Citibank Coming to fmr Blockbuster space, Corner Bakery Possibly Coming to fmr Adams Mill Bar and Grill space in Adams Morgan

Blockbuster closed at 1751 Columbia Rd, NW in Aug. ’10

The Adams Morgan BID released some very interesting news at the very end of a newsletter sent out at the end of last month:

“We’ve also learned that Citibank has signed a lease in the former Blockbuster location at 1805 Columbia Road, NW and that the new owners of the former Adams Mill Bar and Grill at 1815 Adams Mill Road, are close to signing a lease with a new tenant.”

Fmr Adams Mill Bar and Grill space at 1815 Adams Mill Road, NW closed in Feb. ’11

Since I heard a new tenant was close to signing I’ve been digging around to see who it could be. Now when they first closed, I thought a Panera would be taking over the space but that didn’t turn out to be the case. Though, it turns out, that scuttlebutt may not have been too far off the mark. So take this with a grain of salt, as with all scuttlebutt, but I’m now hearing that a Corner Bakery is likely moving into the space.

At the moment the only official Corner Bakery coming soon location is the one at 6th and H St, NW in Chinatown. I’ll update if/as more info becomes available.

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  • Sigh. We should have a moratorium on new banks at that general intersection. There is already a BoA a few doors down, Wells Fargo on the other side of Starbucks, Suntrust across the street, PNC on the opposite corner, and I’m sure I’m missing another one. I suppose it’s better than sitting empty.

    Hooray for the Corner Bakery, if it happens! Still holding onto hope for something cool to move into the old Design Within Reach spot.

  • Two thumbs down. But everyone should’ve known this sort of stuff is inevitable now in Adams Morgan.

  • That’s tragic for the Adams Mill space. Banks suck. I know- I work for one

  • Emmaleigh504

    Gah, how boring! The Adams Mill space is next door to a bakery.

  • Did the Adam’s Mill space not have a liquor license associated with it?

    • Yes, it does have a liquor license associated with it. The “scuttlebutt” is that BB&T (who owns the space) didn’t want another liquor establishment going in there after their experiences with Adams Mill.

      • BB&T Bank does NOT own the former Adams Mill Bar and Grill space. They took it over in foreclosure and sold it to a private developer.

  • Boo. We should have moratoriums on banks instead of bars and restaurants!

  • goaldigger

    I guess better than another cell phone store. Still waiting for something cool to go into old CVS/Ontario theater space.

  • That’s really disappointing about the Corner Bakery. I was hoping for something less corporate, more gastropub.

  • I think a Corner Bakery would be good for Adams Morgan. Sure, it’s a chain, but it does make good (and reasonably priced) sandwiches, etc.

    Better than having yet another bar that caters to weekend-night early-20s suburbanites.

    • I used to live a block from here, and I liked Adams Mill, sad to see it go, mostly for the great patio.

      I would much rather see a Corner Bakery than a bank or a Cricket or even a record shop. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that Adams Morgan is chain-free (hello Safeway, CVS, former blockbuster, Burger King, Popeyes, Radio Shack…)

    • Yeah, I live nearby and am thrilled by Corner Bakery.

      Like you said it’s not the pinnacle of cuisine, but it’s better than a bar and it’s better than a trashy fast food joint (two story McDonalds, I’m looking at you)…

  • andy

    i have citibank and appreciate more convenient ATM locations. The ATMs at 7-11 thing is good.

  • I live in Park View. There is one bank within a one-mile radius of my home. So I can’t really identify with all of the kvetching over the opening of a new bank in Adams Morgan. And besides, at least it won’t attract any more of, or service the existing, drunken hoardes who flock to that area on a regular basis.

    • But all we need is the Bank of America conveniently located next door to The House.

    • There are 4 banks at that corner, and one 1 block away.. If that were a corner in Parview, you WOULD kvetch about another bank coming into the exact same corner.

      This IS to service all the weekend warriors who need to get cash.

      And sad on the corner bakery. I have nohate for it, but I didn’t want a chain sandwich shop. Wish Smoke and Barrel had bought the place from the bank, and left Asylum as it was.

    • Yeah seriously. This bank (taking over what is currently a huge empty storefront) is welcome news for actual residents of adams morgan who really don’t need another mediocre “small plates concept with DJ and dancing on the upper floors” that will just close after 6 months anyway.

      too many banks in your neighborhood = champagne problems

  • Am I the only one who was super disappointed by GAMESTOP??

  • UGH. what a bummer.

  • I’ve never seen a city with more of a ‘stick with what already works’ real estate mentality. One burger place means 12. Or a cvs. Or another liquor store. Or a 711. Or cupcakes. Cupcakes?! Ps what’s ever going into the old movie/store/eyesore on columbia?

    • I was wondering the same thing about King Video. There the King Video space AND the old ZuccahBar (downstairs) that could possibly be combined to make an interesting opportunity for some forward thinking entrepreneur (not many of those seem to coming into Adams Morgan recently (Bill Thomas (Jack Rose), (Black Squirrel basement), John Andrade (Smoke & Barrel) and Saied Ayoubi (Mintwood Place) possibly excluded).

  • I can’t be the only one who was hoping for an decent hardware store (Ace, True Value?) in the old Blockbuster spot?

  • I can see the protest flyers now: Stop Adams Morgan from becoming the next Farragut Square!

  • I heard it will actually be a bar called SoHo run by the Lupos brother who have previously been managers at Circa.

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