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Photo by PoPville flickr user DCBritannia

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

If anyone recognizes folks in the photo above please email me and I’ll put you in touch with the reader:

“Hope you and all of PoP-landia fared ok through the earthquake.

In the melee of people evacuated from buildings downtown, I found a digital camera in the police memorial plaza adjacent to the building museum. I suspect it was lost by a tourist, but I would see if anyone among your readership lost it.

I’m attaching one photo in case someone recognizes the people.

If someone can identify some of the locations in the pictures, I will get the camera back to them.”

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  • Rant: I HATE metro. I had no idea about the 15 mph thing until after entering F. North because they’re too incompetent to post a sign or have someone in front of the station making the announcement. Then, after walking up to U St. and grabbing a drink, I enter the metro there because their website said all lines, except Orange, were running “on time” which, of course, wasn’t true at all. I wasted 4 bucks in fares and 2 hours because metro can’t even be bothered to update their website or post a flyer.

    • relax, man. I don’t know where else on earth you could’ve lived that you think metro sucks. and it’s pretty impossible to blame the system for not having an earthquake plan. maybe you could use your brain and get off after one stop if it’s too slow for you. maybe you should be raving that nobody was killed and it wasn’t that bad instead.

      • Yeah, I don’t blame metro for not having a way to communicate to riders during a mass evacuation. That’s not important in this city at all.

      • can’t teach common sense dude. others will blame the world and everyone but themselves for lacking it.

        • I knew about it because it was on the news (WTOP). I don’t really think it was a secret.

        • +1000 why on earth would you a) expect no delays after an earthquake, and b) not check any type of news outlet or social media or anything before you went into the station? This information was really widely available.

          Also, kinda obvious.

    • I highly suggest following them on twitter. They provide really good and timely updates on it.

    • The website had a giant migraine-inducing red banner that said something like “Earthquake Updates.”

    • A flyer? Really? Wasted staff person positioned in front of each station?

      Metro news was EVERYWHERE and easy to find out about–online, social media, other people, tv, radio. I think they actually did a fine job of getting the word out and letting people know they needed to remain calm and plan for a long commute.

    • Somehow I knew the trains were running 15 mph, and I never take the Metro.

    • Metro was still probably faster than driving considering the massive traffic throughout DC.

      It’s funny though, it seems 15 mph and longer trip on the metro lulled everyone to sleep.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Everyone’s adrenaline had worn off, so snoozville.

      • Better than driving? I don’t think so. Where would you rather be in an earthquake, underground on a train going 15mph or in a comfy car seat with the radio on WTOP, a latte, and the ability to turn away from traffic lines…

        Bikers and Metro riders always have a skewed view against cars, but when you get older (or make more money), you’ll be right there stuck in traffic with us.

        • traffic was AWFUL and you couldn’t PAY me to drive in that mess… walking was the fastest and easiest, despite having no latte…

        • Jack once you really start making good money you can walk home again. Just giving you something to look forward to.

    • Like others, I thought metro did a good job of getting the word out about the situation. Usually whenever I have the slightest suspicion that something could cause delays, I check the website before I leave my office.

    • Oh, piss off. seriously.

  • austindc

    Rave 1: Glad everyone is safe after the earthquake!

    Rave 2: Glad there was very little damage in our new home!

    Rave 3: Really impressed by how well and calmly my company evacuated and mobilized our floor monitors!

    Rave 4: Got the last everything bagel today at work!

    • austindc

      Rant: Having watched that episode of the Wire, I realize I should have specified that the company evacuated the building. We did not evacuate the floor monitors.

    • I like your attitude, my friend.

      • austindc

        Likewise! Figure there is a lot to be happy about, even when stuff sucks out loud. Well, let’s go grab a beer.

        • Ya gotta admit—the earthquake made for a very interesting day. I thought it was kinda fun. And many of my friends who live elsewhere checked in. All in all, a decent day. Of course, i wasn’t stuck in traffic.

          • austindc

            Yeah, definitely spiced things up in a scary-but-not-really way. It was nice going home early, though I should say thanks to my postal carrier and all the bus operators and police officers and bar tenders who were still working so hard. Those guys are badass.

