Cambria Suites Hotel will be part of CityMarket at O in Shaw

From a press release:

“The 182-room Cambria Suites hotel will be part of CityMarket at O, a $300 million mixed-use development, located by the D.C. Convention Center in downtown Washington, D.C. near Gallery Place, the hub of the city’s entertainment district. CityMarket at O is a one million-square foot urban infill project being developed by Roadside Development. Major construction on the over 87,000 square feet of retail, 629 residential units, 500 parking spaces and Cambria Suites hotel is set to commence in the fall of 2011.

This Cambria Suites hotel will offer all-suite guestrooms, an expanded food and beverage area and a rooftop featuring a pool, fitness center and an outdoor patio with views of the U.S. Capitol and the National Monuments. Designed as a lifestyle hotel brand, Cambria Suites offers more than just a place to sleep at night. It features a larger lobby to give guests a more social atmosphere, all-suite rooms that are larger than standard hotel rooms and include separate living, working and sleeping space, providing business and leisure travelers a haven to relax, socialize and network. There are currently 19 properties open across the country.

Like all Cambria Suites hotels, the D.C. property will feature: Reflect, a casual dining and gathering area serving a dinner menu, liquor, wine, beer, freshly prepared grab-and-go gourmet salads and sandwiches, a barista bar featuring Wolfgang Puck® coffee, Cheesecake Factory® desserts and a hot breakfast buffet; Refresh, a state-of-the-art fitness center with an elegant pool and hot tub/spa area; and Refill, a 24-7 convenience store that offers energy drinks, snacks and sundries.

We previously spoke about CityMarket at O’s new Giant grocery store here.

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  • This is way more than I was expecting, kind of cool. A lot of folks come into Washington to work federal jobs for weeks at a time, this will be neat for those of us who’d like to have a nice place for our friends coming to town to stay. Pool roofdeck, oh yeah!

  • Anyone who wants to call my Shaw neighborhood “ghetto” now, can suck it!!!
    Bravo for the development.

  • Great news, but “near Gallery Place, the hub of the city’s entertainment district” made me laugh.

    • enjoy the walk down lovely the historic 7th Street Housing Projects Corridor

      not that I’ve ever had any trouble there myself, but out-of-towners are in for a treat

  • Are they going to tear down the terrible housing projects that surround the area? If they don’t this is a recipe for lots of robberies.

    • Nope, they aren’t. I pretty sure most of it is section 8 housing run by some local churches.

      It’ll be a loooooong time before those places are gone.

  • May I add, I hope they make the gym and pool open for memberships. With towel service, natch.

  • I will believe it when I see it.

  • Interesting choice by this hotel group. I’d suspect they’re hoping for convention center guests in addition to long-stay Feds.

    I hope it helps the neighborhood out. I hate to say it, but the first waves of guests might be surprised to find themselves in Shaw. I think the area’s fine, but out-of-towners who have visited me have commented that it’s “scary.”

    • Nah, see you gotta nip that in the bud. Some say “scary” we in Shaw say “urban chic.”

    • It’s the same idea as Repubs getting together and deciding “rich people” now always equals “job creators.” You just gotta change the conversation to your liking.

  • What? A hotel can be built without $40 million tax abatement? Say it ain’t so.

  • The copywriter who came up with this:

    Designed as a lifestyle hotel brand, Cambria Suites offers more than just a place to sleep at night.

    should be taken out back and shot. Also, touting the lobby as an amenity sounds a little weird to me.

  • I’ll take it, esp. if it means the project moves forward faster. Clock’s ticking folks.

  • I fucking love the Shaw neighborhood….and have no idea how to feel about this.

  • It will be good for the area.. MPD will have to beef up t he police presence to keep the project people in check.

  • I’m with you Em…

  • They forgot “re-diculous.”

    Sounds hifalutin to me.

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