LoopNet lists ACKC DC Location for Lease at 1529 14th Street NW

I was super surprised to stumble across this listing for 1529 14th Street NW which is the current location of ACKC:

“Existing restaurant within moratorium market. Turnkey space. Beer & wine license available. Newer construction.”

The listing shares three photos of ACKC and says the space is 2,183 square feet and the rental rate is negotiable.

More info when it becomes available.

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  • Well that’s too bad but I’m not entirely surprised.

    ACKC was about average in my opinion, and the generally couldn’t-be-bothered staff didn’t make it such a great place to go. I’d say it was long on ambition and short on execution….a typical failing of lots of food-related businesses.

  • This could’ve been a much warmer, romantic and fun spot, but the garish interior was unsettling. that, and the fact they charged $6 for 4 chocolate-dipped apricots. ridiculous, borderline insulting, prices kept me from frequenting this place.

  • Yeah, I went twice and got the same feeling. As though the staff couldn’t be bothered to talk to me.

    And lets be honest here…their stuff was pretty expensive. The two times I went it I just saw a lot of browsing, but no buying.

  • andy

    get your chocolate while you can!

    (Then go up to Locolat and get more chocolate.)

  • One of the co-owners, who was also the chocolate maker, started his own gig. I imagine this has something to do with it folding.

  • I didn’t realize they sold food. From the business name, I thought they sold pedigreed dogs.

  • I love ACKC. I always found the atmosphere warm and inviting, and the hot chocolate is delicious. I’ll really miss it if they’re closing.

  • figby

    This place would be a better fit in Georgetown, where tourists go with kids. Logan Circle types really, really need a good neighborhood bar — sans microbrews and mixology. A joint. Like Bar Pilar but…better.

    The chocolate thing was a little precious.

  • I’ll miss it. I agree that the staff was ridiculously pretentious. But I still liked having a good place to pick up a hand selected box of chocolates within walking distance.

    Although I probably only went twice a year. So maybe I won’t miss it that much after all.

  • I’d like to know what the ppl in the neighborhood would like to see in that space. A proper bar? Coffee shop? Thoughts?

  • This is one of the few businesses that I have ever actively boycotted based purely on bad customer service. I am happy to see that they are closing. Feels like I won. Good riddance motherf*****s.

  • leftcoastsouthpaw

    I guess I’m in the minority here, but I liked the place. Granted, I have been there in awhile. I will miss their hot chocolates during the winter.

  • The staff could not be bothered. Ruined what could have been a good business.

  • Glad I didn’t get any of those Capitol Deal “buy x, get 10” milkshake punchcards for them…

  • They were always out of at least half of the desserts or other items on their cafe menu. The idea of chocolate and wine is always good, but the staff never knew what they were doing, gave you the wrong thing, served $10 a glass white wine warm, etc.

    #whitewhine, I know.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Just to be clear – the store is still open.

  • So, I really enjoy their chocolates. They are unusual and well-done and make an excellent hostess gift.

    The idea of the cafe-like space is a good one, but poorly executed here. I agree with the person above who used the word garish. Too much red and gold.

    Bottom line, their product is a winner, but the store itself was pretty off-putting. Sounds like it fits the situation. I hope they find a smaller storefront somewhere in the District to maintain their chocolate (and macaron) counter.

  • Worst staff ever.

  • worst service ever

  • Hello All, I just wanted to let you know we are NOT closing. We are not sure how this got around, but we have a 10 year lease and still going strong. The landlord is 100% with us. http://www.examiner.com/real-estate-in-washington-dc/artfully-chocolate-bistro-undergoes-transformation Sorry to those who have not had a good experience with ACKC…we do have a new staff and have changed the venue a lot recently. We hope you give us a second chance to change your mind about us.

  • Not going to miss it. I found their chocolate mediocre and the staff too. I was really excited by the concept, but execution was poor.

