Anyone Try the Growlers at De Vinos and D’Vines?

De Vinos is located at 2001 18th St. NW in Adams Morgan and their sister store, D’Vines, is located at 3103 14th Street, NW in Columbia Heights.

You can find more info on cost and what’s tapped here. Has anyone bought one?

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  • We actually picked one up Friday night. Drank it on Vernon St with a buddy. It was like a Maple syrup flavored beer? It was really good.

  • I tried to buy one a few weeks ago and the staff was extremely rude…apparently they only fill them on certain days and certain hours. It would be wise of them to advertise what they are in advance… and be nicer to their customers. They turned away another 2 customers before I left, and where equally as rude…

  • The beerbabe is right, d’vines is actually quite rude about the entire process. A few weekends ago they forgot to chill their kegs before serving which resulted in massive draft beer failure. I was only able to be poured a half gowler (32 oz) because of the hot keg. To compensate the missing 2nd half of my growler, they gave me a dollar off the final price. Woohoo, big whoop. I didn’t make a stink about it, because I generally support the store. However, half off the growler would have been more appropriate

    • They shouldn’t have sold that to you at all. If what you’re saying is true, I won’t ever buy a growler from D’Vines. Kegs should never be left out at room temperature. Breweries don’t do it. Kegs are left in a cold box after filling before the distributor picks them up, and distributors (theoretically) do the same before delivering to bars, restaurants, or retail stores like D’Vines. Some beers are unfiltered and will continue to ferment in the keg, dramatically changing the character of the beer. Either way, dramatic temperature shifts are bad for the beer.

      I really hope someone from D’Vines can address this. If they suspected the distributor hadn’t kept the beer cold, they should have left it in the cold box a minimum of 48 hours to get the beer down to temp before serving. A few degrees too warm even can result in a foamy, unpourable beer. As people who sell beer for a living, they ought to have known that.

    • Seriously, these people are incompetent and should leave the growler fills to someone who knows how to properly handle a keg.

    • I’ve only been to De Vinos for growlers. But my experience was exceedingly positive.

      Not only was the beer cold and fresh, but the service was friendly and informative too. The only problem is that they don’t fill growlers often enough. I think only on Saturdays which is too bad. Friday nights would be a great time to fill up after a long week of work.

  • Went in during the Adams Morgan Day Fest. Good to know for future reference when I need to buy beer on a Sunday.

    Thought the staff was actually very nice, informed, and enthusiastic when I inquired about the growler fills. I didn’t buy any at the time but maybe they were just pleased that I got two bottles of Pretty Things instead

  • Intrigued,

    followed the link but can’t tell how much it is to actually fill the growler. $6 for growler and $1 for cap, but how much for fill?

    Does anyone know?


  • I have never encountered them to be rude in Divines and I am usually a pain in the ass in there, showing up with my kid in stroller.

  • Every time I’ve been in D’vines during growler season, there are lots of people in line and lots of people serving them and everyone seems to be having a good time.

    Also – my old uncles used to refer to the condition of drinking too much as “rushing the growler.”

  • I’ve filled up my growler a few times at D’Vines. Friendly staff, great beer, and fair prices.

    If you want to know when they are open and what beers they have on tap you should go to this site:

  • Well, I guess D’vines got their act together, because I’ve been there twice over the past few weeks to get growlers and have gotten cold, quality beer each time.

  • I love the growler! The times I’ve gone to fill my growler the staff at D’Vines has been very nice and helpful, and the beer choices have been great.

    I was used to getting growlers in my home town and missed it. Glad it is here!

  • I went there the other week and saw pre-filled growlers of Great Lakes Dortmunder for sale for 6 or 7 dollars. Turns out they were for sale because the beer was 3 months past it’s best by date. I only found out because I know an employee. How could they put that out for sale without any warning to customers about the condition of the beer? That’s just shady business practice.

    • Sadly, trying to pawn off old beer on customers is an all too common practice that you’ll find in some of the supposedly most-reputable beverage stores.

    • Did you call them asked to talk to someone, how was the beer? did you drink the beer? did you take it back? did you use for cooking? what did you do with the beer? If I ever confront that situation, I will contact you and take you with me and show you how it is done.(sorry, its just what I would have done) Its what I did with a burger in nearby restaurant. Got my burger off the check and Im still a customer.

  • devinos definitely fills growlers on sundays, because i went this past sunday and filled one. i dont think they had “growler hours” either, so i am not sure why people are saying there are only certain times for it…

  • Growlers are awesome, staff are annoying. They are too cool to be friendly.

  • yeah i really wish i didn’t like the selection at D’Vines so much. The staff has their noses up so high in the air they don’t know the color of the grass.

  • I’ve had spotty experiences at the store in CH. Sometimes the line is nonexistant, sometimes it’s long. The beer’s always been very good though and I’ve found the staff to be sufficiently friendly or better.

    I agree that posting the times when growler beer is available would be a huge improvement. For instance, I called on Sunday and found that the growler service starts at 3pm – strange for a day when the skins game started at 1pm. Calling ahead saved me a trip around the corner.

    All that said, the store is adapting. The growler service is now quicker than when they started and they’re adding a second tap. Given their success, despite the spotty service, I can imagine that other places will soon provide some competition.

  • I’ve never had a bad interaction at either though I’ve only had growlers filled at D’Vines in Columbia Heights. Easy, reasonable price for the specific product, and they answered questions about the beer before filling.

    That said I get the feeling that some of the commenters above who had a bad experience go around looking for a fight. I’m sure that if they go through life acting like jerks they’ll find plenty of people willing to treat them like jerks.

  • Got a new growler during the Adams Morgan Day festival and the bottle itself was free because I live nearby (normally $5). $8 for 64 oz of DC Brau’s Citizen. Guys working were really nice and let me sample a few beers before making my selection. I didn’t drink it right away, but it felt cold.

    Are De Vinos in Adams Morgan (pictured) and D’Vines in CH owned by the same people? It looks like there is some serious confusion in the comments.

  • austindc

    Got a growler of Breckenridge 471 there and a rep from Breckenridge filled it for me. The price was good and the beer was better! Dogfish was also there filling growlers with bacon and habenero infused 90 Minute. . . which was actually good, but I don’t think I could drink a whole growler of it. Anyway, I will be back. The price for a growler is generally pretty decent, and I like the reusable nature of having a growler. And I like saying growler. A lot.

    Holy shit, Captcha Code: ALE5

  • It’s so strange that despite the stores having the same ownership, DeVino’s has seriously rude employees, while those at DeVine’s are really helpful and courteous.

    • The staff at DeVino’s is one of the reasons I traverse the crazy intersection of U and 18th to head into Virginia Market for beer. The other reasons being that the lady who owns it and works the register is beyond nice and will try and order something for you if she’s not carrying it, which is unsual, because her selection is top-notch.

      • Me too. Well, I gotta admit I do go to DeVino’s for the bigger single bootle selection and the growlers, but Mama at Virginia is too dang nice to not frequent her shop – and their beer selection has increased with the demand for it.

  • Does growler = big jug?
    Learn something new every day.

  • Will they only re-fill their own growlers? What about flip-top growlers? Will they seal them with plastic? Does anywhere in DC actually fill flip-tops? Apparently, the law applies to both screw top and flip-tops, if they are not sealed by plastic…

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