Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill

This rental is located at 14th and E. Capitol St, SE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Great Location and convenience!! A truly beautiful one bedroom condo available for rent in Capitol Hill. Condo was completely renovated five years ago in an Art Deco style and its located in one of the greatest neighborhoods in DC. Very easy residential street parking. Condo is located One block from picturesque Lincoln Park, 8 Blocks from historic Eastern Market and 14 blocks to the Capitol Building (a very easy walk). Metro bus stop located directly in front of building and 3 Metro train stops are within a 15min walk, with the closest stop being 7 blocks away.

Exquisite Park Cafe Restaurant (parkcafedc.com) located one block away. DC’s own Al’s pizza right across the street. Convenience market at opposite end of block. Safeway grocery store is 5 blocks away and Harris Teeter is 8 blocks away.

Condo amenities include:
-Beautiful and secured building with call box.
-Partially furnished if desired.
-Extra storage shed behind building.
-Building is pre-wired for cable and internet. Two separate phone lines in Condo.
-Hardwood floors throughout.
-Full kitchen with stove, microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher.
-Top floor of a two story building – very quiet and with natural light.
-Huge outdoor Patio/commons area with a built in grill.

Rent is 1600 plus electric (bill averages between 50 and 90, depending on time of year and usage). One year lease. Applicant will pay for credit/history check. Security deposit equals to one months rent.
Sorry, no Dogs. No smoking inside building and condo, however I do have a balcony. Thanks for looking.”

$1600 plus electric sound right for this 1 bedroom?

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  • UM…yeah right

    I hope they are kidding about this price. I am not speaking from the perspective of a cheap guy trying to find a rental steal but this price does not really make sense. At most 1300.00/mo

  • $1300? Really? For a 1 bedroom in a good neighborhood? Kinda doubt it. Same type of place in Columbia Heights would definitely be over $1400. I do agree that it is too high though, I’d say $1500 would be more appropriate.

  • I wouldn’t exactly call 14th and e. cap a good neighborhood. it’s not bad, but you can find way better in that area than a 1 bedroom condo for 1600 a month. move that six blocks closer to the capitol and you’ve got a good deal.

    • Is someone that lives in Rosedale really questioning whether 14th and E is a good neighborhood? Seriously?

      • I don’t understand your point. She/he isn’t comparing Rosedale to this area (I would say they are similar, FWIW), she/he is just offering an opinion.

        • I don’t think they’re similar at all, FWIW. Just check the crime stats – especially of late.

          • I checked the crimemap. Around my place in Rosedale: Year to date crime totals: 9 violent, 17 property (drops of 44% and 15%, respectively). Around this rental: 2 violent, 21 property (drops of 50% and 48%, respectively).

            I don’t think these stats show two areas that are wildly disparate. Both areas are changing rapidly. 14th and East Capitol is probably a bit better at the moment, but 15th and East Capitol is another story. Both areas are very block to block.

  • Having just come off a housing search and targeting this area as one place I was looking, this seems to be a great deal. I looked at a basement 5 blocks to the West and they wanted 2200/month. It was big, but it was a basement.

    • Five blocks to the west. Five blocks, in this area, could be a HUGE difference in area/amenities/desirability.

  • This will go quickly – if it hasn’t already

  • Someone should come up with a map and input rental prices and color code that shit. That would be an interesting map.

    To be honest I think its a bit overpriced. Once you get past the park CHill goes down hill..or rather slopes downhill-still a good area and wouldn’t mind living there, but the west of 13th is more desirable IMO. 1600 w/ all utilities(cable/power/water)..maybe. Jesus is a 1br in dc just a standard 1500+ now? when did that happen?

    • i’d look at that map.

    • I am trying (unsuccessfully) to find the website, but there is a site that shows rental prices on a map. You can put in what you pay for rent and it shows if it is above/below average for your area (you can set the radius to control how big an area it shows). It then shows the price charged for other places in the area, with those within the average price range color coded in yellow, those above in red, and those below in green. Does anyone know the name of the site?

    • About 2 years ago, I think. Studios in my pleasant-but-not-superluxe building in the cheap part of Adams Morgan are now renting for $1600+/month, and they’re all full. Rent in DC is absolutely insane.

