Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Hill East (owner request)

This rental is located at 15th and Potomac Ave, SE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Don’t miss out on this unique space! Two levels of living – spacious living room and kitchen downstairs, and huge master bedroom with a full bath, walk-in closet and washer/dryer upstairs. Unit gets a ton of light because it’s the entire front of the house!

The apartment is located on a quiet street 1 block from Safeway, and 3 blocks from the Metro, Harris Teeter, and restaurants. It’s a quick walk to Eastern Market/Barracks Row and Lincoln Park, too. You’ll love this apartment, so come by and take a look! Available starting September 1.

Water is included in rent.”

The owner writes:

“We are raising the rent a bit, and I’d be interested if the commentariat thought it was too much. I feel like there aren’t a lot of 2 story 1 BR in the city, and it’s definitely rare among the english basements on the Hill.”

What do you guys think – $1600 sound right?

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  • I think 1600 would be fair. What’s the total sq footage? Looks like around 700-800?

  • I bet you’ll find a couple who will go for it, though I think it’s a little high. If you listed it as allowing pets, it would go in a heartbeat…but with all that white carpet, I imagine that you might prefer to keep it animal-free.

  • Could be interesting, but the carpet kills it for me. What a waste of a bright space with ugly boring carpet and ultra-white walls.

    Also I just don’t know if I’d be willing to pay $1600 in that part of town regardless. Then again I’d rather move to a completely different city than pay the going rate for apartments in the DC metro.

  • If it were me, I would ask $1500 instead. I’m sure you’ll be able to find someone who agrees to pay that given the market in DC these days, but I think you’re going to rule out a fair number of high quality tenants who have picked $1500 as the highest they will go.

  • Good deal. I have found dogs and carpets especially that cream color don’t go well together.

  • I think this is a good deal. Looks likes a great space, espcially for a couple. You are close to the Metro and H street.

    • It’s close to H St SE, but H St NE is where the bars and stuff are.

      • Is there even an H Street SE? There are a couple good bars over here, though, and Barracks Row is not far, and H Street would be a short drive/bike or a long walk.

        • Apparently there is a little piece of H St SE between 16th & 17th, right next to the marker for this address on Google maps.

          Yeah, I don’t think this location is a bad area, but it’s not near what people normally think of when you say “H St.”

          • Agree. I live a few blocks north of here and I could walk to H Street, but I REALLY have to be in the mood to walk.

  • Does it have a clear view of Potomac Gardens, or will one have to take a take a short stroll to get a view of that superb architecture and quiet living space?

  • I think this price is quite reasonable. I’ve actually seen this space and it’s a well kept apartment with ample space. It’s perfect for a couple considering that it’d be $800 per a person. I think that’s below average for rent in the city. And it’s a short walk to a metro and is located in the heart of Capitol Hill.

  • Owner here. It’s a bit under 700 sf, and actually closer to D St.

    The carpet isn’t ideal, but I can’t plunk down for hardwood, not to mention upkeep in between renters.

    We’re considering pets, but everyone’s spot on about the carpet, that could get messy.

    • You could require any renter to have the carpet professionally stem cleaned upon move-out. I had an apartment with white carpet when I first got my pup, there were accidents. Even without the request I hired the steam-cleaner as a thank you for allowing pets.

    • carpet isn’t that expensive to replace. Keep it at $1600, let it rent to pet owner and ditch the carpet when (if) they leave. Your proximity to Congressional Cemetary will be attractive to many dog owners.

      • Wasn’t there something here a while back saying that there was a waiting list for membership (with dogwalking privileges)?

  • Think about wood laminate flooring – this is the perfect time to do it in between tenants. I did my rental 5 years ago with the stuff from Costco (on my contractor’s recommendation) and it has held up well. Pretty much everyone hates wall to wall carpet. You’re so close to Congressional cemetery, if you can accept dogs you will have happy tenants who feel $1,600 it is a great deal.

    • I never really thought of that – do you mind saying how much it cost per square foot, all told?

      • 1.50-3.50…but about 4-5 dollars per sq ft if you pay someone to do it…but its actually not that hard. Lumber Liquidators has sales often. Midrange is about 3 dollars and it holds up well.

      • For 700 sq ft, as long as your subfloors are in decent condition it can’t cost you a ton for laminate wood floors. Also, you could probably add a pet fee ($100) and cover most of the cost of the install (maybe not material + install).

        I don’t think stem clean alone is going to work for all dogs. If you accept dogs, price in the cost of new carpet.

