Update on 2714 Ontario Road NW

“Dear PoPville,

As I was taking the photo, some of the construction guys were walking around the side of the building, and we started talking. One of them said that the plan was to add bay windows to the front, and that they were trying to be sensitive to the historic look of the block.

I thought this sounded encouraging (especially given how incongruous the pop-up across the street looks). On the other hand, it seems like even when builders are trying to blend in with existing older architecture, the new stuff rarely looks as nice as the old stuff. (And while there are bay windows on some of the houses on the other side of the street, there aren’t any on this side.)

Anyway, I’m cautiously optimistic… but still wish they could’ve left the front facade alone.”

We’ve been following the progress of this construction here and here.

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  • I agree with the writer, it would have been better if they had left the facade alone. I think this can go one of a few ways:

    1. They make it purposely contemporary. My preferred alternative since they have essentially destroyed the old house (there is nary a character defining feature left). There are ways to make good design that fits into the neighborhood yet is obviously new.

    2. They go for historic, but use inappropriate materials and/or proportions and botch the final project. Hopefully not, but there seem to be more ways to fail at traditional design than succeed.

    3. They go for historic and get the whole thing just right, and anyone who isn’t an architectural historian will think it was always that way. That’s okay, but I’d prefer it just be truthful and look understatedly new.

    And you’re right. That pop-up across the street really is something.

  • Yeah at this point why not rebuild modern. It’ll probably look better than whatever their version of immitation historic is. and probably sell better too

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