The DC Market Place Launching Aug. 20th at 14th and W St, NW

From a press release:

“The DC Market Place is coming to the 14th & U Street corridor & Meridian Hill neighborhood NW for 4 consecutive weekends starting on August 20, 2011. It will offer an array of unique arts & crafts, great artisan foods, produce and more on Saturdays & Sundays from 10am – 4pm.

The DC Market Place will focus on artisan vendors. The food selections will include onsite prepared foods, homemade food delights such as cakes & chocolates, gourmet prepackage foods, home-crafted dips, rubs, spices & sauces, in addition to an array of coffees, teas & other drinks. There will also be a daily rotation of vendors to keep the daily selections fresh for customers.

DC Market Place will be located at the small parking lot at the corner of 14th & W Streets NW in the Meridian Hill neighborhood, right next to the Gas Station & Fast Gourmet Restaurant, and up a block from Busboy & Poets.

More information may be found at:

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  • I’m all for little markets but won’t this be two blocks from the already existing farmer’s market at 14 and U on Saturday’s? Doesn’t it seem redundant?

    • Well, not on Sunday. And not if they’re their later into the winter. But yeah, still pretty darn close.

  • Also, isn’t the Lancaster County farmer’s market place, Smucker Farms, going in just below 14th and W? Is this the same guy?

  • andy

    DC Vice Squad will be on hand to check out the rubs.

  • If they want to be “upscale” they need to learn how to use apostrophes. (“Weekends – Saturday’s & Sunday’s (10:00am to 4:00pm)Beginning August 20th, 2011”)


  • This is coming from the same market operator (Chef Kenac) that failed rather miserably with a 2+ month run at 5th & I Streets NW.

  • I’m glad there will be a farmers market on Sunday nearby! I live in Park View, and I find it disappointing that both the Columbia Heights and the Mount Pleasant markets happen on Saturdays, That doesn’t make sense to me.

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