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“Dear PoPville,

All this rain over the past two weeks has finally taken its toll on my roof and water starting leaking into my house last night. I could use some recommendations for roofers that have experience with a row house flat-style roof.”

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    • National Roofing, They have fixed my roof three times (not the same place) and have outcompeted other price quotes from Keith Roofing, Magino on the first two. Recently after the tropical storm I wasn’t even able to get another quote because every company was too busy to come out to give me an estimate. National came out the next day.

      They do great work. It is family owned (for three generations). Being in business this long says something.

      I first found them on Angies list where they give a 10% discount.

      George Martain will want you to leave a comment for him on the list. 202-425-1614

    • Family roofers from Baltimore, MD? They are terrible.

  • At least you have a roof. The hurricane ripped a large portion of my roof off. State Farm won’t return my calls either. I hate mother nature.

  • Certified Roofing in Highland, MD did a good job on our roof. They have a solid Angie’s List reputation and their price was substantially less than both Keith Roofing and Katchmark Construction (the other two in the top three on AL).

  • I would recommend checking out the roof yourself first. It might be something simple to fix. My roof is in great shape, but with too much rain and standing water, I had a small leak that could have become something worse. I went to Home Depot, bought about $10 worth of supplies and everything is fine now. So I would recommend inspecting yourself first before you get some contractor a lot of cash.

  • Let me put out an anti-recommendation. Do not hire Kelbie Roofing, or any of their related companies. They have been a complete mess for me. Nothing major, but I know if anything major did happen, I’d be screwed.

    • Sadly, I’m going to concur. They put on a roof on my place, and they ended up smashing the drain line for the A/C. We didn’t knwo this until we turned on the AC a few moths after, and water started to leak through the ceiling. When I tried to get some restitution out of them, they gave me the whole “read your contract” BS, since there’s a clause about them not being responsible for smashing AC lines. That is actually in there. Complete crooks.

  • On a somewhat related topic, does anyone know about how much it costs to completely replace a typical row-home roof in DC?

    I realize it varies by size and roof type but just was hoping to find some previous examples of what it cost people.

    • Ours in Mt. P is running about $15K to install a new standing seam tin roof. House is about 20 feet wide, 35 deep. The bid for modified bitumen was around $6.5K, and one for a product called Miracote was $10K.

      • Thanks so much! (and thanks to pop-up owner too)

        It’s so hard to get a straight answer out of anyone these days without them actually coming to see a property. I haven’t actual bought anything yet so I have no property for a roofer to come see.

        Some of the places I’ve been looking to buying are what I’d call “heavy rehabs” but not a full gut job, i.e., the type of place that needs a new roof, kitchen, floors, windows, paint, etc. but doesn’t need a full mechanical/electrical/plumbing. So, it’s nice to know what others are actually paying.

        Thanks again!

  • First, I recommend Kenny Medlin 240-682-6360 of Medlin Home Improvement. Honest, on time, works hard, reasonable and licensed/bonded etc.

    He has done about 10k worth of projects for me in the past 3 months.

    Second, As far as cost for roofers… it varies wildly. Average DC rowhouse should be around $7500 for new EPDM, but 5-10k is a decent range… though the big name guys will scare you with ridiculous 20k quotes. Get multiple quotes.

    Third, if you are doing the roof work in the cost of mule-hide or a similar coating system. I put it on my roof this summer and the energy savings are immediate. For similar periods/heat/usage etc, my electric bill went down about 30%.

    • I’m curious. What is EPDM and mule hide? Should I be doing these?

      • EPDM is a rubberized roofing material for flat roofs. Mule-Hide is the brandname of an elastized paint product that is white. Extends your roof warranty, reflects sun’s heat etc. LEED/Energy Star stuff.

  • L&M Contracting. Despite their name, they just do roofs. They are honest to a fault.

    In contrast, I would remain roofless before I’d let Maggio fix my roof. Those guys can kiss my ass: super high-pressure sales tactics and I am positive that the sales guy thought I’d be a pushover because my husband wasn’t home.

    • +10,000. We’re using L&M. Hate Maggio, whom we unfortunately used for our garage roof in the 90s. Bunch of lying a-holes.

