Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill

This rental is located at 500 9th Street SE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Barracks Row-Eastern Market, 2BR-1Bath 2nd Floor Fully Furnished Apartment. 500 9th Street historic building, across from new Hill Center. Short term month-to-month, or long-term. One block to Barracks Row, One block to Eastern Market Metro. Stainless steel kitchen appliances with dishwasher, microwave, recently renovated. Cookware, china, silverware, CATV, 42″ Plasma TV. and Wi-Fi provided at no charge. Towels & linen provided–just move-in with suitcase.Washer/dryer in building. Available beginning August 13th. $2,800 + utilities. NO PETS and NO SMOKING.”

I’ve often wondered about this building. $2,800 + utilities a good roommate option for this 2 bed/1 bath?

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  • Someone is trying to pull something over on some unlucky tenant to be.

      • $2800 first of all. Second, what are you doing with your own things while you rent, paying another $100+ on storage? Third, who is the roomate? It sounds from the ad as if the ad is seeking a roomate, not a tenant for the entire place (if I read it correctly)…

        • If you’re me when you first moved to DC, you keep your things at your parents’ house while you find a permanent place to live. Then you move that stuff here. As an added bonus, it will no longer be 100 degrees out when you do it.

  • No. That may be the worst deal you’ve ever featured.

      • It is definitely not the worst deal. Maybe slightly overpriced ($100-200?), since I don’t see any mention of a W/D, but then again the kitchen looks nice and it has big windows.

      • I should have written “For me personally, that is one of the least desirable deals you’ve ever featured.”

        I have my own furniture, so the furnished place is not a bonus for me.

        Plus, PoP asked about it as a roommate option, and if I were going to have a roommate ever again (shudder), I would definitely not want to share a bathroom. I also prefer to have a washer/dryer in the unit rather than a shared one.

        (And I swear I am not high maintenance or a spoiled only child. Ha.)

        The location is awesome though.

        • Yeah, the “for me personally” makes a huge difference. Unqualified random opinions about it being the “worst deal ever” don’t carry much weight. Although, that is the fun of comments on the interwebz I suppose.

        • Why are people so opposed to sharing a bathroom? I find sharing a kitchen much less enjoyable but I deal with it.

          • Actually, I don’t understand the issue with having to do laundry down the hall, either. It’s such a minor inconvenience.

            I guess I’m not high maintenance either. 🙂

          • Well… for me personally… sharing a bathroom is not ideal because then my getting ready for work (or whatever other activities I’m getting ready for) schedule is impacted by another person’s schedule. So if I have to go into work earlier than usual on a certain day I have to account for their schedule, or if I sleep in a little I may have to wait for them to be done, making me late for work, etc. Also, some people are dirty (and not in the good way, wink, wink). It’s just something I would rather not deal with.

            I also would prefer not to share a kitchen (see my shudder at the thought of having a roommate above) 🙂

  • I really think this is marketed more towards corporate clients, and not your average apartment hunter.

    • Not corporate clients, but anyone who needs a short term furnished rental. Like someone with kids who just moved to the area for work.

  • It’s furnished, people. That always drives up the price. And the location is awesome. If you look beyond the dark photos it looks like a nice place.

  • I dunno. If it’s overpriced, it’s not by much. Furnished and that close to Eastern Market– if you think this is outrageous then you’re probably a NW-er who hasn’t checked out Real Estate on Capitol Hill recently.

    • My thoughts as well– I’ve never rented but I put an offer on a small rowhouse on this block. After a bidding war it sold for around a million. The proximity to Barracks Row is very desirable.

  • is $2800 reasonable for Cap Hill, furnished PLUS utilities? what do you all say for Bloomingdale, fully furnished, 3 bedroom 1 bath, and patio with parking? trying to weigh options here… PoP, I may send you pics just to get a feel of what I can ask for a rental price….

    • a full house, btw… PoP peanut gallery, what say you?

    • I wouldn’t say it’s reasonable for Capitol Hill in general (a broad area), but for this location it is. I don’t think the utilities are included here, though, just the wi-fi.

  • This listing makes me feel A LOT better about trying to fill the last bedroom in my group house for $1100. $1400 for a bedroom with shared bath, no in-unit W/D, without parking, in an apt building? Wow

    • $1100 for a bedroom in a group house?? That sounds like a lot to me, but then again, I don’t really know the market for group houses all that well. What neighborhood?

  • Not outrageous for a furnished temp apt. on Capitol Hill, but there is a lot of competition at this price point in other neighborhoods – much of it swankier places around Chinatown/Mt. Vernon in buildings with gyms & other amenities. Here is what I found in a 1 min. search (for $2,400.00) http://www.airbnb.com/rooms/45224

    This is pretty dowdy for a corporate rental and there isn’t a whole lot of demand for 2 bedrooms, but if you really want to be on the hill there aren’t many options.

    • Victoria, aren’t we talking about a 2 bed? The place you link to is a 1 BR.

      • As I said – there isn’t much demand for a 2 bedroom in the corporate rental market – and this is way too shabby for corporate anyway. A furnished 2 bedroom works for 2 people here for a 4-6 week fellowship, maybe a couple re-locating and looking for an apt. maybe 2 roomates on a 6 month internship – but even then, unless one absolutely has to be on Capitol Hill, there are lots of nicer, less expensive options.

        OP would benefit from checking comps.

  • Seems fair or slightly under-priced given that it can be a short term rental and it is furnished. They could charge more if the furniture wasn’t shit.

    Veronika, how big is the house? Patio and parking help, but the one bathroom hurts. Where in Bloomingdale is it? How big is it? Recently renovated? I love that neighborhood (as do many others, per the price of real estate there) but it’s definitely not comparable to this part of Capitol Hill.

    Give me the answers to the questions I’ve asked and I will give you my guess 🙂

  • H St Landlord — want to give me an estimate? 2 (small) bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 2 blocks from columbia heights metro. renovated 2010. Stainless appliances. W/D in unit. Parking and shared outdoor space. Pet friendly.

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