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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

We reunited a camera with its owner earlier in the week, so let’s see if we can go 2 for 2. If these are anyone’s keys or you recognize them please email me at princeofpetworth(at)gmail and I’ll put you in touch with the OP. Thanks.

“Keys found in Thomas Circle (Vermont and M) at 9:20 am this morning. It’s two Honda keys, a bike key, a capital bike share, washington sports club, Montgomery County Public Library and other things on the key, and a red strap. I could probably figure out the name by getting the library card scanned or whatever, but figured I’d go here first, since they’re probably nearby.”

Ed. Note: Just a reminder that I’m continuing Operation Restore Civility to the comments section. Please don’t make an awesome point then end it with – “you fucking idiot.” Because then I have still have to delete the comment. Disagree, debate, argue just don’t get personal. No more insults. No more poison. No more trolls. Thanks for understanding.

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  • pablo .raw

    If the bikeshare key # is still legible, that would be a way to contact the owner…

  • You could probably also take it to Washington Sports Club and have them contact the person.

    • If the Montgomery County Public Library card has numbers above/below the barcode, you could probably call the library and get the person’s name and contact info from them.

      (Or even if they refuse to give you the contact info, you could ask them to call the person on your behalf and tell them that you have their keys.)

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Dang Columbia Heights Day Cancelled:

    “The Columbia Heights Day festival, planned for Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm, is now canceled.

    Columbia Heights Day Initiative President Sergio Herrera offers the following statement:

    “It saddens us to say, due to circumstances beyond our control, the 5th Annual Columbia Heights Day Festival is canceled. Many of the companies and services that we rely on to present the festival are unable to perform their contracted duties for us, due to the potential of extreme weather. We sincerely apologize for the last minute notification, but our decision to cancel the festival is based on information provided to us this morning.

    “We are in the process of reaching out to all festival participants to make them aware of the event cancellation. Over the coming days, we will be answering specific questions from individual people and organizations regarding this situation. Until then, we thank you in advance for your patience as we sort through the logistics; please stayed tuned to our Facebook and Webpage for updates.”

  • Rave: Boss was gone for a week and a half

    Rant: Boss came back yesterday. Boss didn’t approve my time of for Thursday and Friday but boss isn’t here today. Pretty unfair

  • Rant, I guess – Growing up in New Orleans means that hurricane preparedness is old hat and almost a ho-hum thing, except: now that I own a home (with a basement) I’m feeling a little anxious about this whole storm thing.
    That’s a first, I think. I wasn’t even nervous about Katrina…

  • The bikeshare number is no longer legible, but I live near Washington Sports Club, so if I don’t hear by this evening, I’ll go by the one in Columbia Heights either tonight or tomorrow morning.

    • Props to you, sir. That’s good karma.

    • Totally agree. Well played and good for you. Definitely believe in the good karma, these things do come back to you!

      Rant: A little worried about the hurricane and my unfinished siding on the back of my house, not to mention the four levels of scaffolding currently standing at the back of my rowhouse.

      Rave: Friday! Heading to Medievil Madness tonight with a group of 16 people!

      Rave: Get my Capitals season tickets in the mail in about three weeks, so excited for hockey to start.

  • I’m happy about the Restoration of Civility, PoP – the innernets, and blogs in particular, make it all too easy for people to forget their manners. Let’s all play nice!

  • Rave: Mom hugs.
    Double rave: Last minute trip home (3 hour flight) next weekend to spend time with my momma!

  • Rant: Sad that Columbia Heights Day had to be cancelled.

    Revel: Friiiiiiiday.

    Rant: I need to go to the dentist. I haven’t gone in three years. Any have a particularly non-judgmental dentist they recommend? I probably haven’t taken the best care of my teeth. I worry I have a sh*t ton of cavities. So many dentists act like not being completely OCD about your teeth is some kind of unbelievably shameful moral failure against humanity. I just want someone to fix up my mouth without the lecture. Ugh.

    • my partner hadn’t been to a dentist in close to 10 years. he went to dr. leslie bonner on 17th and R (or somewhere close to that). as far as i know, he didn’t get a lecture. he just got a megacleaning with some sort of thing that sounded like an industrial sonicare toothbrush

    • I highly recommend Dr. Porvaznik. Been going to him for nearly 10 years. Really friendly, professional, and honest.


    • Tell it. So tired of dental hygienists lecturing me. Just clean the f*(*^(**& teeth and bill me.

      • you won’t sing the same tune when you order your false teeth. instead of enduring a lecture, perhaps you might try flossing.