      This place seems, sadly, like a good deal.

  • $1600 is high. But I’d buy it, not rent it.

    • I think they tried to sell it – no buyers. And it’s not high. Right on or a smidge low. Probably dead on.

  • It also says rent is 1600 (plus electric)..but it really doesn’t spell out what else is covered. Is cable? Is water? Is internet?

  • as someone who has owned a house in rosedale and grown up in this city watching the different areas change, yes, i am questioning how one can really call lincoln park a good neighborhood in comparison to the asking price. so go ahead and live in your bubble that honestly thinks a 3 block walk from my neighborhood to this overpriced rental is enough to consider it safe.

    • I’m in Rosedale too and agree with your point ($1600/mo. would cover the mortgage on my 3 bedroom in Rosedale), but Lincoln Park proper is pretty nice. around 15th & East Capitol, however, things get a whole lot different than Lincoln Park proper.

      Regardless, it’s an average deal in this insane rental market.

    • Rosedale and Lincoln Park are like night and day. I’ll pay you $1,600 to spend the entire night out on a corner in Rosedale while I sit in Lincoln Park. I would scoop up this rental if I wasn’t already in a lease.

    • Lincoln Park is a remarkably good area for the post 20’s crowd. The housing stock is in remarkably good shape, you’re close the the highway and you’re walking distance to H ST and EM without having to actually live with the BS that goes along with living on top of those areas. Your bus ride to downtown or to different subway lines is 5 minutes. Most of the houses haven’t been condoized, so the proportion of 20 year olds is really low making it peaceful, quiet and clean. The proportion of green space to housing is super high, and there’s almost no commercial space, save a few corner stores.

      If you own a dog, there’s no where else you want to be in DC as Lincoln (and to a lesser extent Stanton) park is a dog amusement park. The streets have lower traffic and mature trees, so you can walk around without the stress of constant traffic tie ups and horn honking.

      Rosedale is like a low rent lincoln park. It suffers from being near a commercial district that has not profited at all from development and the public housing density is much higher there. Furthermore the housing tends to have more tiny 1k Sq Ft houses that are not conducive to family housing. Also the tree coverage out there is abysmal.

      I’m not sure how someone could compare the two places as similar. Take a look at the google streetview of the streets surrounding the two parks and it’s a world of difference in housing.

      • +1 Word for word.

        Although I do like Rosedale also.

      • I think this (kind of bizarre) comparison between Rosedale and Lincoln park is mostly about crime. 14th & East Capitol is what I would consider the eastern boundary of Lincoln Park. A block away at 15th & East Capitol is a completely different area, with very different housing stock and crime statistics. The same goes for Rosedale, which varies block by block.

        As for housing stock, we’re comparing a one bedroom apartment, not Victorian houses. Sure, Capitol Hill has some of the nicest houses in the city, but as far as this post goes, I’d take my humble brick 3-bedroom house with a yard for a monthly mortgage that amounts to less than this rental which is a 5-minute walk away (and yes, I know comparing rentals and purchases are really apples and oranges).

        Rosedale does have a lot of smaller 2-3 bedroom houses, but many of these are quaint wood framed numbers that have as much or more historic value than a lot of cookie cutter Victorians in Capitol Hill from the 10s and 20s. It also has quite a few blah brownstones from the 40s. Some streets (like mine) are beautiful and tree lined. Others are bare and blighted. So, like I said in another response, it’s block by block, much like the area of Hill East around the apartment in this listing.

  • This is a beautiful block, and completely safe. It’s a shame dogs aren’t allowed– the proximity to the park would make this location ideal for a dog owner. My first throught was that the rent’s a little high considering the apartment is slightly removed from the metros and restaurant areas. But then I considered that an above-ground 1-bedroom as nice as this one would go for nearly $2k on the other side of the park. That said, this is probably priced appropriately.

  • The part of this ad that raises my eyebrows is calling Park Cafe exquisite. The food is pretty mediocre, though the wine selection is good.

    I have a friend who bought a house around here. The area looks pretty good to me, though two blocks east it goes downhill quickly. But that’s life in the city

    • I know, right? They’re really grasping at straws with the ammenties description. Park Cafe’s expensive, as well.

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