          • SouthwestDC

            I actually stayed late yesterday, trying to make up for mid-afternoon productivity being killed by the earthquake. When I got out I noticed there were a lot more people strolling around, and dining out, and enjoying life in general. I’m not sure whether it was because of the earthquake scare or just the gorgeous weather, but it was a nice sight to see.

    • Revel: glad you are safe Austin DC so I can love you forever and ever.

      Revel: beautiful cool morning made for such a nice bike ride in to work!

  • Rant: Summer cold – seems to have developed post-earthquake body shock. My nose will not stop running.

    Rant: While I was to leave at 2 p.m. yesterday anyways, my company apparently stayed until 6 p.m. to work while our whole building had left for the day. Pathetic.

    Rave: Absolutely amazing weather.

    Rave: My planned four-day weekend is almost here. So excited for this needed time off.

  • rave: got off early yesterday on a beautiful afternoon.

  • The people in the lost camera photo are at Bohemian Caverns. The guy in the background is one of the leaders of the house big band, which plays on Monday nights. (It’s fantastic, by the way.) Anyone go to U Street on Monday?

  • pablo .raw

    I suggest you post the photo on the lost and found camera on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/groups/lost_and_found_cameras/

  • Rant: Had a night planned with my friend to go to the top of the Washington Monument. Stupid earthquake crackin’ it up so now it’s closed.

    Rave: The weather – beautiful morning!

  • rave: my pups were ok post-earthquake.

    rave: the weather.

    rave: vacation starts this afternoon.

  • Rave: The earthquake was very exciting I didn’t have to deal with any BS commuting problems.

    • Same here! Not to sound like a smug biker, but I’m so glad I biked to work yesterday and could have walked home if I hadn’t. It wasn’t long ago that I was commuting from Virginia; listening to my co-workers discuss the best strategy for getting home yesterday reminded me of how good we have it living in DC.

  • Rant – the earthquake hysteria.
    Rave – Green Line was running, all things considered, pretty swimmingly in the aftermath of the earthquake

  • Rave: Wasn’t in DC yesterday. So happy I took the day off, because I’m sure getting home would’ve been an everloving nightmare.

    Rave: Saw my new niece yesteray! Gorgeous baby.

    Rave: Totally amused by the earthquake hysteria. People seemed to fall into two categories: 1) Sitting dumbfounded or 2) Hysterically running around. Not my first earthquake either, and I’m a midwest girl.

    Rant: Back at work today. Boooooo.

    • You probably weren’t here during the sniper, anthrax or 9/11. I know you’re feeling all smug about your reactions, but folks have been through a lot more around here. The reactions are completely understandable.

      • Oh boo hoo. I didn’t know being calm before knowing details was something victims of the 9/11 tragedy were exempt from posessing.

      • Not to mention the 24/7 news converage of the “path of destruction” was completely unnecessary. That was more of the amusing part, moreso than the hysterics.

    • Well aren’t you special…

  • claire

    Rant: Not enough sleep the past couple nights and I am really feeling it today.
    Rant: I feel like I must be old when less than 7 hours of sleep = not enough sleep.

    Rave: Meeting up with a friend tonight that I haven’t seen in over a year.
    Rant: Coordinating with her is always really difficult and she’s really thoughtless about my schedule/preferences.

    Rave: Hopefully we’ll end up at RFD for $7 New Belgium bombers.

  • Rave: Survived the earthquake!!!! I ran into a friend outside of Union Station after it happened, and her husband picked us up. I got home an hour or so later than I expected to, but at least I wasn’t stuck on a metro train.

  • Hmm, that girl on the right does look a lot like someone I know!

  • Rant: Trying to fly home yesterday sucked… The plane was pulling out of the gate when the earthquake struck so then we had to sit on the plane for a long while… they finally had us deboard only to scramble us back on to leave a few minutes later. Then metro was very slow and the whole ride home I had to listen to a guy go on and on (very loudly)about how the earthquake was a sign of end times.

    Rave: It could have been much worse the airline handled the situation very well and we were only about an hour and a half late. Metro although slow was still running and the conductor was pretty good about keeping us updated.