      • Can you let us know when you’re done with them?! 🙂
        From their answering machine message it sounds like they’re facing a backlog of storm-related work and giving priority to existing clients.
        Thanks for the advice on Maggio – their rating on checkbook wasn’t very high either.

  • Maggio Roofing. I have used them for a porch roof and they did a beautiful job. I just called them again yesterday so that they can come and fix the leak in the house roof.

    No I am not going on a ladder on top of the roof, so that I can go to Home Depot to get supplies and do it myself. Terrified terrified of heights!

    • Well, obviously they did some things right or they wouldn’t be in business. Actually, the roof seems fine, it was the follow-up and guttering that they completely botched and never fixed and quit returning calls.

  • Is that a joke?

    2:59 post: “I would remain roofless before I’d let Maggio fix my roof.”

    3:02 post: “Maggio Roofing.”


    • It wasn’t a joke on my end, but yeah, funny timing. I meant it, though. I’ve never dealt with anyone quite so sleazy. That guy would make the stereotypical used car salesman look good.

  • I’d also be weary of Maggio- one time they gave a customer of ours an estimate for $22,000.00 to replace a roof on a small rowhome. The job would have been about $5,000-$6,000 with any other company. When I asked them to justify the cost, they got defensive and angry and hung up on me. Would definitely not recommend them.

  • I used Maggio in 2007 to replace the main roof on my house, and a roof on an extension, along with three skylights the previous owner had installed incorrectly and my roof has been fine. I got estimates from two other companies (and I can’t remember who they were now) and Maggio gave me the best deal overall.

    I also found my handyman through them as he was one of the men working on my roof. He has been a lifesaver.

  • I have to agree w/ others…i got a quote from Maggio’s and would stay away from them….Metropolitan Construction Services (301)210-9030. They did my roof and i am completely satisfied.

  • I would like to second (third?) the anti-recommendation on Maggio. I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy. It took MONTHS to fix the issues they caused with my roof replacement and I’m still kicking myself for using them.

  • Rod Kahn is awesome – he did our rowhouse’s flat roof almost 4 years ago. Very reasonably priced and he’s very responsive. He has since come out at short notice to look at/fix random gutter issues, etc. (unrelated to the roof job he did) Definitely recommend him!!!

    Rod Kahn
    Cavaricci Contracting
    (P) 301-674-4479

  • Daniel Parks Roofing is finishing my roof literally today. Doing Bitumen over the tin roof that had been last patched in several places 5 years ago. Don’t want to spend $2k every 5 years on a patch jobs (plus the interior work of a wet ceiling causing us to know we need a patch job) so we’re doing replacement, along with some additional work on terra cotta tiles, front gutter and downspout and some miscellaneous flashing in front. These extra projects were an extra, but reasonable cost.

    We’re a typical three level row house with an addition in the back. $5,500, they did an estimate the day after I called them, doing the work in just one day (less than a week after I first called) and are a family owned business for about 40 years in DC. 202-489-1728. You’ll get Daniel (dad) or Tom or Danny (sons).

    I haven’t gotten home yet today so I can’t comment yet on quality and clean-up, but Tom has called me throughout the day to provide updates and offered a variety of accommodations for me to have an option of him reviewing the work with me after work hours.

    Not to kick a company while they’re down – but I used Maggio a couple years ago for some chimney and gutter work and they did fine work, but when I called them for an estimate on this job, telling them I was a former customer and had active leaking going on in my house, they told me (on Sept 7) that their first available appointment to do an estimate was Sept 20. TWO WEEKS they found acceptable to let a former customer live with an actively leaking roof before doing an estimate. I politely told them I’d move on and they’ve lost my business now and in the future.

  • Larkin Remodeling – good roofers, will finance – very responsive and responsible. Highly recommeded – good rates.

  • L & M Contracting. They may be more expensive than others, but they will do good work. You get what you pay for.

  • First time i post here, but i felt like i should share my experience.

    i just got a new roof put in after getting 3 different quotes. Maggio was one (and quickly discarded) option. i ended up going with Wood & Whitacre Contracting LLC. They are based out of Maryland.

