Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Truxton Circle

This rental is located at 1st and P St, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“The 2 bedroom in law suite shares the huge kitchen in the main floor with a young professionals who just moving to the property . The basement in law suite are located in the 1st floor of this incredible 3 floor rows house.

The basement in law suite are located in the 1st floor of this incredible 3 floor rows house, This 2 bedroom English basement Law suite house has it all, Central Heating and cooling system, specious living and kitchen with a huge nice backyard are just to mention a few.

Located on the corner of 1st and P St south of Big Bear Cafe, 4 blocks from the (green and yellow line) and 2 blocks from (the red line metro)

The Apt is really nice place to relax and unwind, and yet just steps to the bustle of P St. Convention Center development or a five-minute walk to U street corridor, Chinatown, and Logan Circle, Plenty of sunlight; Multiple windows and patio/back yard space

Separte Living and Dinning area
Huge Kitchen
Huge living room easily could be converted to a bedroom
Perfect location
Washer and Dryer
Dish Washer
Stove and microwave
Parking Space
Could easily fit 2 people comfortably
Monthly rent at $1700


In the heart of Logan Circle (P St and 1st St NW)
4 Grocery stores Giant, Safeway, CVS and Whole Foods
Multiple small grocery and Wine stores
4 metro stops in walking Distance — DuPont, Mt Vernon, U St , and China Town
Night life activities in walking distance
Multiple Public transportation including Buses and Taxis”

I’m gonna hope the “In the heart of Logan Circle” was an honest mistake…

Nevertheless does $1700 sound right for this 2 bedroom?

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  • And I’ll assume the spelling & grammar errors were all honest mistakes too. But there’s something that still bothers me about that!

  • This poster must have really long legs because everything is within “walking distance”. In the heart of Logan Circle was his mulligan but walking distance to Dupont? Really?

    • Also with his “4 blocks from green/yellow and 2 blocks from the red”. It’s at least 4 blocks from there to the red and at least 7 blocks to the green/yellow. And some of those are LONG blocks….

  • But is it earthquake proof? Or even still there? Ahhhh! Earthquakepocalypse!

  • That seems a bit high considering you share a kitchen and are in the basement.

    • Agreed. I don’t know this area very well, but I just visited friends here who pay $1700 for a VERY nice 2 bed/1.5 bath on the main level of a rowhouse. So this sounds overpriced.

  • Flagged for removal — I’m sure due to people chafing at the lies about the location.

  • It’s back up.


    This is a “share”. No wonder people are flagging it. All signs point to exceptionally shitty landlord, management company, or realtor — whoever’s posting this.

    Thing is, they could rent the two rooms for about $1700 if they wanted. Why deceive people?

    • If it’s a share why are they mentioning that the living room can be converted into a bedroom? Is that one of the two bedrooms for rent? Very confusing ad.

  • They don’t mention the metro stops it is actually near, Shaw or NY Ave.

  • This posting is so full of misinformation it must be a scam.

  • People are flagging it because it’s being repeatedly reposted. At least 5 times in the past 2 weeks.

    It’s also not clear if it’s a share or not.

  • Do two cabs constitute “multiple public transportation”?

  • Also, does the house have an installed ShotSpotter? Good to have as you relax and unwind at 1st and North Capitol.

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