Shooting at 11th and Rhode Island Ave, NW

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“Dear PoP,

I was with my dog and about 200 other people at the big park at 11th and Rhode Island today at about 6:50pm. All of a sudden we heard about 8 gunshots from the basketball courts there, and the 50 or so people who’d been playing or watching the game scattered. We took a minute to figure out what was going on and then headed home. By that time there were about 15 cop cars and a helicopter in the area. When we were walking up 11th towards S there were 2 guys who’d been shot- neither looked seriously hurt but we were across the street- and they were both surrounded by cops.

Despite having been there, I can’t believe someone would open fire in the middle of a crowd like that, in the middle of the afternoon. Makes me really sad for my neighborhood.

Earthquakes and gun battles- and it’s only Tuesday.”

MPD confirms:

“This evening, Third District police responded to 11 & RI Ave, NW, for a report of sounds of gunshots. Upon arrival, they discovered 2 victims suffering from non life-threatening gunshot wounds. They were taken to area hospital for medical treatment.

Anyone who may have witnessed or has information concerning the incident is asked to call MPD at (202) 727-9099.”

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  • what’s scarier: after shocks or after shots?

    • after too many shots of tequila it doesn’t matter

    • As someone who experienced a slight shaking of my house. Then went to play some basketball and was next to the shooter when he pulled his gun and started shooting… probably the shots. I’ve. Never. Ran. So. Fast.

  • There were a shit-ton of cops at O Street between 9th and 10th right after this. Possible the suspect(s) ran here to the small alleys to escape. Even at 8pm, there were still two squad cars, with one cop canvassing on foot.

  • UGH. I run by there all the time…fortunately not today at that time. For corn on the cob, people need to get their shit together. Honestly.

  • On the 3d listserv MPD reports having diddley squat for leads. They did get to fly the ghetto bird around logan for quite some time, though, which very much annoyed the usual evening crew of dog walkers and hustlers.

  • OH MY GOD. I thought this was a safe neighborhood. That new Giant can’t come any sooner.

  • Events like that happen way to much in this city.Everyone always says “its just part of being in the big city”. Is this rat race really worth it? The constant paranoia when trying to do the most basic tasks like going to a park.

    • if you are constantly paranoid, and you think of dc as a rat race, then no, i would not think it’s worth it for you.

    • Yeah, I wouldn’t be worried. As someone who was a few feet from the shooter, he was trying to kill some guy he obviously knew. I won’t play basketball there ever again (at least for a bit), but its not like the guy was just trying to kill random people.

  • somebody must have lost a bet to Wesley and Woody

    Pretty sad, there is always young kids trying to play basketball and skateboard there, not sure how well those courts are policed. All i know when I stop by at 8am to do a little skateboarding before work, the trash left behind from the night before tells the afternoon crew is large group of outstanding individuals.

  • Your right its not worth it for me any more.

    Moving away this Friday because of events like this happening where I live in Columbia Heights. Between the robberies that I have personally had happen to me over 5 years, gun shots,car window being busted when nothing was in it, towing away my two cars I have owned in 5 years because I cant afford to fix them because to many people kept breaking into them and how expensive it is to live here. Its a beautiful city but my luck has been shit. I wish it could have been different…

    • i’m sorry for all that. but sometimes a new start is the best thing.
      where are you moving?

      • Back to Florida. It will be a nice change for a while. My husband and I hope to be back some day. Despite the bad luck we have made some excellent friends in DC.

    • Been in DC for over 18yrs. Been through it all. Lived in New York prior. Same deal. Some people are just not cut out for city living. Comes with the territory and I would not have it any other way 🙂
      Good luck in the burbs – that place brings a whole other bunch of life sh*t! LOL.

      • Ah Florida. My fiance was robbed at gun point twice in Ebor. haha. And her car was stolen twice in Ocala. Even better.

        • Ybor used to be bad–even 5 years ago. Now, its much more on the tame side, due to development around that part of downtown and some expensive condos. Of course Friday/Saturday nights are rowdy, but there aren’t the guns/knives/gang rumbles that we see other places.

      • there is a choice beyond living in dc, or living in the burbs. a lot of choices actually.

  • why were there 200 people at the park? I have never seen that many people in that area at once.

    • There are four different sections of the park:

      1. Dog Park
      2. Unofficial soccer field
      3. Basketball courts
      4. Skate park

      I think 200 is a bit high, but wouldn’t be surprised that there was over a 150 people on the park in the different sections.

  • How are there no witnesses??? this is what sucks about DC. Two people get shot with about 50 other people standing around on a court, in daylight, with another 200 people close by and NOT ONE person saw anything? The victims are both alive and they don’t have any idea who freakin’ shot them? On one hand, I think that if certain communities are so “no snitchin’ in their beliefs, then let them keep shooting each other. On the other hand, I don’t want to get hit by one of their stray bullets.

  • I ran past at about 720 pm and there definitely were close to 200 standing in different groups in the park and across the street. Between the skate park, soccer area, dogwalkers, runners, basketball courts, there’s a crowd there in the evenings. There was a big soccer game that continued next to the church as police canvassed and interviewed people…with 150+ people when the shooting happened there were definitely witnesses. I saw lots of people talking to the cops, most people in their right minds don’t chase people with guns so i can’t imagine it’s that hard to escape on foot.

    • Also I think more people were out last night than usual– either because of the gorgeous weather or because the “near death experience” of the earthquake made them realize they need to get out and enjoy life more.

  • I was playing basketball at the Courts at 10th & P (Shaw Middle School) with my girlfriend, who not coincidentally would now also like to move to the burbs, when the shots were fired (Shaw High School). Everyone panicked and went in different directions. The police cars were swarming within minutes, primarily because those who had the earthquake shift were still on duty. There were also a helicopter(s) buzzing overhead. I actually saw the police take down one guy at 9th & P, and was told they apprehended another, and were just looking for the weapon. I would suspect that they are downplaying what they do know until they get all the information. I can’t believe this happened in broad daylight. Too much excitement for one day.

    • Similar story here, the neighborhood was pretty crazy for at least an hour or two after the shooting. Had to take the looong way home from an unsuccessful trip to the dog park.

      By the way, totally not important in light of recent events, but the courts, playground, and field at 10th and P are behind Seaton Elementary School. Shaw Middle School is now Shaw @ Garnet-Paterson, which is around 10th and U.

  • Ultimately I think it’s better the police were there instead of up in Mt. Pleasant removing Paco borracho from someone’s yard.

  • I live at 9th and P. When all the commotion stopped (around 9pm), I went out and asked one of the officers for details (I’d heard various accounts from neighbors). What he told me is consistent with the report. He also confirmed that they apprehended a suspect in the alley of the SW block of 9th and P.

    My gf asked him if there was anything to be concerned about, and he replied, “you should always be concerned.”

  • Still, the Logan area is way safer than petworth

  • I was changing into my basketball shoes on the East side of the court when some guy, about 5 feet behind me, out of no where goes “You trying to start something?”. The kid he was talking to starts walking away (into a crowd of about 25-30 waiting to play). Out of the corner of my eye I see the guy closest to me pull a silver gun and the kid takes off running… as do I. He fires about 8-10 times into a crowd of people (20-30 at least). I don’t think i’ve ever run so fast… in my socks. I gave my info to detective who arrived but haven’t been contacted. Shooter I saw was wearing a white shirt, 5’10ish, african american and somewhat heavyset, but doubt I’d be able to pull him out of a line up (or want to get involved). All I could do was focus on the gun when i saw it.

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