The 5pm Post – Dickson Wine Bar Brings Back Banh Mi, Get a a complimentary happy hour beer or wine when you order one this week

From an email:

“Dickson Wine Bar experimented with a new menu format during these past two weeks. We made a huge mistake in taking off some of our loyal customers favorite items, including the banh mi! We heard loud and clear that this ‘sacred cow’ shouldn’t be messed with. Mea culpa, and they are back, along with other fan favorites – the flatbreads, tuna tartar, etc. To thank everyone for their patience and support, we are offering a complimentary happy hour beer or wine with each banh mi ordered this week (through Sunday).”

We last spoke about Dickson Wine Bar, located at 903 U St, NW, here.

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  • I’m glad I hadn’t been there in the past two weeks. I would have freaked if I saw they had taken the bahn mi off the menu. That thing is delish.

  • this place hasn’t been around long, why did they tweak in the first place?

  • this sounds similar to Jaleos’ Patatas Bravas Fiasco of 2009.

  • They should try adding some decent wines at decent prices!

    • +1. Not sure if Vinoteca’s selection is much better, but it definitely has better prices. Cork might match Dickson’s prices, but definitley has a better selection.

  • For those not familiar with Dickson’s pours, this means you get about 3oz of free wine with your delicious, delicious sandwich.

  • I didn’t even know they served banh mi – now I must go and try one, even if I don’t make it there in time for the promotion. And that folks, is called bloguerrilla advertising.

  • I wish a good gay bar would replace this place already.

    • “New York’s hottest new club is Slash! This place has everything; glass, steam, bear-traps, and just when you think the fun is over, knock knock, who’s there? it’s black George Washington. All of that in a party room filled with human bath mats.”
      “What are human bathmats?”
      “It’s that thing when, like, midgets have dreadlocks and they lay face down on the floor.”

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    Rejoice! I was there last friday night and was devastated to find out they no longer served their delicious banh mi. I’m Vietnamese and I know my banh mi and I will say Dickson’s banh mi ROCKS IT!!! It practically sails me away to a calgon moment.

    • Dude, no, their banh mi does not rock. Maybe for the district- MAYBE, but beyond that? Hell to the no.

      It is a little above average and yet costs 3x what one would pay at your standard Vietnamese deli. No thanks.

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