Reader Reports Possibly Delays on Red Line After Rider Falls onto the Track

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“Dear PoP,

FYI for readers, someone fell on the track at union station metro, side going to shady grove. It was after the train pulled out, so thankfully nobody was hit. Probably going to be big delays, though.”

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  • Nothing as of yet and it’s been about 15 minutes…usually they’re pretty good about updating their site and sending out the METRO alerts via email/text. I’ll probably be eating my words here in a few, though.

  • So let me own up to sending the original message on this and say I hope nobody diverted their commute unnecessarily. It looks like things cleared up quickly, probably owing to quick action by other Metro riders. That said, I don’t blame anyone for moving quickly, when there’s a chance a multi-ton train may pull into the station, but if you ever need to help someone who may have a neck or back injury, please try to figure out how not to have to move them ’til the EMTs get there.

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