Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – U St, NW

This rental is located at 11th and U St, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“For rent: Sunny two-bedroom apartment in the heart of U Street neighborhood. $2300/month. Starting late August or September 1.

The apartment: It’s on the top floor and faces east, so it gets tons of natural light. Large living room, a nice kitchen with gas stove and dishwasher, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a balcony. There’s a washing machine and dryer in the unit, a front desk and a small fitness center in the building, and the building is very pet-friendly. (The brightly-colored walls in the pictures below could be returned to white before you move in.)

The neighborhood: The apartment is in the Lincoln building (11th & U), less than two blocks from the metro, a block from delicious Ethiopian food and much of U Street’s restaurants and nightlife. It’s lively, but safe. We (the current tenants) LOVE the apartment and the neighborhood, and are leaving it only because we’re moving out of town.”

$2300 sound right for this 2 bed?

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  • Sounds like a good deal for that location, but I am guessing it is tiny from the pictures.

  • good deal.

  • I’m assuming this is a condo that the current tenants are leasing from an owner? I can’t find any additional information online about the actual building (and I’m totally interested in this space!)

  • great deal — I’d say market is more like $2500 or $2600 for a 2BR / 2BA so close to U St. and the metro in a relatively new building.

    It’s not huge, but I think the layout in these places put the bedrooms on opposite sides of the apartment, so a decent amount of privacy, a good place for two professionals to share

  • Seems too good to be true

  • I live in that condo building (and have for 6 years!) and pay $300 more per month. Definitely a good deal.

  • is this public housing???? this is a great deal. Especially if it’s above ground lol

  • When the PoP peanut gallery thinks something is a good deal, it’s either 1) a scam 2) dramatically underpriced and will have 100 applications by the end of the day, at which point the Landlord will remove the listing and raise the price or 3) has some fatal flaw that isn’t apparent from the listing. My vote is for option #2. Should probably be $2700.

  • 1 bedrooms in this area that are new construction normally go for around $2000 more or less depending on the building, amenities and size. I think this two bedroom is a steal for this price.

  • This does seem like a good deal. I’m paying $2500 something for my 2 bed/2 bath in Woodley Park, but with less amenities (possibly more space though).

    Does anyone know of a website or google-able address for this place? Not looking right now, but may be in 2012…

  • A downright reasonable deal. Rare.

  • I was paying more than this for the same location/bed/bath combo four years ago. Good deal.

  • I looked at these a few years ago. Horrible space with tiny rooms. Only the master bedroom is close to decent size. The living room area is narrow. The only way to accommodate a tv would be a wall-mounted flat screen and even that could be a problem—the seating is a bit close for any really large one to have good picture quality. The second bedroom is more of an overflow space from the LR, more suitable for a small home office than an actual bedroom. This might work for a couple (a 1 bedroom with comparable square footage would be better, tho), but would be too cramped for a roommate situation.

    • Sounds like Rich wants to scare everybody else away so he can rent this himself! How small can a 2 bathroom apartment really be?

      • Really small. I bought in Logan. For purchase, the only decent sized 2br/2bath condos in the same price range were basements.

    • I have the same apt in this bldg and the bedrooms are exactly the same size and my non- flat screen sits perfectly in my living room, not mounted, dumb dumb.

  • Allison

    With all that noise? You couldn’t pay me to live there.

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