        • Cool, but they’re my teeth. Do you sign up for an AA lecture every time you got a six pack at the grocery store?

    • Modern Dentistry in Tenleytown. They’re helping me fix my gum disease, filling cavities (I had four) and replacing my veneers. And they’re totally not judgemental. I had a consultation with a Cosmetic Dentist who looked at me and said “Oh honey, you’re so pretty – it’s such a shame about your teeth.” I see Dr. Ariel Abrahmson (I think that’s his name) and he’s awesome. I’m moving to the other side of DC next week from Columbia Heights and I still plan to drive across town to see him.

    • The first time I went to my dentist, was the first time in 6 years I had seen one. He didn’t lecture me or make me feel terrible about not going. His name is Dr Ebbs off Dupont Circle. He also has a very friendly office staff.

      • Proceed with caution with Ebbs. Myself (and others) have had major issues with unncessary expensive treatments, billing issues, etc. He is well known to my (now) new dentist as a blight to the dentist community.

    • pablo .raw

      Before my last visit to the dentist, I was chewing gum all morning; the dentist was surprised to see how little cleaning he had to do and said that whatever I’ve been doing, I should continue doing it.

      I didn’t say anything to him about chewing gum though 😀

    • I totally recommend Dr. Erick Hosaka in Friendship Heights. He’s totally cool and not at all judgmental (I never floss).

      I also like that he explains everything he’s doing and why. Top end technology (digital imagery of your teeth that he displays instantly on a monitor).


    • Rave: Thank you for asking this question and for all the answers! I just got dental insurance after not having it for years, so I know I need to go to the dentist, but I have the same worries. Now I know about good options!

    • I am utterly terrified of the dentist and really, really liked Dr. Chehayeb at Berkshire Family Dental. I also hadn’t been in almost 10 years–part due to lack of insurance/ability to pay and part due to outright terror at the prospect–and he was fantastic. He’s over on Mass Ave near AU.

      • Dr. Chehayeb was my first dentist in DC, until a terrible experience – I went in for a simple filling and halfway through he decided to turn the procedure into a crown. The cost was huge (insurance covered only part of it) and he missed the nerve with the novocaine shots, so I left the office in both physical and financial pain. After that nightmarish experience, I never went back.

        My current dentist is Dr. Jani – http://dentistdc.com/our_team.html. He’s amazing and I’m so glad that I found the office! I’ve been going for years and recommend him to anyone looking for a dentist.

    • I hadn’t been to the dentist in pretty close to 15 years, and I went to Dr. Carol Blake in Friendship Heights last year. She’s amazing. Very gentle and non-judgmental, and very good at explaining what she’s doing and calming me down, because I have a *severe* case of dentist-induced anxiety due to an evil dentist I had when I was a kid.

    • My husband and I go to a totally professional yet laid back Swedish dentist–Anne Gunn in Friendship Heights (practice is called Swedish American Dental Concepts). She has always been great. Bonus points for her stylin’ Swedish modern office and the gorgeous view of trees from the chair 🙂

    • Ilana Zuckerburg in Adams Morgan Family Dentistry.

    • I am so glad I am not the only dentist slacker! When I told coworkers that I hadn’t been in “a few years,” they responded as if I’d told them that I don’t bathe or something, haha.

    • Allison

      I love Dr. Tirad Fattahi in Georgetown. Not metro accessible, but worth the drive! I hadn’t been to a dentist in two years and hardly floss, and he didn’t make me feel *too* bad about it, only as bad as a responsible dentist has to! Very nice, good hygienists too.

  • Rant: Because of Irene, I’ll be by myself on my birthday.
    Rave: (1) My friends and I are getting together tonight instead. (2) I’ll open a nice bottle of Rioja to celebrate my birthday with myself!

  • andy

    Rave: Kalmia angustifolia is in my garden now! Woo-hoo!
    Rant: carried a two gallon shrub in a dirty bucket to the Metro in a rainstorm yesterday after going to the Nature by Design garden place on a lark.

  • Rave: it’s Friday
    Rave: taking a half day today
    Rant: Worried about power loss this weekend, and taking a 12 pound dog out to potty in a hurricane!

  • I usually don’t click through to comment on your stories, cause your comment section is fairly absurd. BUT, I noticed your eds note on comments. Have you considered a Facebook Connect/Social Sign-in service for the site? It doesn’t require much on the tech end and removing anonymity would go a long way towards making this section a more civil environment.