  • Rant: My neighbor’s heart isn’t doing so well, he’s constantly out of breath, says he doesn’t want to have open heart surgery. He won’t be getting any better.

    Rant: Here is the selfish rant- I hope his daughter sells the house when he passes, because she only seems to bring shady men around, and I really don’t want to have to deal with her as a neighbor.

    • Make sure the city knows if/when he passes. Lot’s of people try to stay or move into their parents house when they pass without transferring the deed to their names –and paying the required transfer taxes.

      • As someone who recently lost a parent (and is not squatting in her house) let me please offer a warm and hearty fuck you to your advice, Anon 12:51.

        Yes, the most important thing to do when this woman loses her father is to make sure she’s giving the District its fair share.

        If that’s your attitude, I hope the very second your parents die, probate courts, the IRS, and your parents’ creditors are beating down your door demanding their cut.

        • Getting mad isn’t going to get your parent back but way to misdirect your misery.

          • Seriously? Did someone replace your heart with coal?

            1:49: I’m so sorry for your loss. My father passed away a few years ago and that comment would have sent me into a blind rage.

  • rant: still feeling a little on edge (having been through 9/11 and anthrax in DC, I guess I’m jumpier than I realized) – very happy to hear there were minimal injuries yesterday.

    revel: the luxury of working from home today!

  • Rave: Finally confirmed to be moving in Saturday!

    Rant: Saturday’s forecast involves rain. Worrying about my fabric sofa in an open pickup truck.

    Rant: Went to find PoP yesterday at Wonderland around 8 and while the bouncer tried to help us find him, it was very much a “Where’s Waldo” scenario. A number of the Wonderland patrons were rude when we asked if they had seen him. Pretty lame how common courtesy escapes people these days. Come on now, I know we weren’t all raised poorly.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      That is totally my bad. Things got screwed up because of the earthquake. Can you please email me directly. Thanks.

  • Rant: After the gridlock and confusion from a relatively minor incident like this and the snowstorm…I shutter to think how our emergency response will be in a true emergency

    Rave: Nobody was hurt

    Side note: spoke with somebody yesterday who walked right into the DHS building after the quake and NOBODY was there to screen or check her.

    • The problem is that too many people commute in to DC from the suburbs. Even on a good day it’s a challenge getting all those people in and out of the city– the existing infrastructure in VA and MD is simply insufficient for accomodating that many vehicles and public transit riders.

      I do think this problem will get better, over time, as more commuters wise up and move to the city and more employers offer telecommuting options and flexible schedules.

      • Sorry to inform you, but the occupancy rate for DC housing is quite high. There’s not space for another 350k people to “move into the city”. Even if there was, there’d be another 350k people who’d infill the suburbs behind them.

        If anything, the feds need to get serious about telework and start locating offices in the suburbs.

  • Rave: It’s funny how many of my coworkers see me walking in with a bicycle helmet and assume I ride a motorcycle!

  • Rave: After 10 years in San Francisco, I knew exactly what to do immediately after the earthquake: go outside and get a cab before everyone else thought to do the same.

    Rave: When I got home, I found a huge standing mirror had fallen face-down onto the hardwood floor – but there’s not a single chip or crack in the thing at all.

    • pablo .raw

      I did the same thing (run outside); it’s usually advised to stay inside the building but if it is safer outside why wait until the building falls on top of you?

      • austindc

        Well, from what I hear, the danger is often that newer buildings will not collapse, but the big glass panels can break or fall out onto the streets below. Y

  • RE THE LOST CAMERA – You might want to contact the local news stations in case the people are still here and watch the news from their hotel or something. GOOD LUCK!

  • Rave: Moved to DC 15 years ago

    Rant: When I moved here, homicides were above 400/year, downtown was grimy and full of homeless, just over half-a-million people actually lived in DC, and I didn’t know anyone

    Rave: The city has not ceased to grow and improve since then, and I’ve met a lot of really nice people here along the way

  • Rave: No earthquake damage to our 100 year old house! No cracks. No collapsed plaster ceilings, even the one over our bed that I’ve keep a wary eye on for almost two years.