      • Sorry, after 5 years I’ve tossed receipts. But whatever it cost- it was immediately worth it when people came to see it. All oohs and ahhs instead of “eh”. Also pays off in upkeep.

  • So, I think the price is high but that there will be a taker – generally think that 1 BR units above $1500 should have some sort of additional nice feature like hardwoods, updated kitchen appliances, free internet thrown in ext.

    • Or not be in the middle of nowhere.

      • I think that between the proximity to a Metro station and the new Harris Teeter, this apartment is anything but in the middle of nowhere! I suspect that location is what will attract the above-$1500/month tenant, although given that utilities aren’t included, I don’t think this qualifies as a “good deal”.

        • The google map of the surrounding area is just depressing. I feel like you can find better deals for that price in neighborhoods where you don’t have to rely on the metro to go out. Sure, Eastern market is a 15-20 minute walk, but you can find comparably priced units in Eastern Market. There there is nothing to the north, east, or south. And this is definitely not the Hill. I guess I should start calling Shaw Logan Circle East.

          • A lot of us work a few blocks southwest of here… this location would be appealing for me because it’s a 5 minute walk to my office. And it’s close enough to Barracks Row, etc. for when I want t ogo out.

          • what exactly about the google maps pic is “depressing”? is it all the trees? perhaps the green space of the cemetery? or maybe the very orderly grid-like pattern of streets/houses that you see, oh, everywhere in dc?

            i live near there and one could certainly argue that some streets are prettier than others (like everywhere else in dc), but you came to your conclusion about the entire neighborhood being depressing from the google map image?

            and there is absolutely no way you can get a 2 level one-bedroom near eastern market for that. studio english basements go for that the further west you go.

          • Have you even been to this area? Trusty’s, a fantastic neighborhood bar is a 30 second walk away from this apartment. As is Wisdom, another great bar. It is a 10 min walk from Eastern Market and Barracks Row. H St. NE is about a 10 minute bike ride away (there is a Cabi stand right across the street). Believe it or not, there are things to do outside of NW.

      • My guess: You are a transplant who still thinks the NW neighborhoods are the heart and soul of DC.


        • Actually I find it’s usually the people who’ve been here their entire lives (like my gf) who still believe in the NE/SE stigma. Those of us who came here more recently have a fresher perspective.

          • Not everyone came from podunk, IL and feels the need to live in a “transitional” neighborhood to get the city experience

  • Its a good deal–you could probably rent it for more. I agree with an earlier comment sometimes you have to raise the rent to get better quality tenants..

  • It’s a cool apartment. Too bad you can’t spring to spruce it up – I have been in the apartment – redone I bet you could get $2,000 for it. Super High Ceilings. Great closet space. W/D on the bedroom level! Open kitchen plan to living room. NOT in the ground! Call Buck at Yarmouth and have him give you an opinion. They can also get paid to just find you a tenant (credit checks, etc.). No, I do not work for Yarmouth. Good luck!

  • You can’t be serious, this place is outrageously overpriced. Who would pay $1600 a month to live in a carpeted, basement apartment with an antiquated kitchen, in an abject dump of an area? Keep in mind, this is not Capitol Hill, as advertised. Either people here have low standards, or they’re unaware of the rental market options in DC. You can find comparably priced places in nearby areas which are not only in more desirable neighborhoods (i.e-safety wise), but are fully upgraded. This would be a “steal” in a gentrified neighborhood, but this area is notorious for drug activity and violent crime.

  • I’m a longtime PoP reader and I am always surprised by the comments on the real estate posts. Have any of you recently looked for 1-2 bdrm apartments in this city in decent locations (yes, I am talking about NW but also more up and coming areas as well)? For an average 1 bedroom in an established neighborhood w/Metro proximity, it’s commonplace to pay $2K. If it has any special features, expect to pay over that. To get a unique property like this, close to a metro, for $1600 seems like a fair price! As a renter I hate how high the prices here are but if the question is, what can this landlord command for this space, I don’t think $1600 is crazy. Personally I wouldn’t live in that location because I’m carless and want to be within relatively close walking distance of tons of stuff, so I live more centrally, but for people with different parameters this would be a nice place. I searched for a 1 bdrm for 2 months this past April and May and saw dozens of units all over this city–a lot of commenters here seem to be in denial about the current DC rental market. Prices are crazy. $1600 seems right for this unique space in a less-than-ideal location.

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