Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – U Street

This rental is located at 11th and U St, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Sunny, High Ceilings English basement – NY Style apartment – 2 really large Bedrooms – both with a beautiful brick fireplace (one is gas self-ventilated, so cannot be turned on if someone is using as a Bedroom), both large enough to place Bed, couch & desk – but very limited common area – only large enough in foyer for a small dining table and 2 chairs – storage area – kitchen has gas stove, deep sink, refrigerator & full-size dishwasher. Large bathroom – double sink, stackable washer dryer, large shared brick patio with the owner (I own and live on top 2 levels). I completely renovated it when I bought the house a few yrs ago.

**Typically used as 2 BRs – can be used a 1 BR with large Dining/Living Room area (then the fireplace can be used in this room).

Large 14″ x 14″ tile flooring, built in book shelves in Front Bedroom, French doors.

$2,395 + utilities.

No smoking – Pets? lets discuss.”

$2,395 + utilities sound right for this english basement?

In early Aug. we spoke about a higher floor 2 bedroom going for $2300 at 11th and U St, NW.

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  • No way no how. WAY overpriced.

  • That seems *really* expensive to me for an english basement.

    Shoot! If this thing rents out for that much how much could I get for my 1 bedroom + den 1st floor with a nice kitchen and 2 full bathrooms?

    You think $2500? If so, I am moving out tomorrow! Ha

  • The location is great, but wow, that kitchen looks depressing. (And I say this as someone who rarely cooks and thus isn’t all that kitchen-focused.)

    • I cook a lot and I’d be ok with that kitchen. I’ve had similar ones, actually. In my mind it’s a functional space, like the bathroom, and does not need to be spacious or pretty.

      That said, if I’m paying that much in rent and/or sharing with a roommate I’d want something a little bigger.

  • Is “New York Style Apartment” code for cramped and crappy?

  • Wow that is f’ing ridiculously priced.

    it’ll be rented in a week.

    • By ridiculously priced you mean too high or way low? I am assuming you mean really good price and it will be rented in a week. I think it is too high and I thought you might be joking with the second sentence.

      • I think he/she means in a bad way. The seconds sentences speaks to the demand for housing in that area. People will pay premium dollar to live in someone’s basement on U Street.

  • That kitchen really is depressing and the other pics don’t improve the situation at all. Two people paying that kind of rent can find better digs.

  • So let me get this straight. Either you get two bedrooms and no common area or one bedroom and a living room/dining area? Why not just call it a one-bedroom? Guess you couldn’t charge so much then.

    • I found that description of the layout confusing as well. If it’s really 1000 sq ft as the ad says, there should be plenty of room for 2 BRs, a kitchen, bathroom, and spacious common area.

  • I can’t see this renting for that price (too high) unless someone is desperate and needs an apartment ASAP. (does the post even say when it’s available?) And it sounds like whoever does move in should invest in a carbon monoxide detector!

  • This place has been on other websites for the last few weeks (slightly better pictures) and hasn’t rented yet. That tells me it’s overpriced. 14th St Heights is right; they’re calling in a “NY style apartment” with two bedrooms to get more rent. But if’s you’re gonna spend this much money to basically get a bedroom and shared kitchen/bath, why not rent your own efficiency?

    We rent out similarly sized/similar quality 1BR english basement in the same neighborhood (two blocks west), charge a couple of hundred dollars less, cover the utilities, and consider ourselves lucky.

  • The rents that people are asking (and apparently getting) in DC these days make me sick. I’m stuck in a rent-controlled apartment that I’m tired of, because everything even remotely similar is almost TWICE what I pay now. Wish I could get away with sub-leasing my current place for a profit.

  • There is a TON of demand for 2 bedroom apartments now. I’ve been looking for one.
    And most of them go in the $2000-$2500 range and way, way up. And anything decent is going so fast you can’t see straight. I went to one open house in the second hour, they already had 8 applications.

    But this isn’t a 2 bedroom, which is why it’s been on the market for at least a month. He’d have better luck dropping the price a little and calling it a 1.

  • I went and saw the apt in the listing. There’s no living room if it’s considered a 2 BR and the two bedrooms are connected. The kitchen is even smaller than it looks. It’s basically kitchen cabinets and a stove shoved into a hallway corner. This is overpriced by $2-$3k in my opinion.

  • I live in a 2 BR english basement about 5 blocks away that is completely renovated that costs $1900/mth before utilities. This place looks rundown and is priced priced ridiculously. If someone rents this they deserve to be ripped off.

  • hopefully the people renting will realize that they are a bit crazy…and price it correctly.

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