “everyone knows” is not correct.

          • saf

            Stupid smilie things. should have been

            “DC” rather then smilie C.

          • You know what I meant. A lot of people come here from other places (and bring their dogs with them). Just because YOU were lucky enough to grow up here doesn’t mean all of us did.

    • Can I be controversial for a minute? I’m so sick of goddamn dickheads in the city.

    • I’m with you. I’m sick of bad dog owners (which it must be said is probably a lot of you that think you’re great dog owners) that let their dogs urinate/defecate wherever they so please. I’m sick of that gross dog park on 17th that makes the surround block smell like sh!t all the time. I’m sick of eating on a restaurant patio and getting dog hair in my food because people wanted to bring their dog out on the town with them. I’m sick of the loud dogs in my building who wake me up with their barking. owning an animal that you have to give an unreasonable amount of time, energy, and money to is just a freaking weird thing to do.

    • Certain breeds,including some Giant breeds ( Danes,Mastiff etc) Do not need a large space,nor a yard.
      My dog,a dane,is perfectly happy in a 1 br condo.With regular walks daily and some doggie park time.
      So Snoop,if you woke up in a bad mood today,dont take it out on the dogs.

    • Well I am sick of you in this city. Move somewhere else then if you dont think you have enough space.

  • This is why I don’t have a dog – I value my freedom too much!

  • i hope no bar would let animals in

  • How about: 1. Your house/apt! 2. Or any place with “Mommy Happy Hour” (in the interest of keeping all superfluous bar accessories in one location)!!

  • I have to agree with snoop, I’m getting tired of these dog owners expecting every restaurant, park, etc.. to cater to them and their dogs.

    • There’s a pretty big difference between “expecting every restaurant, park, etc.. to cater to them and their dogs” and asking if any do.

  • How about this, an actual answer to the actual question. You can bring your dog to Lolas on Cap Hill but you have to sit with the smokers in the “outside rooms” but can still see the TVs. And yes I’m white and own a dog. Lets get back to the racial commentary while I dismount my high horse.

  • Its not ridiculous. Its life. Why push underground what people are really thinking.

    • It is ridiculous. To immediately jump to race when someone asks if theres a bar that allows dogs and shows football. I am black and own a dog. My husband loves football. I’m fortunate enough to own a Tv but this person clearly isn’t. So he came here looking for a solution. And where does it even say he is white?

      Unreal. And yes, absolutely ridiculous.

  • OP asks a question he might have considered before he got a puppy that needed crating. Not to be the bearer of bad news, but the decision to get a puppy is also the decision to check in with it every 4-6 hrs., and it’s awfully presumptuous to assume you can skip that responsibility by just bringing the dog with you.

    That said, I’m glad OP’s question actually got answered, but I have to say as a dog owner, lover of outdoor drinking, and watcher of football: there’s a big difference between places where dogs are allowed and places where they are welcomed. Just because they can be there doesn’t necessarily mean they should.

    • Its awfully presumptuous to assume that the OP is an irresponsible person who is trying to skip out on their duties by bringing it with them to watch football. They just want to not leave their puppy crated anymore than they have to. That is what a responsible dog owner does.

      Also, if the owner of an establishment is fine with dogs being inside, or on the patio, then I think that is awesome. Many of them have dog bowls sitting right out front or on the patio. And if you don’t like dogs, don’t go there. There are plenty of other bars that do not welcome dogs.

  • Chief Ike’s allows dogs in.

    • Chief Ike’s is a good place to bring your dog for Sunday football. They always show the Redskins game on the big screen and they have other games shown on various TVs throughout the bar. Its a fun local crowd and the staff and food on Sundays are great!

  • The real question is where can I take my dog to a bar and use him as a wingman to get laid by a mildly intoxicated female?

    Just kidding. That’s what house parties are for.

  • Union Pub has specific “pups on the patio” events where they encourage people to bring their dogs and sit outside. They are always allowed (as far as I know), but this place is specifically and enthusiastically dog-friendly.

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