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  • Nice!

    And it looks like they went to some effort to create “interesting” brickwork sections. Plus, they made an effort to have things over the windows (cornices?? not sure if that’s the right term…), similar to the neighboring houses.

  • Gorgeous. I love that section of Vermont. This will make the stretch so much more beautiful now that the lot is not vacant. It looks like their design for the rest of the lot will also compliment the neighborhood nicely.

  • Why no windows on the side?

  • Doesn’t this house face T? If so, I don’t understand why the address is Vermont although I know Vermont is nearly adjacent.

  • Ahhh, now I see – there is a second building to be built that will face Vermont (renderings on urbanturf).

  • andy

    can you imagine how much this would cost as a single dwelling?

    • Unless you have 9 kids, you wouldn’t need it for a single dwelling.

      • andy

        ah, yes, “need.” I don’t “need” it, but man, wouldn’t it be nice to stretch out in all that space?

        • Not really becuase then I would have to clean and furnish it. I guess if I could afford it, that wouldn’tbe much of a concern becuase I could afford these things too.

          My dream house is 4 bedrooms about 2500 square feet

          • andy

            actually, that does feel about right. but every so often you dream about wasteful but luxurious things like living in whole rows of row houses with doors in between, etc.

  • The place is alright, but I wish they would stop waking me up with their construction work on the place on saturday and sunday mornings.

  • so is it the same developer for both sites? why didn’t they build them both at the same time? i would think that would save money (unless they didn’t have the capital to build both at once..).

    there’s a place around the corner from me (1800 block of 6th nw) that is doing the same thing: two lots but only building on one

    • I think you answered your own question correctly – most likely it’s about financing. Its a good bet they will use the sale of the first one to finance the construction of the second one.
      Furthermore, they can use the empty lot as construction staging for the first one, so it might save them money. It would be reasonable to expect the second one to require much tighter scheduling and site management since they don’t have the extra room.

  • it looks like they’re not using brick for the interior dividing wall between the two units. i’m sure these will go for $500K or more, and you still have to listen to your neighbors through a thin, wood-frame wall. caveat emptor! i’m sure some sucker will buy this based on granite and stainless steel, rather than the quality of the underlying construction.

    • In the June ’11 photo it looks to me like they are using 2 2×4 stud walls sandwiched with a couple of inches of insulation in between. If that’s the case, I wouldn’t necessarily call a 10″ wall ‘thin’.

      • Yes – for a party wall that’s unacceptable. Also – surprised that is allowed from a fire code standpoint.

        captcha FFAN – NOT of this shoddy construction

        • Densglass makes an insulation product that is made just for this. It is called “Shaftliner” and it is probably what is shown between these units. It is 2 HR fire rated and, to my knowledge, would be perfectly acceptable.

    • Uh, try $800, I believe.

  • Looks awesome. Brickwork and cornice look good, and the massing is nicely done. The color is meh, and they could’ve gone with a different material for the lintels for a little extra punch, but I’m not complaining about this one with so much other crap going up elsewhere.

  • Wish we could get this on Georgia!

  • I wish they had used the deep red brick instead of this color but when the other building goes up and the landscaping gets in this will be some kind of beautiful. I can just imagine walking by here as evening begins to fall and the light comes through the windows. Love it.

  • Absolutely wonderful!

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