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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rave: Survived my first soccer game of the season, despite being out of shape and yesterday being hot and ridiculously humid.

    Rant: Sore today.

  • Rave: Music Man and I meet tomorrow afternoon. I couldn’t be more excited and am spending all night prepping for what may be.

    Rave: Friends looking out for me job-wise at HuffPo. Thanky ou!

    Rant: Monday.

  • Rave: Finally starting to seriously look for a home!

    Rant: I don’t like anything on the market. But when I look through the sales records from the past year, I see tons of places I’d buy.

  • Rant: Women that wear their hair wet to work look tacky.
    Rant: I left my cat shut up in the bathroom for 7 hours on accident.
    Rave: She still loves me and had no accidents!

    • Totally agree. There’s no excuse for wet hair at work, unless your powerwent out mid-shower.

      • I’m so glad to hear that another woman agrees with me! I think it’s sad how relaxed our business attire has become.

        • Why the hate for wet hair? My hair will be dry within an hour or so of my arrival at the office.

          And it’s only obvious that it’s wet if I take it out of the twist I wear it in.

          • agreed. it adds 45 minutes to my morning routine to dry my hair and it’s not like I’m going to meetings with it wet. plus, it’s bad for your hair to blow dry it!

            I think that flip flops, sleeveless shirts, skirts with no slip, above knee skirts, or shoes that show toes are much less professional.

          • It looks unprofessional. It’s like coming to work half dressed. If you take time to look professional, why not finish it off by drying your hair?

          • Wow, I didn’t know anyone besides my 90-year-old grandmother still wore slips.

            Also, I’m envious of those of you who can get your hair dry within an hour or two.

          • @anonymous 11:12

            Grandma, I didn’t know you were a PoP commenter too! Us young folks don’t wear slips anymore, and it’s not considered inappropriate to bare our shoulders or toes either. (crazy, right?! that wardrobes change with time?) We don’t judge you for your old-timey outfits so please don’t judge us for our modern ones! And as long as our BOSSES don’t have a problem with it, neither should you.

          • I bike to work and shower when I get here. Thus, my hair is still wet when I get to my desk. Also, is it ok if men have wet hair at work? Just curious…

        • I actually like how relaxed business attire has become. What is it that you like about more formal work attire/environment?

          ~ possibly the only person in DC over the age of 21 who doesn’t own a suit (and still has a decent job)

          • Maybe the women you are judging work terribly long hours and put a premium on exercising in the morning versus a 30+ minute blow dry.

        • At least if someone’s hair is wet/damp, you know he or she is freshly bathed.

          I sometimes see people at my office whose hair looks like it was washed the previous day and is somewhat the worse for wear.

          I guess I just don’t think it looks unprofessional, unless maybe it’s loose.

          • It’s not good to wash hair every day, you know. Especially for those of us with naturally dry hair and scalps. Would you prefer these people have white flakes all over their shoulders?

          • I won’t hold it against you if you won’t hold my damp-but-neatly-tied-back hair against me.


      • I can’t blow-dry because it takes 2 hours, wastes a ton of energy, and turns my hair into a giant frizzball. It’s challenging finding the ideal time to wash it, but I would never attempt to on a weekday morning. I agree that wet hair at work is unprofessional, and most offices are so over-air-conditioned that I can’t imagine how wet-haired women aren’t freezing.

        Usually I wash my hair on Saturday morning, and if I need to wash it again mid-week I’ll do it right after work. It’s not toally dry by the next morning, but it’s maybe 75% there. It does suck in the winter when it freezes, though.

    • I think it’s all a matter of picking your battles, appearance-wise. I won’t do wet hair, bare shoulders, leggings, or visible toes, but I have a couple skirts that are slightly above the knee and I’ll occasionally wear wild jewelry or things that are slightly wrinkled. However, if you waltz in with wet hair, tank top, a wrinkled short skirt and flip flops no one will take you seriously, even if the workplace is very casual.

