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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rant: My mother died a couple months ago and my relatives are making life for my dad harder by showing up randomly to “help organize” my mom’s stuff. When my grandmother died, my mom’s sisters and some of her nieces descended like vultures and picked her apartment clean. Now they’re asking about family heirlooms my grandmother gave my mom while they were both alive and inventing reasons to stop by the house presumably so they can rifle through things and look for what they think should belong to them. I never liked these people much when my mom was around, but now that she’s not, I kind of want to put them out of my life and their behavior now isn’t helping their case.

    Rave: Dad’s coming out here soon for a visit. It’ll do him good to get out of the house for a while and me some good to be with someone who gives a damn about my well-being.

    • Common family event. My MIL lost a lot of her father’s expensive tools and heirlooms when his “family” came and picked the place clean.

      You should step up and put a stop to it, if he’s not in an emotional position to do it. Sometimes you just have to be the a88hole and let the chips fall.

    • Wow! What makes them think that it shouldn’t belong to you? If your grandmother wanted them to have it, she would have passed it onto them. I’m sorry for your loss, hopefully things will work out

    • Geeeeez. Similar thing happened to me when my dad died (including the vulture-like behavior when grandparents died). Like you, I was never close or particularly fond of these folks, so we just kept ignoring the questions and requests that had to do with stuff they wanted. Sometimes I’d tell them I’ll get something to them and never follow up. At some point, even them greedy cousins and uncles felt uncomfortable to keep on nagging!

    • My grandmother, great aunt, and others in my family always had us put our names on things that we wanted when we were over for a visit. Thus, it was pretty clear who got what when they died. Then Mom had a rider on her will for specific pieces of jewelry, etc.
      Sorry for the loss of your mother. Mine died three years ago, and I still miss her a lot.

    • You really learn about people when a family member dies. My grandmother had horrible Alzheimer’s and her niece took advantage of her and had her (the niece) lawyer change my grandmother’s will and she (the niece) got everything when she passed away. The rest of the family had no idea. Now I am left with nothing to remember my grandmother by. I think it should be illegal for extremely ill patients to change their wills.

    • Same thing just happened in my family. Word to the wise, change the locks on the doors if any of the family members might have a key and consider changing the automatic garage door. On relative who had a key, stole the garage door opener during one of his scavenging sessions. When dad changed the locks, the scavenger started getting in via the garage opener.

      • Ugggh…hadn’t even thought of that. Fortunately the most specific piece in question is in my possession here in DC, but with my dad coming out here, I sure hope none of the folks with keys take advantage.

    • Sorry for your loss. But if the stuff matters – financially or otherwise – just get some friends or hire some people and haul it out of there. Keep it in your place. Don’t let them in. Really pretty simple.

    • What part of Petworth? (Blogspot is blocked here.)

      The hardware store in that strip of shops on Georgia just south of the Metro (in Park View, but very close to Petworth) seems to be open only during limited hours, like M-F 10-6 or something. (And it doesn’t look very well-maintained.)

      A nearby hardware store that has better opening hours, better stock, etc. would be an asset to the neighborhood.

    • I saw this news this morning as well! Ace stores seem to get the mix of local and national businesses about right –locally owned with helpful/knowledgeable staff who actually seem to give a fig, while carrying a wide selection.

    • Great news. Hopefully they will have the space to stock some lumber as well as the local hardware store basics.

    • Hallelujah! AMEN!

    • yesssssssss! Great news!

    • Awesome, awesome, awesome!

    • Hope it’s for real – definitely would, ok will, be awesome to have a hardware store there!

  • Rant: Time to look for a new job.

    Rave: Employers will be knocking my door down soon 🙂

  • Rave: Bought two pairs of awesome fall/winter heels from Filene’s basement.

    Rant: Starting to wane on looking for another job. Motivation seems to be lacking this week. I hate how I get super motivated and apply to 20 jobs in a week, then do nothing for a few weeks after that.

  • I saw someone brave/insane attempting to cross the Teddy Roosevelt bridge this morning in traffic on a Capital Bikeshare bike, without a helmet. Nevermind it being illegal to ride a bike on an interstate highway.