    • Some people’s workplaces block Facebook.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        Yup, that’s a big problem. Lots of those commenting features are blocked so I don’t want to switch with them. But lots of upgrades are coming soon. And we need to help each other so if I miss a comment that really crosses the line please send me an email. Thanks!

        • Please don’t do a DCist-style “upgrade.”

          Also, really POP? I understand you moderating comments, it’s your board. But you want people to snitch too? C’mon guy, relax.

          • It doesn’t sound like it would qualify as “snitching” (especially since the comments are right out there in the open, not hidden), more like a community effort to enforce the standards that PoP has set for his board.

          • Feels like snitching to me. The comments may be out in the open, but they’ve escaped pop’s attention, thereby requiring someone to tattle: “that guy over there said something really mean!”

            The best way for this to work (aside from being deleted) is the way most people treat trolls: ignore them.

        • if you’re going to do some upgrading, can i make a suggestion?
          the tabs on the header are great, but insufficient. a tab for each of your columns would be ideal. Door of the Day, Dear PoP, etc….

          • Prince Of Petworth

            Not sure of the final layout but yes, the tabs are def. going to be improved!

          • That’s a lot of tabs.

          • tsm,
            maybe i don’t have a sense of all the columns, but even a tab for “Columns”, then a separate page to see all of them would make looking at archives easier.
            sort of like the “Neighborhoods” tab.

          • @opal: I agree. that’s a different approach than what Anonymous suggested and I think it could work well.

    • austindc

      Some people don’t have Facebook. And all three of us would like to keep commenting.

    • Disquis (or whatever it is that dcist uses) is worse than Pol Pot.

      • I used to hate disquis but now I like it. I like being able to “like” a comment and it is easier to keep comments within a thread. It requires a sign in but you can make up any fake email address you want as it does not require verification. I think it also has a report abuse tab.

        PoP seems like a reasonable guy. I don’t think he is going to go all “Steve Chabot” (sorry for the inside political reference) on the censorship front but I think he just doesn’t want to have one of those nasty vitriolic sites. I think generally people get that and I trust the prince to use his sovereign powers to govern his principality judiciously. Plus, you are a douche bag, j/k/

        • Prince Of Petworth

          Hahaha, thanks!

        • I still hate Disqus. It’s extremely buggy. I’ve never been successfully able to login, so I can’t comment, and half the time the comments section doesn’t render properly so I can’t read the comments either. I’ve mostly stopped reading DCist and The Hill is Home for that reason.

          My favorite commenting system is the one they use on the discussion boards for Ravelry (knit/crochet website). It notifies you of replies to your comments and lets you “favorite” comments or flag abusive ones. It also has a better version of the “like” feature where you can click on whether a comment was educational, funny, etc.

    • Yeah, FB is blocked here.
      Also, I believe a wordpress blog allows for that same type of member-only or log-in function (if that’s what you meant)…

      While I agree that anonymity can encourage trolling and downright nasty behavior, it also affords people the ability to comment (respectfully and productively) on things they’d rather not have their names tied to (ie, how much they hate their job, or that their wife is giving birth to a baby that is *possibly* theirs, etc) 🙂

    • I like the anonymous commenting. Even if it does mean some people are a little less civil, I like to be able to post things without having to worry about my employer, landlord, or whoever I feel like complaining about in the Rant/Revel section recognizing me. I think the sensitivity of many of the questions readers ask (job, landlord, and crime issues in particular) warrant anonymous commenting.

  • Mega Rave: I just hired a contractor at work to take some of the work of me, so I start going back to 1 job instead of 2.

    Rave 2: Moving on Tuesday to my dream house, complete with red door.

    Rant: Slightly concerned with Hurricane Irene and the ramifications for Long Island, since it’s passing directly over my parents house.

    And a question – is anyone here an HR professional (maybe with federal government experience) who’s looking for a job, or do you know someone that is? I’m looking to hire someone. Let me know!

  • Rave: Last day on this job.

    Rant: Spending it all day cataloging and shelving. Plus, girlfriend’s pissed off and I don’t feel like dealing with her tonight. And the gig I have tomorrow night might end up being cancelled.

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: I was looking forward to DC State Fair
    Rave: with the extra water, this could be a great opportunity for slow shutter speed photos in Rock Creek Park!

  • Rant: The perpetually dry Shaw’s Tavern.

    Rave: Boss may get the axe due to budget constraints.

  • Rave: I love the people at the Yes! market at Georgia & Taylor. It’s so cool to have a good quality, friendly, efficient neighborhood grocery store.