      • I agree with Anonymous at 2:42. I’m in my early 20’s and when I see ladies around my age baring most of the shoulders/chest and showing most of their feet I don’t feel that’s very professional. Maybe it’s just my southern conservative upbringing but, if I were their boss there would definitely be a little chat about what acceptable business attire is!

        Also..along the wet hair line..I was more meaning the women that have it down and just soaking wet and falling everywhere. Let’s pull it together now.

        • OK, AB. I guess I can agree with you on the “loose wet hair” front.

          I suppose we all have different lines we draw as far as what we consider professional… I don’t wear open-toed shoes to the office, but I don’t find them unprofessional on others.

          I do think sleeveless dresses/tops ought to be accompanied by a sweater or blazer. I don’t think above-the-knee skirts are inherently unprofessional, as long as they’re not too far above the knee.

          IMO, flip-flops have no place in the office (unless maybe it’s a REALLY casual office).

          • Even if it’s a really casual office… it’s kind of rude to subject our coworkers to the sound of foam slapping against feet.

            Above-the-knee skirts depend on the size and shape of the woman. I’m have short legs so a short skirt doesn’t look scandalous on me.

      • this really depends on where you work. in this town, i’m going to go ahead agree with you, however, I was in the rag trade in NYC for a while and as a designer, it didn’t matter what you wore as long as it was clever… we rocked jeans, Pumas, and Adidas… or vintage dresses and Gucci heels… depending on your mood and the day… no one sees the designer, so it was a free for all…

  • Rave: Leftover birthday cake – chocolate ganache – for breakfast! Made mozzarella for the first time this weekend & it turned out well.

    Rant: None, it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

  • Rave: If you ever get a chance to checkout Eastern HS in NE, you need to go. Turner Construction just completed it’s renovation and it looks amazing; better than most Universities I’ve visited. They did a fantastic job tying in historic materials (original heart pine floors in some rooms, exposed brick in stairwells) with brand new construction (new bright atriums and clean lines). There was really not very much to do for beautification day except mulch and plant flowers.

    Rant: Did not see or hear of a single district official at any of the schools for beautification day. Didn’t see or hear of Tommy Wells, Kaya Henderson, Mayor Gray, or literally anyone of note going to a school and thanking volunteers personally. There were ZERO parents of students on site to lend a hand and ZERO students. There were maybe 2 dozen college kids who’s graduate programs more or less coerced them into helping. I’m super disappointed with my community and my city. Volunteering is it’s own reward, but shared sacrifice is what we preach in this city, too bad it’s empty rhetoric.

    If I hear one more person complain about gentrifiers not doing enough for their communities, I’m going to lose my cool on someone. One lady had the gaul to actually stop her car and ask if we could do free landscaping for her church, didn’t think it was important to get her congregants out to help. Selfish pricks.

    • I’m sorry but are you really surprised that there was no parental support? My neighbors smoke weed with their 4 year old sitting next to them on their front porch.

      • Surprised? yes and no. Disappointed for sure.

        Don’t buy into DC politician’s BS about “underprivileged”. Over-privileged, under-responsibled and under-energetic.

      • Do we live in the same house? Wait, no…my idle, dope-smoking, 19-year-old drop-out neighbor’s kid is only 2.

        Good times.

        • Hey stop with the pot bashing. You can be totally yuppie and smoke a lot of pot. I worked a full time job and finish grad school while still blazin. Some people are just lazy and we need to stop subdizing their lazy habits.

    • It was great of you to help, but the event is really tailored to non-parents.

      Parents are asked to contribute a lot, frankly: After school events, meetings, winter clean up, spring cleaning, set up for fundraisers, etc. Parents did a playground build at my kids school, too.

      And, then of course, how many kids do you want loosely supervised with permanent paint? And, how many low income parents can hire a sitter on a Saturday, if you don’t want the kids?

      I just don’t see how one day of service earned you a lifetime ride on that high horse — at least until you’ve been a parent in the city.

