Rendering of new Building Coming to 11th and Harvard St, NW

I just noticed they placed a rendering on site at the future “11th Street Living Facility” located at the corner of 11th and Harvard St, NW. Last we spoke about this property – CM Graham wondered why it was being torn down.

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  • Damn. That sucks.

  • I hope they at least leave the tree.

  • I suppose anything is an improvement but that is not very inspiring.

  • what is a living facility?

  • They’re walking the bricks from the old building out of the lot one by one, so we won’t see this new structure for at least another decade.

  • austindc

    Vast improvement, and I like how it will be at street level. Excited to watch it progress!

  • back off people. it’s not a commercial project, and it is an improvement over the existing structure. not fair to expect ‘inspired’ architecture in EVERY new building inthe city….especially government (non-commercial) structures.

    i’m sure the previous structure was full of worn out, maybe even dangerous systems that needed upgrading for safety and energy efficiency reasons.

    at least they are preserving a major portion of the previous building while updating it with this renovation (while also adding a more accessible and functional first floor where there was previously a buried basement).

    • austindc

      I agree with nobody (I like how nobody told us to back off, like we were vultures circling a weary traveler–it made me laugh). But yes, the old building had to be torn down. It was structurally unsound. This new one isn’t going to win any house porn posts, but it’s palatable, and it will be great for its intended use. A welcome addition to the block!

    • What kind of government building is this going to be? It actually looks like a depressing public housing project. And maybe I’m mis-seeing things but the “street level” in the drawing looks like at-grade indoor parking? Blech.

      • austindc

        I believe it’s housing for seniors, so I am hoping the street level is for easy access for wheel chairs. They are working on the elevator shaft right now which is lined up with that path through the grass in the picture, so I think that will be the pedestrian entrance.

    • The issue here is that there are SO many designs that would cost less, would be more functional and would be pleasing/interesting to look at.

      There’s a lot of talent out there and this particular design used in Greenbelt, Maryland circa 1994 is not worth the money they are surely going to spend on it.

  • Living facility. Another subsidized housing project. Wonderful.

    • Presumably senior living centers aren’t associated with crime the way other subsidized-housing buildings tend to be.

  • So are they basically preserving the portion on the left side because (I guess?) Jim Graham made them, and building something completely new on the right?

    • austindc

      I would assume that the left side is more stable, so they are preserving it and reusing the existing structure to save money and be kind of green. They already had that propped up and saved before Jim Graham had no idea what was going on.

      • I figured they just started on the right side and had made it about halfway through before CM Graham got involved. 😉

  • it actually wouldn’t look bad without that awkward 4 window matrix glued to the right front.

    and i actually do expect ‘inspired’ architecture everywhere. and especially from my government (far more than commercial developers). by inspired I mean fits in with the rest of the neighborhood or that awesome school across the street.

  • think gangbangers will be like “oh damn that is nice building let us not shoot at people on this corner any more. Let go to Sherman fellas”

    meanwhile the nice Korean man at Sonya’s is fist pumping in the air now that his store is no longer murder central.

  • Where are all the folks that currently hang out there gonna sit in the meantime? Scandalous.

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