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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rave: Foreign movie night with the girls.

    Rave: Finally seeing my boyfriend after said foreign movie night.

    Rant: Data entry for three hours straight. There is more to life than updates. I’d like to use my brain, please.

  • Rant: The constant drug dealing and dickering by my lovely section 8 neighbors that have infested the house next door. They even went so far as to shoot of their gun last night. The police are there every few days. Anyone know how to get the ball rolling on having them evicted?!

  • Rant: Garbage left in front of my house by late-nighters who stand in front my house for hours drinking.

    Rave: Anyone who can suggest an effective remedy so I don’t have to pick up so many beer bottles, wrappers, and lotto tickets every morning.

  • Rant: The DC Taxi Cab Commission. What a fucking useless organization. What’s the point of writing a complaint if they don’t even acknowledge receipt of said complaint? How can a govt agency be so blatantly dysfunctional?

  • rant: trying to wrap my head around how dissolving the EPA is anything other than criminal. I’m generally dumbfounded by right-wingers’ beliefs, but this is beyond the pale. how can anyone possibly be this stupid, let alone a whole party?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Rant: The monotony of the 9-5 grind, cubicle sitting, carpal tunnel syndrome invoking lifestyle of every day, over and over… and over.

    Rave: But then again, I do have a job, and can pay my bills. It could be worse. It could be worse.

  • rave: nice weather is only a month away.

  • Question: Does anyone know what the loud banging sounds where this morning?

    • I want to know, too! It was so ominous-sounding.

    • No, but that reminds me: I could hear a beep-beep-beep-beep-(pause)-beep-beep-beep-beep over and over from somewhere outside behind my building this morning before I left for work.

      Does anyone know what that was?

    • This happened a couple of months back. It strikes me, the I don’t recall for sure, it was the Old Guard at Arlington training which consisted of firing some of their artillary. Either way the booms this monring definetly orignated around Arlington Cemetary Ft Meyers.

      • Wow, really? They reminded me of the sounds I used to hear when I lived near the cemetery in Arlington, but I assumed there was no way the artillery could be heard all the way over in NW DC. Cool…

      • Yes you are right – it was the guns from Arlington. They practice in the morning – usually around 8AM – because it has to be complete before the funerals start at the Cemetary at 9AM. Though I have to say, for as often as they pratice, they must be getting pretty good. I am on 17th St so it isn’t close enough to be bothersome, but it’s pretty frequent.

    • I think it was probably construction on 14th near S. I will report back if I get a chance later today when I walk by there.

  • Rave ~ Dinner outside last night at Beau Thai SO NICE (ps Beau Thai has outdoor seating now and has always had amazing Thai food)

    Rant ~ Boundary stone STILL not open yet, Neither is the FireHouse and I wanted to have roof top dinners there this summer. Shaw’s Tavern is open but they stopped making real fries with the burger : ( Stop telling me what I should eat, let me order what I want that’s the point of going out for dinner. Fries should be fried not baked. Hit me with some Heinz ketchup too, the ho-maid ain’t so good.

    (Sneaking in an extra rave GO BLOOMINGDALE, best up and coming hood in all of DC)

    • I just discovered the exstacy that is Beau Thai this weekend. Love it!

    • I’m glad you are happy there but I’m not sold on Bloomingdale. The parts near Rhode Island are very nice but once you go back into the neighborhood it suddenly feels like a zombie apocalypse movie.

      Houses are so great in Bloomingdale and everyone seems to love it. I just wish I could too.

      *Note: I guess this is a rant, i.e. I really really really really want to like Bloomingdale but I can’t for some reason.

      • You’re not alone. Beyond the nice housing stock, there isn’t much to love. I guess folks are buying there because it’s still relatively affordable, and they’re speculating on things improving. I hope for their sake that they do. Then again, if you’re not buying in now, you won’t be able to afford it once all the chain restaurants start to move in.