    • em

      There is a bike lane on the Roosevelt Bridge. It’s not great, but it is there. Was this person riding IN the car traffic lanes?

      • You mean the elevated parts on the outer edges that are separated by a little guardrail? I’ve seen bikes on there before, but this guy was out in the middle of traffic, coming up the ramp from Constitution, traveling outbound. Knowing how crazy traffic is in that immediate area, I personally would’ve been terrified.

  • Rant: Fragers hardware store in Capitol Hill (You know, the “local independent hardware store”) was trying to sell flashlights before the hurricane for $35 a pop. $35 for a fricking flashlight.

    If that isn’t price gouging, I don’t know what is.

    • there really are flashlights that cost $35 and up. It seems to me that the cheaper ones were sold out. Fragers in a solid local store.

      • Now, who needs a $35 flashlight? Or is that just a way to raise margins on something that’s a completely utilitarian and thus commodity purchase?

        Sometimes they’re solid. Like when they’re not lying to you about their return policy or giving you attitude. Then they can have some extremely useful items.

        Otherwise, they’re the exact reason why places like Home Depot and Lowes have flourished in the US.

    • there really are flashlights that cost $35 and up. It seems to me that the cheaper ones were sold out. Fragers is a solid local store.

    • Try going to buy the same flashlight today and if the price is a lot lower than 35bucks then yes it was gouging.
      That being said, depending on the flashlight, 35 dollars seems reasonable for something you might have for a long time.

    • Agreed with RegO and anon_. There are many flashlights that cost $35 or much more. Like RegO, I’m thinking the cheaper, basic flashlights just sold out.

      It seems to me that you just had a bad experience at Frager’s and are now looking for things to complain about.

    • My favorite flashlight is a $50 Fenix single LED flashlight. Will run for 30 days continuously on the lowest setting and you can land aircraft on the high setting for two hours. Fits in the palm of your hand. It’s worth every penny.

      • The basic LED flashlight that I use on work sites cost something like $30. And that was from a WalMart in Mississippi. If the flashlight in question is the LED kind, then $35 from a small local store in the city is reasonable.

      • $35 isn’t a lot to spend on a flashlight these days. I remember that twenty years ago, a Maglite cost more than $20, and those old lights didn’t even compare to the new ones.

        I have a Fenix LED flashlight as well, with a CREE 1W LED bulb. It uses 1 AA battery and puts out a whopping 120 lumens of light. It’s the best flashlight I’ve ever owned. I think it cost about $50, which really isn’t a lot for something that will last for decades. I also have a few of the cheap $2 LED flashlights, which are junk.

        You get what you pay for, and if you want quality you have to pay for it.

      • Anything that will land aircraft is damn good for me!

    • It depends on the flashlight. If it was one of those plastic dollar-store kind then yes, price gouging…

      I carry a flashlight that retails for $165 every day…if that gives some perspective

    • Frager’s does not gouge or take advantage in any way during emergencies, urgencies, and/or disasters. We live here also! If you came late, it may well have been that the only ones left were premium mega watt spotlights, or premium LED flashlights, which do cost $30+; our $2.99 & $3.99 flashlights sold out first, as you can understand. Our reputation in the community is worth far more than any possible gain from gouging. We went to great effort to bring in more flashlights, batteries, and sand – sending our flatbed to northern MD 8 times for sand after our regular supplier ran out, until they ran out as well. It was all sold at our regular retail price despite our increased costs.

      • I appreciate that., I wish you guys were closer.. I figured out home depot was gouging! Downspouts were marked up double because I bought 3 before the storm, ended up returning them without my receipt, they were then selling for half the price… Fortunately they found my receipt in their system, but I couldn’t believe that 5 days after the storm they’d lowered their prices so much!

  • Anyone know if/when the DC Pools will do the dog swim? I think pools are closing Monday, but didn’t see any info the dog swim.

  • rave: soup! I’m fairly certain that I learned about the Soupergirl through a comment on this site and I’m looking forward to her store opening soon!

  • Revel: Just riding the red line with a girl who has the last name “Death” Wondering now if that is her maiden or married name. Hmmmm.

