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  • I live down the street and this is a fantastic neighborhood.

  • Surprised it’s so cheap, actually. Absolutely love this block.

  • It’s nice they gave the actual distance to the Metro stations, instead of claiming that it was an “x minutes’ walk!” where x = half the actual times it takes to walk there.

  • no pets? boo 🙁
    also, i hate when rentals show pics of like the toilet, or a corner of a kitchen cabinet. or the shower. maybe it’s just really an indication of how small it is if you can’t get back far enough to show an actual room.

  • awesome photos!

  • I just moved out of this building a few months ago- same floor as that studio. Buyer Beware! The building is involved in a messy legal battle…which is why some of the units are starting to come available. The landlord raised the rent 70% for all residents, and a lot of the residents are involved in a legal battle dating back years ago. Housing code violations, fire hazards, basically a death trap. Such a bummer as it’s an amazing neighborhood!

    • Yes, I know someone in that building who said she didn’t have heat for most of one winter and at one point the landlord had moved all the washing machines into a vacant apartment and closed the laundry room. It is a great neighborhood though.

    • I also used to live here…the legal battle has been ongoing for several years (landlord vs. tenant association). I moved out because my rent went up…and because the head of the tenant association is crazy.

      Its not the worst place I’ve lived…but its definitely not anywhere near the nicest. The building is pretty run down, which is a shame because its such a nice area and the building has good bones. Also parking was a pain in the ass – but that kind of goes with the territory.

  • These might be the worst photos I’ve ever seen for a craiglist ad. And that’s saying a lot.

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