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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

Brief reader update on the girl hit by a car Sunday at 14th and Spring St, NW:

“The girl (Camila) is the daughter of my assistant teacher (I teach Pre-K in Columbia Heights). She had surgery on her arm at 4:00 today at HUH. She is expected to make a full recovery provided that the surgery is successful. She just started 10th grade at a charter school in CH.”

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  • Rave: Beautiful weather all week.

    Rave: Going to NYC this weekend!

    Rant: Back at work after my summer vacation/long weekend (Friday and Monday off).

    Rant: No job prospects.

  • Rant – Roof leaked during hurricane, possibly just replaced portions.

    Rave – roofer came out on Monday, was really apologetic and said he would do whatever it takes, at no charge, to address the problem.

  • Rave – sounds like the little girl will be OK!

  • Rant: Almost as soon as I moved to DC knowing no one, I got pregnant. I still have no friends, and I’m not sure how to make them, seeing as I’m in this highly transitory period. It’s a giant bummer, and I’m honestly really lonely and sad.

    Rave: Going back to my hometown, albeit for work, next week.

    • How did you get pregnant without knowing anyone??

      I kid, I kid. If it makes you feel better, I’ve heard from lots of people that they had a hard time making friends in DC until they had children. Other new parents are also looking to connect, and it’s a great way to expand your social circle. For those 40 minutes a day that the baby will let you socialize, anyway.

      • I wondered the same thing. Not kidding.
        Maybe she *discovered* she was pregnant after moving here…?


      • Ha! I see your point. Obviously I know my partner, but that’s about it. He’s from here, and I’m not, and I haven’t really connected with his friends or family. It’s awkward, to say the least.

        • We have made a ton of friends through having. It does open up a new social circle. The trouble then becomes having the time to go out with those new friends, without the kids.

    • Have you signed up for any of the parent list serves? Especially one for your neighborhood? I have seen meet ups on the Petworth parents list serve- I think that is a great way to meet people.

      Honestly, I had to really put myself out there to meet people. I moved to DC and work from home so I had zero chance of meeting people through work.

      I just went to meetings of a couple of groups I was interested in and met people that way.

      Heck – I meet one of my very good friends at a trivia night. And there was a woman there who played well into her pregnancy.

      Getting involved in your neighborhood is good too..I have met people at local fundraisers and neighborhood clean ups.

      • I would second the parent list serves (ie, Petworth Moms and Dads, etc).

        MeetUp dot com has groups for almost literally every interest. One thing I really like about DC is that no matter what your obscure interest (want to discuss the history of the Dutch wooden shoe industry?), there’s likely a group of people meeting to discuss it.

        I’ve also found it really hard to meet people in DC. People are really closed off. You really have to work at it, but it can work.

        Good luck.

        • I completely agree with you on people being really closed off and hard to meet in DC. Makes me feel better that I’m not the only one who feels that way.

      • I don’t know of these parent listservs…I live in Glover Park right now, and I’m probably going to be moving in with my partner outside of the distrct prior to when the baby is born, so again – very transitory.

        Thanks for the ideas of trivia nights. I’ve got a lot of useless information filling my head, so that might be fun. Any suggestions on good trivia nights?

    • Like WDC says, I actually made a bunch of new friends after I had a baby. Despite having gone to law school here, I still didn’t feel like I had that many friends in town. If you are up for it when the time comes, you might want to check out the new moms group at the Breastfeeding Center at 2141 K St. The time and day should be on their website, but it used to be on Tuesdays at 11:30. Some people would go out for lunch afterward and it was SUCH a relief to realize that I wasn’t the only one going through whatever horrible baby/post partum thing was happening at any given time. We started having brunch at someone’s house once, sometimes twice, a week instead of going to the discussion group and have all kept in very close touch even after some going back to work, having second kids, etc. They were the only thing that got me through the first year or so of parenthood, honestly.

      There are also PACE groups and other neighborhood-based meet-ups. And if you don’t really click with one group, try another.

      • That breastfeeding center is in the same buidling as my OB. I know exactly where it is! Thanks for the suggestion – I’ll look into that after the kiddo is born.

        • I also feel compelled to add: despite where we met, no one was super fanatical about nursing or anything else. We cover tons of different backgrounds, there are both working parents and stay-at-home parents, some weren’t married before the baby was born, etc. But no one was judgey about anything–they’re all just awesome!

    • When are you due / where do you live? I am having a baby any day now and have been reading the Petworth Parents listserve. One woman posted she was having a baby in August…and within in few days we had a group of 6 women who will all be on leave at the same time and we all live within a few blocks of each other. I’m guessing there are similar listserves in other neighborhoods – could be a great way to meet new people. I wish you luck!

      • I’m due in January, so not for awhile. Wishing these days that I lived in more of a “community” like Petworth, unlike the more isolated Glover Park.

        Thanks for the suggestions of a listserv. I’m going to look into it!

        • Glover Park is not that “isolated” I live right up the street in Cathedral Heights and I feel Glover Park (albeit a little sleepier than cleveland park) has a wonderful small town/ family atmosphere. Especially if you venture along wisconsin on the weekends. There is a lot of activity and community events going on you just have to put yourself out there a little more some of the other communities (CH, Downtown , U street, etC).