    Rant: My friend is again asking me to loan him thousands of dollars to bail him out of his troubled poorly run business yet again, and he still hasn’t paid me back for the loan on his last failed business. Anyone in PoPville know a good leg breaker, perhaps I should ask Ms. Death. 😉

    • From a legal perspective, saying “no” to your friend would be a lot less complicated than breaking his leg. But it may be more complicated from an emotional perspective.
      Is this (will this be) a handshake loan or a loan supported by legal documents? If the latter, it’s some indication that your friend is taking the obligation to repay you somewhat seriously.

    • Well, sounds like the first round was more of a gift than a loan. I think it’s reasonable to ask for appropriate paperwork to be signed the second time round.

      Friends don’t borrow large sums of money and then not pay it back.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        I saw a tweet from DCDPR that said:

        “bring the pooches to Francis and Banneker pools on September 10th from 12-4.”

        I’ll update when a proper press release is issued.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Took today off to veg and run some errands.

    Rant: Workmen fixing earthquake damage on the building next door, very loud fixing.

    Interesting: I knew flashlights could be in the $20-50 range, but had no idea about a $165 flashlight!

    Rave: Finally getting some jewelry fixed today. It’s only been broken forever. So excited to wear the necklace that my grandmother gave my sister and me, but doesn’t remember giving us.

    Rant: Really wanted to take it to Antiques Roadshow to see if they could tell me about it since my grandmother has no memory of it & claims she didn’t give it to us. But no tickets.

    Hopeful: Maybe I can get tickets to another Antiques Roadshow.

  • Rant: a group of kids ages 7-12 seem to have stolen the front wheel off a purple Magna bike last night around 7PM, from the bike racks near Acre 121/Tynan. The littlest kid had a socket wrench and all four kids seemed to be scoping out the bikes; when my husband wandered over and asked what they were up to, the little kid said it was his sister’s bike and he was tightening the wheel. The kids didn’t seem to be too bothered by my husband asking questions, so we kind of gave them the benefit of the doubt (and also didn’t really want to believe that a 7-year-old was already a lying little thief). But we stopped paying attention for a couple of minutes, only to notice when we got up to leave that the wheel was off the bike and the kids were gone.

    If that was your bike, and not the kid’s sister’s, the manager at Acre 121 has my husband’s contact info or PoP can give you my email address, not that it would probably do you much good. We’re sorry that your wheel was stolen and that we didn’t do anything more to prevent it!

  • I have a feeling these were the same kids my husband saw walking up 17th St. last night. My husband actually remarked that he thought the wheel was stolen. Now I wish we had gone out to investigate. I’m really sorry for the bike owner. Not that this is much help, but they were walking north towards Newton/Ingleside. Feel free to contact me if we can be of help.

    • There were four of them in the group we saw, two riding bikes that were too big for them. And they came from the Mt. Pleasant direction, so it’s possible you saw the same kids.

      Between this and our three-year-old neighbor telling his older brother to eff off… I just don’t even know what to say.

  • I’m MtP’s husband…that was them, no doubt about it. It’s depressing as hell that there was no question in my mind that the tire the kid was carrying was stolen, and that the bikes they were riding were stolen…I think I’ve been in the city too long. Anyway I wish I had done what I thought about doing…well other than zapping them with a tazer (which I don’t own). I wish I had gone outside and taken their picture.

    • One other thing…unfortunately anyone who parks their bike in Columbia Heights (or surrounding areas) and doesn’t remove or secure the tires might as well just hand them to the next person walking by…otherwise they’re more than likely to be stolen by some little sh*t.

    • Yeah, I also wish we’d taken a picture of them. My husband thinks he’d recognize the older kids, at least, if anything does ever come of it… Although I still don’t really want to believe that a 7-year-old kid was brazenly stealing in such a busy area and had the balls to lie directly to my husband’s face when questioned about it. Seriously. The kid was eight, tops.

  • Yes – you will hate me – but my shanty Irish self can’t help being impressed by 7 year old thugs running around with socket wrenches looking to steal a Magna bike wheel (whatever that is.)

    If I caught them messing with my stuff – yeah – major beat down and well deserved – but I can’t fault them for trying.

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