The 5pm Post – Tuesday Movie Night at MiG Bar in Adams Morgan

From an email:

“Starting tomorrow, Tuesday the 9th, we’ll be showing two features (9pm and 11pm) every Tuesday night at MiG Bar on an 80 inch projector screen. The inaugural night will feature, perhaps somewhat predictably, Red Dawn and DC Cab.

Future features will surely include an attack dose of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and lots of David Lynch and Jim Jarmusch and Hitchcock.”

MiG is located at 2226 18th st NW upstairs.

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  • it’s good they’re experimenting (don’t think anybody else on 18th street does movie nights). however, I’ve never really “gotten” the point of watching movies in bars.

    • Me neither. I don’t see the allure of watching a film among a throng of drunken, mouth breathing ,frat boys screaming flaccid “jokes” at the scream every other minute.

    • I’ve never really gotten the point of watching movies on a 93 degree night – on the dusty Mall. But hey, to each their own…

      • Exactly. I don’t see the point of watching millionaire steroid abusers fight over an inflatable ball on nine different tv screens. Doesn’t this send the wrong message to our youth, that the only way to solve conflict is through violence? Why can’t they agree to just share the ball?

  • MST3K FTW!


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