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  • Sheeeeeeeeeeeit

  • Wow, I think I just walked by those guys minutes before it happened. It was a really heated argument between 2 guys at that intersection at 4:30pm

  • Not that I know the details of this stabbing, but maybe if that retarded civil liberties group didn’t make them get rid of the “mosquito” at 7th and H this would not have happened.

  • I walked by around 5:30 and the whole block was roped off with MPD and Transit police everywhere. An investigator was taking pictures outside of Clyde’s but I didn’t see anything.

  • One of those parts of town I loved visiting but am losing interest each day.

    • +1. In the 16 years I’ve lived here, it’s gone from gritty, to fun, to a chaotic, overcrowded mess that somehow feels more dangerous than it did 16 years ago.

  • I wish people would refrain from using the term “retarded” in a derogatory way. It really is offensive to people with intellectual disabilities, their families, and their friends. Please check out this website:

    • I wish we could all just learn to ‘let it go’ when reading this blog.

      The last post without any tinge of political correctness (or lack thereof) was about “conditioning your crawlspace” from ABOUT a year ago.

      I think that was my favorite post ever.

    • If the acceptable term now is “people with intellectual disabilities,” shouldn’t that free up the word “retarded” for use when something is – well – retarded?

      (Not agreeing with yadayada however – who clearly sounds intellectually disabled at best!)

    • Amen. I agree that sometimes we can be too politically correct, but ‘retarded’ is just poor word choice. There are many people with mental disabilities who are aware of what the word means and that it is making fun of them–it is so hurtful to them. I have seen it–it is heartbreaking.

      If nothing else, think of that.

      • +1.

        And using “retarded” to mean “stupid” makes you sound like a fifth-grader. Like using “gay” to mean “silly” or to describe something you don’t like.

    • Why do you want to “end” a word? Honestly, that website is one of the dumbest things I could possibly imagine.

      • Seriously? You can’t think of a reason to end the usage of slurs? It’s something that has already happened with other, particularly hateful words. Yours is one of the dumbest comments I could possibly imagine.

        • I think the point is that the word “retarded” didn’t begin as a slur, but rather it’s a French-derived word that meant slow or delayed. Over the past few decades, it’s use came to be pejorative. If we come up with a new word, then it too is likely to one day become pejorative or out-dated (see “Negro” for example).

          If we play the word-ending game, we’ll play it forever because this is the nature of language. We should probably just encourage everyone not to use slurs, rather than to drive certain words to uber-profanity, which is likely to be the case with “retard.”

          Also, awesome philological discussion in the stabbing threat.

          • Err, thread.

          • I think you’re overlooking the fact that it used to be a reasonable word to describe a medical condition — “mental retardation” — but became so sullied by becoming a fifth-grade insult that the name for the medical condition is now “developmental disability.”

            Totally unrelated: Captcha = WEED

          • Right, so the adjective is “disabled.” It sounds just fine in 2011, but in 2041, there will no doubt be a movement to end the word “disabled.” And there will be people like me pointing out that the word “disabled” is just a word that’s become pejorative over time. Language doesn’t end.

    • So, can I still call people Sh!theads, or is that now an insult to coprophiles?

    • Policing language is a losing game but I applaud the effort and sincerity.

  • Our office overlooks that intersection and from what I heard, someone actually hit someone over the head with the sign from Clyde’s first, then there was a chase, and THEN someone was stabbed. It was pretty nutty.

  • I’m a big fan of stabbing – between “friends” anyway – no collateral damage.

  • I walked by around 6pm and the whole metro stop was taped off with a police officer hosing down the sidewalk… And my immediate thought was “someone’s been shot.” Though crime rates are WAY down, violence is just a way of life for some in this city.

  • Getting hit over the head with a Clyde’s sign? Were the two “perps” Georgetown undergrads? Did they then proceed to strangle each other with Vineyard Vines ties?

  • to The Heights?
    what other slurs have ended? I can’t think of any. god knows I hear a particular one EVERY single day in the city from people on metro, the bus, their cellphones. And usually in front of their young children who will no doubt grow up and use it anyway…even though Oprah tells them not to!

  • I mean geezers

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