    They did a fantastic job: i had a new bitumen roof put down with fixing up of the front rail/gutter system (often the source of leaks on old flatroof townhouses), along with replacement of an existing skylight, and installation of a second skylight. the total cost was 5500$.

    Before the new roof i had some leaking (maybe in 6 different spots). after the new roof, 2 leaks remained. i contacted Jeff (the owner of Wood Whiteacre), and he sent his team back right away to patch things up. this took care of one leak. called him, and he returned promptly.

    these leaks were really persistent leaks that no other roofer could solve (the house had just gotten a new roof before i bought 2 years ago), so the fact that he was unable to fix them on the first is not really surprising. what i found to be more (pleasantly) surprising was that Jeff was very quick to fix any leaks i reported, even if that meant coming back to the house 3 times in 2 weeks.

    i really recommend him; plus his prices were among the best i’d seen.

  • On a tangent, has anyone installed just a skylight, and how much did that cost? I’d love to get a skylight over my stairs, and maybe another one into the bathroom if they’re not too much. I know lots of these houses had them originally, including most of my neighbors! Would love to get that natural light back.

  • We had 2 good experiences with Keith Roofing. They are very knowledgeable and it’s also a business that has been passed down through the generations. It wasn’t cheap, but they did a good job.

    • I’d second Keith Roofing – they also come out as soon as possible whenever we need anything. In addition, they’ve done a few little things for us for free when checking something out and the work needed was minimal.

  • I was super-pleased with the job that Wagner Roofing did on my rowhouse roof. I initially called them because they were the roofers that This Old House used when it renovated the rowhouse in DC 6-7 seasons back, and I trust Norm Abram. I also got two other estimates and found them to be the lowest cost option.

    One of those estimates, btw, was from Maggio. It wasn’t even in the ballpark.

    • OP wasn’t clear whether they have and/or want a metal vs. built-up roof. For metal, I strongly recommend Phil Yates, who has been my roofer for more than 25 years, and who specializes in metal roofing. He is an old-school craftsman, and does all the work himself (with a helper or two as needed):

      Phillip Yates
      410-586-0182 (office)
      301-908-4269 (cell)

  • Johnson Home Improvement did my flat roof – Ray installed a new skylight, removed four layers of bad roofing, installed the new roof, redid the top of our front porch, and cut a hole for the drain to go through the porch – all for about $5200. Could not recommend more – he was honest and really fast.

    • +1 for Johnson. $4500 for our roof last year. 20 x 38 flat roof in petworth. they removed the old tin roof, put on a modified bitumen (sp?), fixed a couple of slate tiles, and reparged a few spots on our chimney.

  • I’m in the pro Maggio camp on this one. I had my slate mansard roof replaced last year and they did a great job. I had to wait a few months since their slate guy was in demand, but it was worth the wait. Competitive quote, courteous, and followed up several months later to make sure everything was still OK.

  • i have a typical 3 br rownhouse with a cupola/popout window.

    maggio quoted me 16,000 for a new roof.
    i couldn’t afford to use them.

  • Katchmark Construction, based by Dulles, installed an EPMD roof on our rowhouse last year — they were the lowest bid of four we got, they did a great job, quickly, and they came back for free and added on some additional waterproofing above our attic window when it turned out that removing the three layers of old roofing (!) that had been up there meant water ran down the window in ways it hadn’t before, causing a leak.

  • notlawd

    +2 for Johnson. Super friendly, great work, and fast. Got full new roof plus an awesome skylight for around $5K earlier this year. I called a ton of companies and they had the best price by far. They also removed a massive rat that they found stuck in my fence free of charge 🙂

    Here is the contact info:

  • Anyone have any thoughts on these guys:

  • Corley Roofing. They’ve been in business for 50 some years and are highly rated on both Angie’s list and on the Washingtonian top contractors list. When we called roofers to work on a flat row-house roof, they sent us to Corley. We’ve used them twice now. They are certainly not the cheapest roofers but I believe they do high quality work.

  • Corley and maggio did a good job for us.

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