  • I am the owner of ACKC (now called Artfully Chocolate). I am very dismayed by all of the negative comments. Whenever I am in the store, I feel that the only comments I get are positive. I would like to meet some of you have had bad experiences. I would like to understand better what the problems are. We aim to have terrific products and great service. We realize that we can only stay in business if our customers are happy and want to return. If any of you would like to discuss your experiences with me, I would be very happy to buy you a hot chocolate. And, as our manager mentioned above, we have reoriented our business into more of a lounge and we do have a lot of new staff. We now use our space for performances, like open mic Mondays. Stop by and check out the great talent.

    As for the colors that we use, I believe they are bright and cheerful. Sorry that some of you find that garish. I completely disagree.


  • Count me among the haters. I tried to like your place so many times, but hit 4 big problems:

    1. Staff. You may have cleaned house in this regard, but the fact that you’re totally unaware of how your staff was treating customers suggests that not all blame was with the employees.
    2. Space. The seating area is cramped and always looks tossed about, while there is this huge amount of space devoted to merchandizing that is empty 90% of the time. Maybe you’ve fixed this a bit, but this is one of those spaces where I feel like if you saw it empty you’d realize it’s about 50% larger than it feels with all the junk in it.
    3. Stock. You sell dessert. You’re near a crapload of restaurants, most of which phone in the dessert menu. Yet every time I come in after a meal looking for something sweet your baked goods case is about 1/3rd full and most of what’s left looks pretty tired. I usually just buy a chocolate bar and leave, and I came in willing to buy two desserts and two coffees, plus maybe a glass of wine if the atmosphere was nice. Which leads me to…
    4. Atmosphere. It feels like it’s 5 minutes to closing here starting at about 4 in the afternoon. If there’s music I can’t remember it, the lights are too bright (especially given the kitschy decor), and no matter how few people are at the tables it’s impossible to not feel like you’re intruding on a romantic moment by sitting down. Also, I hate to be one of those anti-kid people, but this place needs a no children after 7 policy, at least on weekends. If the concept of this place were working, I’d be sipping cappuccino or wine in a cozy and intimate atmosphere at 10pm on a saturday night after a nice dinner out with my sweetie. Sorry, but there’s not a world where that works when that room also contains children and a wonderland of candy.

    I can’t put my finger on it, but something about the kitsch, the amount of retail space, the wobbly tables, the weird drink names, and the quality of some of the food and drink (not the chocolates themselves) that just saps the sophistication from what should be a classy place. It’s like it’s trying to be seductive, but at some point it was forgotten that to seduce you have to hold something back.

  • I really like the chocolate here; however, there have been significant service problems at ACKC in the past. We’ve stood at the counter for several minutes, and never been spoken to. Twice, we actually left instead of ordering something, because it took so long to be waited on, without even an acknowledgment that they were busy or would get to us in a few.

    That said, after seeing this post, we stopped in on Saturday night. We were greeted immediately by the new General Manager in a friendly, but low-key way. They have reorganized the store, making it much easier to browse their chocolates — in fact, there is a whole wall of chocolate bars, so you can compare all of your choices at once. There are a lot more tables, and the overall vibe is far more welcoming. We actually stayed and read a couple coffee table books while we ate, which we wouldn’t have done in the past.

    For those who have had a bad experience, I”d encourage you to take the owner up on his offer and give the new team a chance to impress you. I definitely noticed an improvement and will go back again.

  • This place doesnt belong in a space as big as it is. They arent even using half the space. I think there is an identity crisis as who they want to be. Great operators dont have these kinds of issues. The one poster was right, the staff is a direct reflection of ownership, as is the decor, and the layout. The owner is allowed to have the business as they see fit, however the problem here is that customers simply are going to have more and more better options from local guys like Jeff Black, Church Key, and the Logan tavern guys. Even Pitango with its size and simplicity seems to get it right. I mean even the windows are covered so you cant see people having a good time inside…just seems counter productive to me.

  • With all of the ridiculously negative feedback for one of our local businesses, I wanted to take a rare opportunity to post. Some criticism here was constructive, but the chocolates are great and I love having this in the neighborhood. I often stop in to grab some truffles or chocolate before visiting my parents, and it is a regular stop in when my chocolate-loving family is in town.

    I’ve had great service at the truffle bar, and I’d like to thank the owners for bring this diversity to our retail establishments.

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