    Rant: I need to have my bathtub replaced. Not looking forward to either the expense or the disruption in my life while that’s happening.

  • Rave: Weekend! Hurricane notwithstanding, I’m not at work for 2 days.

    Rant: Work and people who think they are too good to do it.

  • Rant/Revel: Hurricane!?!

    Where’s flipflopirate? vonstallin? kalia? odentex?

  • Rave: Everyone’s kind words of support yesterday! Still feeling adrift, but making it through.

    DoubleRave: Seeing friends and family this weekend!

    Worry: Slightly concerned about the hurricane/rain and what it might do to our backyard…….

  • Metro bus drivers that don’t pull out of the flow of traffic to pick up passengers on Georgia Avenue. They hold up tons of traffic as they hold their road spots and create a potentially unsafe situation for others.

    Also those stupid pedestrian signs in the middle of the road… When driving next to a metro bus on GA ave, you practically get forced into them by the girth of oversize buses, that’s why these signs are so beat up.

    Maybe what Georgia avenue needs is smaller buses! ಠ̯ಠ

    • I hear you on the buses. But I ride the bus a lot and also I think I’m the only person in town that defends bus drivers….so I have to say that:

      Buses that *do* pull out of the flow of traffic often have a very difficult time getting back *in* the flow of traffic. No car on the road ever seems to want to let a bus pull out in front of them, so buses get stuck and have to edge out into traffic (usually cutting off a line of cars in the process, which is also bad.) When traffic is bad a bus could have to wait quite a while for a large enough opening…and then people complain that the buses never run on time.

      • Yeah, they should use more smaller buses or remove parking on the road altogether… Its a total mess on GA Avenue, double parkers add to the confusion, Its amazing how I always get a ticket without fail in legal parking spots, yet people can double park during rush hour and walk far away without a second look! >:[

  • @ Elza, try John Arroyo, DDS. Got the rec here on POP. It’s a family run practice right downtown. They’re great, and won’t judge you.


  • Rant: I’m not understanding those who still deny climate change and its effects.

    Rave: comments on this site never fail to make me smile or laugh.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: People at work are pissing me off.

    Rave: This weekend should be pretty relaxing.

  • I miss the trolls. Why has no one yet blamed some broad societal trend on male hegemony or a specific race or sub-set of a race?

  • Rant: It was the radio silence kind where the guy I’ve been dating for six months was with me one day and suddenly out of contact the next. I *hate* when people do this! BALL UP and say you aren’t interested any longer or you met someone else. Be an adult. UGH!

    Rant: I am supposed to go to the OBX on Sunday where I had planned to lay around and drink and lick my wounds from this disappointing dating situation but looks like the hurricane is jacking that all up.

    Rave: I have some great friends and family and when I get finished crying it out, life will go on.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever ended a relationship where telling the truth (ie, tired of being with them, etc) resulted in a better reaction than lying or not saying anything. Everyone says be honest, but few can actually handle honesty in an “adult” manner.

      • + a gazillion.

        Sometimes you just need to disappear when dating a psycho unstable person.

        Not, that I know you’re a psycho @dumped…

      • austindc

        Yeah, I don’t think people should be mean about it, but a sincere “so long and thanks for all the lovin” could be better than nothing. Breakups are very hard, but I think it shows better character if people can break up in a respectful manner and let the other person know that you are ending it.

        Anyway, sorry to hear about this breakup, but I’m glad to hear you have so many good friends and family to help you jam through the rough times!

    • +100. Leaving someone hanging is never the answer. While telling someone so long hurts too at least the other person knows where they stand.

    • SIX MONTHS? Wow, I think that kind of happens a lot after 6 WEEKS of dating, when things are still pretty casual. Not that it’s okay then, but after 6 months is absurd. I’m sorry.

    • I’m sorry, I know who you feel. I got dumped three months ago and Im still licking my wounds.

  • Rave: Visited the Safeway in SW and it was nice, but I kind of got envious

    Rave2: My earthquake experience was tolerable, and there were no fatalities so I don’t have to feel bad about making earthquake jokes

    Rant: MLK Dedication plans all messed up, though going there in the wind and rain would’ve been worse

    • You should check out our safeway on Wisconsin (social safeway) if you were envious of the SW one!!! 😀

  • My building’s been shaking pretty badly for the past minute or so. Anyone else feeling that? Another earthquake or something else?

  • If your dark silver Volvo got hit near the corner of 13th and W on Thursday night then I have the plates of the idiot that hit you! They flipped a U-ey right in the middle of the road and BAM!

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