          • the notion that any place in dc is “isolated” is pretty foolish really.

          • * a little more than some*

            You are in a PERFECT place to raise a child in this city, IMHO.

          • It was the wrong choice of wording. My point was, in Glover Park, you can’t just walk out your door and go around the corner and be in a meeting place. You do have to venture further, unlike in the more denser areas of say, Petworth or Cleveland Park. I agree with everything you said.

            Unfortunately, I’m not staying in Glover Park after the baby is born. In order to be with my parter, I’m probably moving out the district. I’d have to move anyway, since I live in a one bedroom.

  • Rant: Job interview didn’t go so well. I think I did ok, but the job wasn’t at all what I thought it was. And, I didn’t much like the manager. Can’t imagine working for her on a daily basis.

    Rave: there are lots of other interesting postings in my field, and I haven’t been at it long enough to get discouraged and jaded!

  • Facebook has an occasional feature that reminds you what your status update was a year ago or two years ago on that day. A couple weeks after getting dumped, Facebook reminded me that a year ago today I was at the beach with my girlfriend having a great time. Fuck you Facebook.

  • Rant: Could the D3/D4 bus line be any more confusing?

    (Disclosure: we just moved into our new home on K St NE and I’m having a hell of a time figuring out all my public transport options)

  • Rave: Yesterday I had very tasty $2 tacos at a new Mexican place on 9th St. across from the crappy Giant. Definitely recommend.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: The cost of silver. I lost some silver squash blossom earrings over the summer. I’ve been checking ebay for a replacement pair and the prices are insane.

    Rave: I found some other earrings in a style I like in at a price I like in Fredrick.

  • Rave: Found a house I want to buy and renovate.

    Rant: Renovations would cost more than the house.

    Rant: Time to keep looking.

    • Yeah, but would the cost of the neighborhood sustain the renovations?

      Why not bid at a low enough price to make the renovations feasible?

  • rave: love this weather. almost knitting weather! awesome bike ride this morning.

    kinda rant: replying to postings about group housing is kind of like internet dating.

    • Rant: Got a flat tire that I haven’t had a chance to fix, so no biking this week.

      Rave: I’ve gotten a lot of kntting done taking the shuttle to work.

  • Rave! Helped three guys from Cameroon yesterday in my broken French with adding money to a Smart Trip card at the metro. Machine ate their $20, I tried to facilitate communication between the Metro gal and the guys.

    Rave! What AWESOME weather today!

    Shaking head (“sigh” more than “rant”): Had meeting with boss where she talked to me like I was 2 in terms of stating the obvious like it was a brilliant new thought. Does she think I’m dumb?

    • That was nice of you. Did they get a receipt from the metro manager?
      I had the same problem a few months ago and it took me quite awhile to get a refund (so hopefully those guys from Cameroon are staying around, or aren’t too bummed about not getting reimbursed). Though I have to commend the station manager who helped me fill out the receipt – some metro employees are really helpful.

    • Why do you have to mention that they were from Cameroon. J/K

      • “yesterday a met a human being that had slightly different coloring, spoke with a non-native dialect, and dressed in a manner not accustomed to this region. I aided him in a confusing transaction with all the cultural foibles one would expect. Hijinks ensued.”

  • Rant: Asshole bikers who never dismount their bikes on the bridges and tunnels in Rock Creek.
    Rave: Saddle sores.

  • SouthwestDC

    Rave: First day of classes! At first I wasn’t feeling my usual excitemen; I could use a little more summer vacation, to be honest. But then one of my professors posted the first lecture slides online, and I started looking forward to it.

    Rant: Have to start getting up at 5:30 so I can leave work early enough to get to class.

  • Rave: Great bike ride to work today in Crystal City.

    Rant: the torn up part of the 15th St bike path between U and V. What’s up with that? Fix it, people!

  • rant: the canons were loud this morning
    rave: I’m so glad that the girl who was hit by a car is going to be OK! I hate it when I hear of an accident and never find out what happened to the injured person(s).

    • cannons? what cannons?

      • the ones fired at Arlinton National Cemetary. They do it from time to time early in the morning to practice for ceremonies, and depending on the wind and other stuff you can hear it in lots of parts of Arlington and DC.

    • Yes, I’m also very happy to hear that the girl will be OK, but I also want o know what the heck caused the accident. There was a lot of speculation yesterday, but there must be some actual *facts* by now, no?

    • I think I heard that in CH! Was wonder what the heck it was…

  • msmaryedith

    Rant: Last night when I went to open my car door, the handle broke off in my hand. It’s a 2003 Nissan Altima (and the part is plastic that just broke off). Any ideas about whether I can replace it myself? I looked on eBay and see parts available–just not sure it’s something that I can do.

    Rave: Yay, beautiful weather.

    Double rave: Headed to New Orleans on Thursday!

  • Rant: Officially unemployed as of yesterday

    Rave: Got the new Pelecanos book from the library and have lots of time to read it.

    • Unemployment has been great for the old reading list! I’ve blown through about 10 novels in the last 2 weeks.

  • rant, sort of: How many people have you got writing for you, Prince? Your posts overwhelm by their sheer number!! i do like at least some of them.

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