Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights

This rental is located at 3647 11th Street NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“English Basement in completely renovated row home in Columbia Heights. Quiet residential neighbor friendly street. Conveniently located along DC’s “Hip Strip” as dubbed by the NY Times ( Close to Meridian Pint, Red Rocks, Wonderland Ballroom, Target, Giant, Washington Sports Club, and Best Buy. Easy walk to two metro stops and numerous bus lines. Plenty of on street parking.

New full size refrigerator and stove/oven have been installed.”

$1,400 sound right for this 1 bed/1 bath?

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  • Conveniently located along DC’s “Hip Strip” as dubbed by the NY Times…

    Uh oh, conflict. DC localists are to immediately dismiss any comparisons of DC to NYC, but what happens when an NYC based publication makes a compliment about an area in DC? Denounce it? Dismiss it? Embrace it? Look for a comparable quote in the Washington Post and go with that instead? I’ll be up at night thinking about this one.

  • It says it’s a 1BR but I don’t see the bedroom in the pictures. Plus the refridgerator is one of those mini ones and no stove? What the heck…not worth $1400 for what seems more like a studio / efficiency.

    • i disagree. you can see a bedroom in the back in one of the shots (probably really small but that’s ok) and it says “all utilities included,” which makes me think this is a decent deal. wonder if cable/internet are included in “all utilities” though.

      • I stand corrected about the bedroom. I guess, but you can hardly call that a kitchen. It’s a countertop with a sink. Shouldn’t it be assumed that if you’re getting a 1 bedroom, you get a full kitchen?

        • i think you’re right but it also says a stove/oven and full size fridge have been installed!

          • Yeah. I wonder why they didn’t include newer photos showing the stove/oven and full-size fridge… my guess is that it’s currently tenant-occupied and the tenant is messy or something, so they wanted to use older photos showing the unoccupied, immaculate version instead.

    • I agree, where’s the rest of the advertized kitchen? There are enough misleading details in this ad to make me question what the renter would be getting themselves into here. Otherwise, if there were a bedroom and a full kitchen, I’d say the price sounds good.

  • How is it that Columbia Heights is closer to the Petworth Metro that Petworth?

  • Spring st is actually the Northern Boarder of Columbia Heights, so its right on the line. Just cross the street and you are out of CoHo

  • Umm, no… Good luck getting someone stupid/desperate/ignorant enough to pay $1400 for a basement 1 bedroom. It looks like these generic english basement apartments are popping up all over CoHi and are RIDICULOUSLY overpriced for what you get.

    I’d rather take that $1400 and rent this place instead:

    Silly landlords…

    • That actually looks like a house-share, not a separate apt. Stupid posters to be unclear. But add at least $100 in shared utilities – so $1,500/month – not so great. This one seems not a deal, but not outrageous. But really people – how about a little effort for good photos & details?

    • When was the last time you looked for apartments in DC? $1400 for a true 1 bedroom in a basement, with actual, visible sunlight and newly renovated is a good deal.

      I’m looking right now and things are INSANELY expensive, although I’m finding some relatively decent (ie under $2300) 2 bedrooms, not all basements.

  • Fine deal.

  • It may be “right on the line” but when CH metro is twice as far than the Petworth metro, then you live in Petworth. yes, I know the city tax records call this CH but its petworth. I live east of GA avenue and OTR thinks I live in CH as well. I think landlords, real estate agents etc just use CH because its better known the petworth. Its funny how that works out cause I remember a time when no one wanted to use the name columbia heightt when trying to sell/rent real estate.

    • umm, i hear you on the annoyingness of the real estate agent neighborhood terminology BS, but if you’re within a neighborhood’s boundaries, you’re in its boundaries. this is columbia heights like buffalo is in the US.

    • This is like saying “oh you live in the north part of DC? You live in silver spring. downtown DC is much further than downtown DC, so you live in Maryland.”

  • Nice. But likely overpriced for a basement.

  • I’m having deja vu – I could swear I’ve seen these pics on a GDON post before, complete with tiny bedroom in the back and missing appliances…

  • I think for a small 1 BR basement, that is clean/renovated/not completely window-less, 1400, utilities included is a decent price – but not at this location. It’s too far from the Columbia Heights metro. Though it is close to Petworth, I think there’s been a fair amount of crime in this neck of the woods of late — that combined with a hike from either metro I think warrants cheaper rent.

    But I bet out of towners will scoop it up.

  • here’s the problem: whether or not it’s a fair price, and whether or not it is actually worth that much, that place will rent out quick. and so continues the vicious cycle of inflated rent.

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