      • Only one sentence in Anonymous’s rant was about parents.

        I think Anonymous is right to be disappointed in the lack of involvement from District politicians and others.

      • BS excuses, from a BSer. Don’t have a kid and then complain about all the things it takes to support a kid. Taking care of your school is not unreasonable sacrifice, that’s called “what it takes to raise a child”.

        You can find the time to make your child’s school a better place to be and you can teach your child to respect their school by putting in the sweat equity for 4 hours on a Saturday. You know about it 6 months to a year in advance, someone can rearrange a work schedule.

        Of the ~300 kids going there next year, I can guarantee you somewhat less than 100% of the parents had to work on Saturday. of 300-600 possible parents, NOT A SINGLE PARENT SHOWED UP. That’s called ungrateful.

        I earned my horse by showing up and doing something from which I will ever get any benefit at all. Zero, nada, none. That’s called sacrifice.

        • No benefit except a toxic dose of self-righteousness. Your sainthood nomination should include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

        • I think you hit a home run with that comment. That is disgraceful that no parents or students were there.

          • I was solicited for this on email and my first question was – how many of the parents and students will be participating?

            I’m all for helping my community. If there was a flood, I’d be out stacking sandbags around the school. I tutor and otherwise help kids all the time. But cleaning, mopping and painting? No! Parents and schoolchildren should be doing this. Especially those on public assistance.

  • Rave: Going to a pistol range tonight with my brother, step-brother and ten year old nephew. My nephew’s excited about shooting a gun for the first time (he lives in a European country where guns are pretty much outlawed.)

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Missed an email Friday afternoon.

    Rant: Chick in cube by my office just butchered “What the word? Thunderbird.”

    Rave: New Baby Cousin born on Friday night.

  • Revel: I have healthy teeth according to my dentist.

    Rant: Must get my wisdom teeth removed this year. I’m a wimp!

    Revel: Moving in 5 days (hopefully)

    Rant: Packing

  • Rant: D.C. Councilmember Jack Evan spending $135,000 for professional sports tickets over the past decade from a fund that councilmembers typically use to help needy constituents.

    He defends the actions claiming he’s ” help local sports franchises.” Sigh


    • That’s only $13k a year and it’s the face value of the ticket which could be wildly overinflated based on what you could buy them on the street for (i.e. no one pays retail for box tickets).

      When you start talking about raffles to raise money for schools and community organizations, it starts to be less salacious.

      Clearly he should be documenting *exactly* who’s receiving them though and who actually uses them though.

  • Rant: Went to the Gil Scott-Heron tribute at Carter Barron on Sat. + a group of unsupervised 8-10 year olds threw rocks at (and hit) my partner while she was nursing our son. Turns out they were the unsupervised kids of a NPS employee, too.

    Not-really-rave: NPS called the cops and made sure the kids were ejected, but there wasn’t much more that could be done about it. Probably not the first or the last time they’ve pulled this s***.

    • Well, they could have been arrested for assault and battery.

      You can’t let police departments ‘no paper’ underage crimes like this.

      • Possibly true, although we didn’t see which of the three kids did it (they threw the rocks from the woods), and given DC’s juvenile justice system, he’d just have been back on the street w/a sealed record quickly in any case. We’ve covered that on PoP ad nauseum.

        My partner ended up w/a small bruise + we’re thankful that our son wasn’t hurt. I’ll definitely think twice before going to another event there where there are likely to be a lot of kids running around, though.

        The kids belonged to a concession stand worker who brought them w/her + then apparently just left them to take care of themselves – obviously a big liability for NPS in several ways that they need to deal with.

        • I’d drop a note to Ward 4’s Muriel Bowser explaining what happened. It’s not cool that un parented kids can create a danger for everyone else.

  • Rant: End of the Fiscal is nearby. This jub sucks ass.

    Rave: MLK memorial is open. This is only historical thing in DC I have actually been excited to see.

