Daikaya, Ramen shop, Coming to Vacant Lot at 705 6th Street NW

This is gonna be freaking awesome. From a liquor license application:

“This is a tavern that has a ramen shop on the ground level. Diners will be able to order bowls with a variety of fresh toppings. The second level will serve as a bar & restaurant with a Japanese menu.

Sunday through Thursday 11 am – 3 am Friday and Saturday 11 am – 4 am”

Washingtonian has some good details:

“On the ground level, there’ll be a ramen shop inspired by those in Sapporo, one of the Japanese cities famous for the dish. Utagawa will serve three styles of the broth-based soup: miso, soy-sauce-anchored shoyu, and shio or salt—which has a pale color and more-delicate flavor.

Another traditional touch: The ramen shop will be meant for slurping noodles not sipping drinks. “Eating ramen isn’t a very social thing,” says Utagawa. “You look at your bowl and eat, otherwise the noodles get soggy.” For socializing, diners can head upstairs to the izakaya, which will serve as both bar and restaurant.”

Daikaya will be located right next to the super popular Graffiato at 705 6th St, NW.

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  • Awesome! Now all Chinatown needs is a few decent Chinese restaurants (hey, a man can dream ….)

  • A ramen shop that encourages people to shut up and eat?? SIGN ME UP

    • I was in a ramen shop in Yokohama that took your order and the door and sat you in a voting booth type set up. They opened a slot to go give you your food, but that was it. You weren’t allowed to talk and there was nothing else to look at other than your food.

  • let’s hope the 4am closing time becomes a trend.

  • andy

    This is going to become a ramen town! I imagine teaching ramen-eating classes like yoga classes and explaining the differences in regional varieties to eager novices.

    HOWEVER, now that we have so many ramen options coming to DC – I want me a legit Hakata Ramen! None of this Hokkaido-style BS!

  • Yum! I was just telling someone the other day that ramen shops were an Asian restaurant trend I wish would catch on in DC.

    Now can we PLEASE just get a decent Asian grocery store in DC proper? Pleeease?

  • Yes! I was planning a trip to Japan for Ramen, now I can stay here!!

  • Very pleased to hear that the meal we all subsisted on back in college will be available just down the street. It should be a cheap meal, too. Even after the necessary markup, paying more than 75 cents for your entree here would be foolish.

    • andy

      i assume you have never had ramen with anything better than a flavor packet. this is much better stuff. try it out sometime.

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