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Photo of ‘1939 Buick on Kansas Ave’ by PoPville flickr user Obvy09

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rave: Making a concerted effort to get out of DC.

    Rant: Job hunting is so difficult, and I fear that being an applicant from 2000 miles away may be hurting me a little. Also, a phone call or email would be nice. So far, I got nothin’.

  • Rave: That photo of the 1939 Buick is so quaint. Heck, it could be from 1939.

    Rant: None today. At least, not yet.

  • Rave: The Twelves at U-Hall tonight. I’ll need to dance off my angst.

    Rant: Extreme angst due to my employer. I sometimes wonder if it is worth it to stay here when I hate it so much. While my colleagues are amicable, my employer is the tumor of this firm.

    Rave: I’ve been applying to jobs nonstop.

    Rant: No one has contacted me re jobs. When will someone take a chance on me?

  • Rave: Loving my job lately!

    Sorry, I’m not trying to make the job seekers / job haters feel bad, but I just feel very fortunate to have a job that I really like, working with some good folks. I hope you all find the same!

  • Rave: Our little man is quickly going into the running phase. He is only 8.5 months old!

    Rant: He is getting into everything within reach and is getting harder to keep up with! And he is chasing our poor kitty.

    • saf

      Don’t worry, kitty will explain to him that it’s not nice to chase kitty.

      Or kitty will do like my childhood kitty, and allow the kid to do whatever he wants, because kitty is stupidly attached to the kid.

      • I want Kitty to explain this to him, but he keeps running away and of course dropping his super long white fur in clumps everywhere due to stress! Said clumps are then promptly picked up by little man and tasted for good measure!!

        • If your cat is continually shedding large clumps of fur due to stress, you have one hell of a sprinting kid. And someday, that cat will turn around and give little man a big old scratch for his efforts…

          • That’s what we call “natural consequences”. Then we break out the peroxide and say in our best mommy voice “Seeeeee? Didn’t I TELL you not to pull Kitty’s tail? Kitty doesn’t like that, no he doesn’t.”

            At least, that’s what I did. My co-parent was horrified, thought I should have kept baby and kitty separate at all times. Pfft. Who has the time?

  • Rant: The contract my group is working on hasn’t been awarded yet. There’s like a 50% chance they’ll get it. Even if they do, we have to treat next week like the last week we’re here. We have to clear our desks and turn in our badges next Friday, even if we’re back the following Monday.

    Rave: Maybe I’ll get to go on unemployment for a few weeks because of this.

    Rave: I’m meeting my one year old nephew for the first time this weekend.

  • Rant: I have to sit in on a 2 hour webinar on an extremely boring topic that barely applies to the audience, just so I can talk about 1 of the 50 slides in the presentation. And I get to do it 5 more times in September.

    Rant: headache/migraine mix

    Rave: 4 day weekend, although Mon will be spent on jury duty. But it beats work so I’ll take it.

  • Rave: Just got 10 lbs of plum tomatoes for $10! Weekend of sauce-making ahead. Mmm.

    Rave: I re-discovered how wonderful it is to wear actually comfortable work clothes. Not sure why I’d been torturing myself with all those belts and heels lately…

    Rant: Scoliosis. I think my back my always cause me pain when I run, regardless of how much strengthening and yoga I do. Ugh.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Going to the Fair tonight with my photo friends! Looking forward to some slow shutter speed photos and maybe some food (priorities…).

    Rant: Thought I had all the equipment I needed with me so that I could leave from work. I left some stuff at home, so I have to go back.

  • My sincere good luck wishes to the jobless.
    America transformed. indeed.
    Rant : So much crime,so few jobs.
    Rave: perfect morning weather today!

  • Rant: Perf. review coming up, and supervisor is incredibly vague about where I stand and gives vague responses to my questions.

    Rave: Getting canned means not having to wake up early.

  • Rave: I leave for vacation tonight!
    Double Rave: I will be gone for 10 days!!
    Triple Rave: I will get to see my adorable 9-month old niece while on vacation and take her to the beach for the first time! And even better, after playing with her for a little while I get to hand her back to her mom and dad 😉

    Rant: I first have to deal with several stressful work situations AND take a final exam tonight before I can get the hell out of town.

  • Rant: Stuck in day 3 of jury duty. Looks like with the fire drill this morning it may go to 5 days. This is miserable.

    Rave: b/c of jury duty I’m not at work, get to sleep in an extra hour, and get home by 5.

  • Rant/Rave: My company is restructuring soon, and it will require me to move from working to an office with people to working from home as a consultant. I’ve worked from home for short periods before, but I’m worried about losing focus / productivity in the long run. Anyone have tips? Coffee shops are an okay alternative, but that can get expensive fast.

  • Not really a Rant or Rave but I totally need some new pandora stations to stave off brain death at this temp job. Suggestions? I’ve been listening to a lot of country, bluegrass and folk stations but I’m up for anything.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I’m never called for jury duty.

    Rant: Totally bored at work.

    Rave: 3 day weekend coming soon.

    • I was called for jury duty the WEEK after I moved out of DC. The mail was actually forwarded to my Philly address (via USPS, DC didn’t actually mail to my Philly address haha that would have been awesome) which I found amusing. I was so tempted to show up, but I didn’t want to lie haha.

      Anyone know how you resign from your DC address? Is it just when your DL expires, or is it all from tax records?

    • you can volunteer for jury duty i think.

  • Both a rant and a rave: I got laid off! Yay for sleeping in, eating cereal at 2am, and catching up on HBO series. Rant, obvious.

    Question: I’ve never applied for unemployment benefits before. The website says that if you’re paid severance in a lump sum and it’s attributable to a certain period of time, you’re ineligible for that period. But I’m not sure where I fall. I got two weeks of severance pay for each year I was employed. Eight weeks of my salary in total. Does that count as “attributable to a certain period”? Or does it mean something else, and I really AM eligible to apply for unemployment now? Thanks!

    • I would just apply and let the unemployment office figure it out.

      • If I screw it up, does it affect my ability to re-apply later? It’s not like making a homeowners insurance claim, is it, where you have to think veeeerrry carefully about whether or not you actually want to file?

        • I don’t think so, but times have changed and they may be stricter now. Back when I was collecting unemployment (2006) they’d let you get it even if you’d resigned from your previous job.

    • I wouldn’t apply for it until the severance runs out. That’s what I did a few years ago when my severance ran out and the temp project I was working on ended.

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