  • Rant: Boyfriend and I got called F*!$%ts on the metro saturday night coming home from the movies.
    Rave: Boyfriend made me pancakes for breakfast Sunday!

    • I read this too fast and thought you wrote “fascists.” Not what I would expect to see on PoP. Sorry to hear you met some idiots.

  • Rant: Guys.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: “Your photo has been selected as a Finalist in the DC State Fair 2011”
    Rave: This one http://www.flickr.com/photos/benavente/6060363073/
    Rave: AND this other one too! http://www.flickr.com/photos/benavente/5934667457/

  • claire

    Rant: One of my roommates is moving out early (on good terms) and he put up a craigslist ad for the room and organized an open house on Sunday – which he only invited six people to (out of many more responses – he admits he got lazy and stopped responding to people after a bit). And only three showed up! And none of them were a good fit for the house.

    Rave: Apparently one person came by on an earlier day and met the roommate who’s moving out and the girl he will be sharing the basement apartment with (we have a completely separate two bedroom basement apartment and three bedroom upstairs house, but we’re into the group house thing and all interact) – and seems like a really good fit. He still has to come by and meet the rest of us, so we’ll see . . .

  • Rave: Weather in Truckee and Tahoe California last week. Nice swimming up in the mountains. Free beer on the flight home.

    Rant: Police helicopters at night over the Kennedy Street area, welcome back to shoot em up ville, DC. This place makes Oakland look tame.

    • Thus, it has always been.

    • This place makes Oakland look tame.

      Careful, you’re broaching a sensitive topic. DC is a safe city, so long as you’re street smart. Go live in the sticks if you want zero crime. And so on…

    • Rave: I didn’t hear the helicopters
      Rave: I woke up in the middle of the night last night all I could hear was crickets
      Rave: I like cricket sounds
      Rave: the weather!

  • Bear

    Rave: My South Africa research coming together in a way I did not think was possible even two weeks ago. Now adding fieldwork in Ethiopia and Rwanda to make it into a cross-country comparison, with the goal of turning it into a long-term agenda. Crazy!

    Rant: Unexpected wisdom tooth removal on Wednesday. I thought it would be a few months before I had to get it taken out, but spending 20+ hours on planes really pissed it off. I could probably suffer through the next couple weeks with loads of ibuprofin if I were going straight back to the States, but I don’t want it to get worse when I’m in Ethiopia/Rwanda and don’t have access to good dental care.

    Rave: Good, cheap dental care in South Africa. Depending on complexity, the extraction will cost between $70-$150. I’d probably pay that out of pocket in the US, even with my dental insurance factored in!

    Bonus Rave: It’s spring in South Africa! Gorgeous weather.

  • Rant: Walking home late on Saturday night I realized just how many rats there are in Columbia Heights. Literally every 25 yards one would scurry by me.

    Rave: Realization that I no longer have to buy food for my Falcon.

    Rant: I don’t really have a Falcon.

    • Emmaleigh504

      When I quit leaving the house after dark, it won’t because I can’t see well at dark or I’m afraid of crime. It will be because I’m TERRIFIED of rats. Sadly, rats LOVE me. *shudder*

    • It used to freak me out, but now I’m used to them. Raccoons still freak me out though!

  • Rant: People who like guns and blow drying hair way too much.

    Rave: Been a great month.

  • Rant: Met a guy at a bar on Saturday, told him I wouldn’t go home with him and he called me a hooker. Insult and logic fail all at once.

    Rave: Re-arranged me bedroom this weekend and I love how it came out!

    • I hate guys like that because they give rest of us a bad name. On the hand, it helps that the competition is kind of backward, I guess.

  • Rave: I just figured out that Jeni’s Ice Cream is available in DC!

    Rant: It’s probably been available here a while and I just thought to look it up to see if it is.

    Rant: Graeter’s is still not available in DC. Someday, hopefully.

  • Rave: His dog remembered me 7 months later. She didn’t leave my side while I visited with the dog sitter.

    Rant: He’ll never know.

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