Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Park View

This rental is located at 770 Princeton PL, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“This 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment is located at 770 Princeton PL, NW, Unit D (intersection of Georgia Ave & Princeton PL, NW).

The apartment is just a block away from the Petworth metro station. Walk, bus, or ride down the street to Howard University…about 10 minutes away.
Just minutes away from the U street night life and Columbia Heights shopping area.

Approximate square footage is 750. Central heating & cooling, hardwood floors, washer & dryer in unit.
Living room (15 x 12)
Bedroom#1 (11’5″ X 8’7″)
Bedroom#2 (11’10” X 9’5″)

All electric unit. Electricity is NOT included.

Rent is $1,400/month. Available immediately!!!
First month rent AND security deposit are required to move in…($1,400 for rent and $1,400 for security deposit…..$2,800 total).


$1,400 sound right for this 2 bed/1 bath?

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  • Wow – this is refreshing! Looks like a decent place at a decent rent – heavens bless the landlord and send the perfect tenants.

  • looks like somebody forgot to stop painting.

  • very good deal. I bet it’s rented this week, for more than asking.

  • *boggles*
    Doesn’t look like anything fancy, but that’s a totally reasonable price! Amazing!

  • this will be snatched up in hours. either that or the ll is about to get slammed by emails and re-list this at $2k, which honestly would still be pretty darn reasonable (depending on the quality of the unit…this place could be a dump, looks fine in the pics though).

  • $2800 up front!? Didn’t we just have this conversation? Dang. That might scare me away, but maybe that’s what it costs these days. phew!

    • plus, it’s the basement unit.

      CAPTCHA: 4U4C

      • It does seem high when I think that I was paying $1600/month for an entire house of this size a couple years ago. It was on the other side of town, near the baseball stadium, but I think the two areas are comparable in terms of safety/metro proximity/desirability, etc.

        • 2 years ago I paid $1500 to rent a house a bit farther north up New Hampshire. But I had the whole house, and an awful landlord, but the space was amazing.

          • “2 years ago” is 2 years ago, and in two completely different areas of the city, nonetheless. My friend gets $1250 for her basement a few blocks North of there, a 1 bedroom. I live in the area and am not otherwise sure of rental prices, but I do know that she always has numerous candidates for her place and it never sits empty.

            It never ceases to amaze me that people compare different years/areas of the city in rental/real estate prices and think they know the Word!

          • Agree with Anony, good for you Heather. Thanks for sharing your irrelevant rental story from 2 years ago

      • It’s a basement unit with 2 bedrooms that’s a block away from the metro. Are you seriously saying that it’s overpriced or just that you wouldn’t live in a basement unit and are willing to pay more?

        That maybe sounds more snarky than I mean it to be… Sorry if that’s the case.

    • You’ve never paid a security deposit before?

      • um, hmmm, uh, maybe I did in my first apartment. I think it was $350. I was one of the ones yesterday that didn’t think the move in fee of $500 was outrageous because I have paid those. OK, I’m obviously out of the loop on this. Guess I’ll just get back to work.

    • You’re paying the rent for next month, like you normally would, plus an extra $700 (assuming you have a roommate). That’s not too outrageous.

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