        • I think it’s getting close to overcoming the threshold of “relatively affordable”. Think about how “cheap” B’dale is relative to it’s proximity to metro. 9 + U is way more expensive than 3 + U, but you could attribute that differential to metro access alone, it would seem.

          Go Truxton!
          Go Bayside!

          Rave: Mouse on House works great on a mobile.

    • claire

      Just going to echo the Bloomingdale love! There’s part of me that thinks, even if money was no object, this is still the neighborhood I’d want to live in!

    • Bloomingdale, whoop whoop!!

  • Rant: I didn’t realize my comp time expired after a year, so I was taking vacation instead. I just tried to use the comp time last week and they just charged me 40 hours of annual leave. And, HR won’t get back to me about whether I get the comp time paid out. Stupid motherf***ing government HR.

    • At least you get comp time!

      • +1. you do realize most of us just work 10-12 hour days and don’t get extra time off because of it, right?

      • That’s definitely true, although I would have happily worked the extra hours for no pay. It’s the bullshit of taking it away without telling me (even though it was showing up on my leave reports) and then having to deal with HR. I guess my biggest rant is the sorry excuse for an HR department here. I think kittens could run the office better and they’d be fun to deal with.

  • RAVE: noticing yesterday that the bike lanes on 14th street NW, which were badly faded between Meridian and Spring, have been restriped!

    Thanks, DDOT!

    I had called DDOT’s bike program directly, but they asked me to call the Mayor’s Call Center (311) so the request would get a ticket number.

    It worked! YAY!

  • Rant: The woman I love is getting married in (2) weeks…
    Rant: To someone that it not me.

  • I was woken up at 4am this morning by a horrible smell of burning rubber coming in my windows from U St. Anyone have any idea what it was? I didn’t hear any sirens or anything.

  • Rave: the low humidity weather we have had this week.

    Rave: eating outside on 14th street with my boy last night.

    Rave: all of you that love DC as much as I do.

  • No, you don’t need a name

  • Rant: it seems like all my good friends are out of this town this weekend and I was hoping to go out or get out of the city and celebrate being done with the summer class I was taking that just ended – does anyone have ideas on things that I can do in the city on my own? I was thinking of checking out the SW waterfront b/c I’ve never been, and unfortunately the Gargoyle Tour on Sunday at the National Cathedral conflicts with my GRE class — any other ideas?

    • Friday evening: Check out the SW waterfront. Grab dinner from the Maine Ave Fish Market, then make your way east to the Yards Park and catch the free concert.

      Saturday: Get your fill of free ice cream at the DC Scoop event (6th and Florida NE) and go to the big pool party being thrown at the Capitol Skyline Hotel. Then catch the Thievery Corporation show at Kastles Stadium. If you’re still feeling peppy, head to the afterparty at the W.

      Sunday: Have a relaxing brunch somewhere in your neighborhood, take a walk/bike ride, hit up some museums, etc. The Gargoyle tour is great, but the Cathedral is a lovely place to visit regardless.

  • Rave: My friend’s boss went out of town and gave him his “rich people” seats to a Nationals games and I got to go. Good God, unlimited free food and drinks, people waiting on you hand and foot, a reserved table, being able to see home plate without binoculars and tons of chances to catch a spare ball. I may never recover.

  • me

    RANT: Please send my cat, just over a year old, some good thoughts. He is at an emergency care center and they are afraid he isn’t going to make it. It looks like a severe case of pancreatitis that has quickly made him septic. I think I’m more of a mess than he is. He’s being so brave. Thanks, PoP community.

  • Rant: Georgetown Hoyas brawling with the Chinese team while on a goodwill tour in China. It doesn’t matter who started it, turn the other cheek in these incidents! Its an embarrassment for both teams.

    Mini-Rant: I had to look up how to spell embarrassment.

    Rave: My weekend starts in 2 hours!

  • Any word on the loud boom/ explosions heard this morning? I live north of Columbia Heights and could hear them up there.

  • christanel

    Rave – Second week at a new job which I actually enjoy.

    Rant – I make low 30s and can’t find an affordable studio.

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