Can Anything Be Done About This Building?

This building at the corner of 14th and Meridian Pl, NW is one of the most frequently nominated horse’s ass award buildings in the city. At one point it was slated to become the future home/expansion of Bacon Funeral Home (still located next door.) Lately, to me, it’s been looking particularly bleak.

What can be/should be/needs to be done in order to fix one of the worst eyesores in the city?

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  • Mmmm….bacon….

  • Guerilla knitters knit a giant cozy to cover it.

  • What’s wrong with it?

  • you could send the owner a furious email.

  • just ignore it.

    • That’s worked really well over the last 5 years.

      I will buy a beer for anyone who manages to get this eyesore fixed. Can we get a blighted property tax imposed on the blight portion?

      • You won’t get that designation on a building that pretty clearly is “in-progress.” I doubt that the District would come that hard after this of all buildings.

        • ah

          “In progress” requires active construction. Don’t know what’s been going on here, but you can’t start work, then not have the contractors do anything for 5 years, and claim that the building is exempt from the vacant/blighted laws. Believe it or not, DCRA actually realized that might be a problematic loophole.

          • Maybe so … I might just have lost track of time, but I remember when that whole facade was not there, so I may be stuck in the mode of “Oh, they’re building something there.” It has been a while, now that I think about it.

            Still, a “blighted” tag is pretty hard to come by. To my knowledge, it still hasn’t been applied to several nearby buildings that are (sadly) more deserving of the designation than this one.

  • while we are on the topic of buildings that don’t seem to be going under any type of restoration, does anyone know about the progress of the burned out building in Mt. Pleasant.

    How many years has it been since the fire? I see a sign that mentions that it will be apartments but when????????

  • claire

    A++ on all responses thus far.

  • They should make it a giant convex mirror so even more people up and down 14th street could watch the open air drug dealing directly across the street.

    Alternatively, a huge drive-in movie screen so you can drive up, park, and enjoy the latest picture while your drugs are brought to your window and/or trunk.

  • Does anyone know the history of the building? How old is it? What was it used for? Just seems so out of place but I guess that could just be from the condition.

    • It is new construction. They just put up this crap cinder block building and never finished it. It is not dissimilar to the crappy new building on 14th that house Zeba and quiet mind yoga, except they didn’t finish this crappy one. I actually like it unfinished better, although it is a close call.

    • There was a graceful Flemish-style, early 20th century flat front row home and this piece of shit facade was built on top/ in front of it. Would be nice to have it back the way it was, but most like;yn ot possible. A real pisser.

      • To my untrained eye it doesn’t even look like legal type of construction. It looks like the kind of shoddy construction you see in the middle east and central america. All those cinder blocks stacked on top of each other held together with nothing more than a little slather of mortar? I didn’t think you could do that for more than one storey unless it had some sort of steel supports. I’m surprised it even survived our li’l earthquake-lette.

  • i like the natural cinder block look.

  • PaschTag

    It should be a haunted house this halloween.

  • Looks like they’re about $18k behind on their taxes…

  • I assume a brick facade can be put over the cinderblocks, not sure how much that will cost, but why doesn’t everyone chip in for the cost, and then put it up (after getting the landlord’s permission of course). Trying to be positive and not put anyone down (unlike certain awards out there).

  • A one ton bomb.
    Then build some more condos so we can get more silly questions and snide remarks on here.

  • Why does a funeral parlor need to be that large anyhow? That building is huge. But seriously, someone please, please purchase and/or finish it.

    • Wow. You gotta be kidding with this post. That is some crazy race-baiting going on there. It’s such weird lingo it sounds fake. Is this some yuppie trying to make people of color sound stupid? Or are you for real?

      • saf

        The first, I believe.

        This is a prime example of the need for moderation.

      • “people of color” ha…were you being snide or serious when you used that phrase?

        • “People of color” and “Person of color” are the presently accepted non-offensive ways to refer to anyone who is not white. The phrase is used seriously in all manner of discussions about race, by activists, policy makers, ministers, etc. The phrase came about as an alternative to other semantics that put the race before the person (i.e. black person) and is similar to other trends in neutral language that put the word “person” first, before any other descriptive and potentially loaded modifiers (i.e. people with disabilities).

          That being said, I have no idea what that comment is referring to.

        • what’s wrong with this phrase? not everyone is black or latino and frankly, when it comes right down to it, people of colour are just that. A whole lot of different shades… of colour.

      • i am person of color: pink with brown freckles

      • Which post? Who?

  • Have PoP wave his magical princely wand to make it disappear.

  • cinder block buffet. all you can eat!

  • Looks like Haiti before and after the earthquake.

  • Looks like a Home Depot renovation to me.

  • My understanding is that the building actually does fall within a loophole in the current vacant/blighted property law. Because the building was never completed and certified for occupancy, it still technically counts as a vacant lot on the tax rolls, and vacant lots are explicitly excluded from the vacant/blighted property law. In the meantime, as abandoned construction, the structure is sound, secured, and safe.

    It complies with all applicable law – and no other law applies. Thus, it’s legal. Until either the law changes or something happens to the building, there is no way to force action by the owners.

    • Even though one half of the building was indeed a vacant lot, there was already a house on the south half of the property (closest to the funeral home). I think the facade may still be left (at least it was when construction stopped a few years ago, right behind the current exterior wall). As a “renovation”, is it still excluded?

  • You just know some flipper’s going to come in and rip all the character out of that place.

  • Maybe they should make it a police station. You know, to deter the blatant drug deals and shootings that happen by that corner.

  • i like the retro late 90’s crack-house chic look of this.

  • The problem with concrete is that its fireproof.

  • If they owe a whole lot of taxes can’t the city do something? It seems to me that that should give them some leverage…

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