    Rant: The utter inadequacy of our region’s emergency response capabilities. The tremor may have been disconcerting, but the fact that cell phone systems were useless for hours afterwards, that traffic was brought to a grinding halt, and that Metro systems were a zoo is incredibly disturbing. What happens when (not if, but when) the next actual disaster strikes?

    Rave: Vacation next week. Sitting on a beach (so long as the weather cooperates) and doing nothing for an entire seven days. I can’t wait!

    • No problems with my 100-year-old house either. I wonder if having plaster instead of drywall made it better able to withstand the shaking. Also, those houses are so well built and solid.

      • No my friend, “well built brick and plaster” had nothing to do with it. Wood frame houses are going to be safer than brick at most levels of shaking.

        Go research the 1906 SF earthquake and understand why absolutely no one builds with brick in CA anymore.

      • I apparently spoke too soon – we found a crack that’s hopefully not serious, but we will be calling a structural engineer. Hope that everyone else has houses that are safe and sound!

    • pablo .raw

      For earthquake resisting construction, solid is not what you are looking for but flexible; that is why in other countries there is so much iron bars used with concrete.

  • Rant: Praying the hurricane will turn out towards the ocean. The earth shaking I can take but the high winds and heavy rain combo scare the crap out of me.

    Rave: My neighbors after the quake yesterday. All of us were in the middle of the street. Most were working from home and still in pajamas, one had jumped out of the bathtub and came out in just their robe covered in soap suds. Our houses are so old we all thought the foundations had finally collapsed and started laughing when we figured out it was a quake and no one was hurt.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: My sister has a Lita Ford earworm; I find that so hilarious.

    Rant: Sleepy

    Rave: Earl Grey Tea

    • What on earth is a Lita Ford earworm?

      • Emmaleigh504

        Lita Ford = Hair metal rock goddess from the 80s. Not sure which song got stuck in my sister’s head, but an educated guess would be “Kiss Me Deadly” (also the only title I can think of).

        Also, remember that this shows my older sister’s age, not mine 🙂

  • Rave: Received my bikeshare key yesterday and successfully biked to work this morning! I only left 15 minutes earlier than usual and had no problem at all getting a bike or a dock, which I had been worried about. Yay!

    Rave: Actually happened to walk by the food trunks today before the lines got impossibly long. Now I am enjoying a delicious lunch.

    Rant: Didn’t get to leave early due to the earthquake. Sigh, private sector jobs…

  • Prince Of Petworth

    The camera’s owner has been found. Thanks everyone. And big props to the OP for making this extra effort. Very cool.

  • I don’t know if you ever saw the Brookly Found Film videos, but it reminds me of your lost camera search search http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dmop7EAY1Zg

  • Rant: Utterly exhausted after being up constantly with sick son last night.

    Raves: 1) Being able to work from home, which allows a little more sleep time that would otherwise be spent commuting; and 2) Having a partner to share in caring for sick baby. I have enormous respect for single parents and military spouses – you are amazing!

  • Rant: Boring job, dumb co-workers, long, car-dependent commute to Tyson’s Corner.

    Rave: Half-days in the last week: 1) released at 1:30 to avoid traffic caused by biker rally, 2) released after earthquake because no-one wants to hang out on the 10th floor of a building that’s supported by a parking garage when there might be an aftershock.

  • Rant: if you want to know a day its going to be windy just ask me if I choose to wear a skirt….glad i always wear underoos!

  • Rant: I was outside taking my lunch walk when the earthquake happened and I didn’t feel anything, or at least wasn’t concious that I felt anything. Not sure how but I missed the freaking earthquake!

  • Rave: The employees of the government agency we share a building with, evacauting in an orderly fashion and queeing up for roll call and regular updates.

    Rant: My non-profit co-workers who thought the evacuation was a huge cahnce to take pictures and post overly dramatic updates on Facebook.

  • Rave: the camera-finder turned to the PoP community = success and the irreplacable replaced. Props All!

  • Rant and Revel: Despite being on the sidewalk in Tenleytown I had no clue there had been an earthquake until I called Verizon to find out why my phone was acting weird!

    Somehow I feel “robbed” of the experience and also concerned that I felt nothing. Apparently, the zoo’s Panda’s also didn’t react….?!?!?!?!?!?

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