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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rant: I’m broke.

    Rave: I actually like drinking cheap-ass beer.

  • Rave: Rwanda (work) tomorrow! Greece and Turkey (delayed honeymoon!) in two weeks!!
    Rant: Ahhh- so much to do- must get off PoP 😀

  • Rant: I am so sick an tired of seeing so much litter everywhere I go on the the streets. Its disgusting and shows the type of people we are as a community. It is a shame that I cannot walk down the street and I will see, without a doubt: a few lottery tickets, food wrappers, baby diapers (used), and condoms. Its such a shame, a gross shame.

    Rave: I love those who take care of the city and make their properties look cool. (Bike house in Mt. Pleasant!)

  • Rant: Car broken into AGAIN for the 2nd time this year… always the rear vent window on my innocent little compact car parked on T street between 15 and 16. Any pointers on how to avoid being a target for this ??? I never leave my gps or other electronics in view, no bags or items left in the car (exception of a coffee cup and umbrella here and there). I can’t make sense of it!!!

    • Just leave the rear door unlocked. They always try that first; before smashing your window.

      • pablo .raw

        I don’t own a car, but isn’t your solution making it easier for somebody to steal a car? A person I know got his car stolen twice in the same area of Mt. Pleasant.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Depends on the car. I successfully left a beat up old pick-up truck unlocked for years. I always knew when people looked through it b/c they always left the glove box open. Nobody ever wanted to steal the truck or the spare change I left in the ashtray.

          Accidentally left a Honda Accord unlocked once in the same nice neighborhood and it was stolen.

      • This also voids your car insurance for any claim, but go ahead.

    • it’s easier to break into certain cars more than others, and thieves know which ones they are. maybe you have one of those?

    • i learned that never repairing the window seems to work. for one, you save yourself the cost and two, they never bother to break another window if trying to get into your car. go to auto zone and get a $10 temporary window. use it until your inspection is due. sure your car may make you look broke, but you arent driving around all day, now are you.

    • What kind of car is this? I’m trying to visualize what a “rear vent window” looks like.

      Is the car a hatchback? If so, does it have one of those cover things that hides what’s in the “trunk”?

      Are there any visible suction-cup marks from your GPS on the windshield?

  • rant – discovered I have a flat tire on my bike this morning. Fixable but I didn’t have time so had to take a cab.

    another rant – saw a woman walking down the sidewalk this morning putting on deodorant.

    rave – beautiful heirloom tomatoes from my garden, beautiful day, someone from work brought in hot Krispy Kreme donuts this morning and someone else is treating us to sushi for lunch.

  • Revel — We close on our first home this Friday…it’s in the H St. area.

    Rant — The Prince of Petworth commentariat would no doubt tell me that I overpaid for a “home depot reno” in a “dilapidated neighborhood”

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Congrats on the new home!

      And here’s what I’ve learned about your rant – there are some vocal commenters who hate anything outside of NW. I’ve also learned that there are an equally vocal group of commenters who hate everything inside of NW. The truth of the matter is, the silent majority recognize that life is not so black and white. There are pros and cons in all of our neighborhoods. You’ve certainly got lots to be happy about in the H St. area. Enjoy!

    • Not sure about that but they probably will now. But you shouldn’t really care unless you think they might be right.

      Congratulations on your new home and enjoy it if it works for you. Don’t bother yourself with what you think other people might think.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Congrats on the house!

    • andy

      It also depends on whether you bought in the “H Street Neighborhood” or in Trinidad.

      • Either way, I think they will be patting themselves on the back in 10 years, as those neighborhoods bloom further. Personally, I think anyone who gets a home within a mile or three of the Capitol, Mall, or White House has done well. It’s really a privilege to be that close in.

    • The Prince of Petworth commentariat would no doubt tell me that I overpaid for a “home depot reno” in a “dilapidated neighborhood”

      some of us may say, “thanks for investing in dc, especially the parts that really need it”

    • There’s the crowd that will always say a house is overpriced by $100,000 who have no idea what the market value of the house might be anyway. I doubt most of these negative commenters own a home anyway. They just want to say the price is too damn high and vent their sour grapes…

  • rave: I’m loving the cooler weather!

    rant: I’m trying to find a cheapish 2-bdrm in Columbia Heights or Mount Pleasant for rent. Any ideas besides Craigslist?

    • Walk around the neighborhoods and get the phone numbers of apartment buildings and then call them. Some don’t advertise and rely on word-of-mouth alone, but they all have phone numbers out front.

  • What to do? I spent lots of money renovating my basement into a very nice one bedroom apartment. Now the thought of having someone living in my house for an extended period of time is leaving me cold. So, I am considering furnishing the place and renting it out on a short term basis to people coming to DC for short stays. Think, government employees, students at NIH. What does the room think?

    • pablo .raw

      I don’t know the details of your renovation, but technically if you made it right you basically created a place separated from your home for sound, fire, utilities and other. Then your renter becomes more like a neighbor that gives you money every month :D.

    • My inclination would be to find a good, dependable, stable renter for the long term to provide you with predictable and consistent income. (I could have squeezed a few more adjectives in that sentence, but decided against it!) 🙂

      Seems like with the short-term or temporary rental, you’d find yourself constantly interviewing potential renters and showing the place. Kind of a pain, IMO.

      Then there’d be the lean times when the space is empty: no income. But if these things don’t bother you, I say go for it. Depending on the area you’re in (close to universities, etc) you could have a little gold mine there! Good luck!

    • Get a couple of short term renters until you become acclimated to it and learn to spot the phoneys. Then transition to long term.

      Charge as much as you possibly can, get credit reports and make sure the person doesn’t have a lot of short term jobs.

      Make sure you don’t rent to a former landlord.

      Key’s to success.

    • I’d suggest setting up an ad that allows for short and long term rentals. Go through the process of finding a good tenant. You can then decide whether that’s something you really want to do every 3 months.

      I do think that eventually, you are going to go long term — whether it’s now or in a year that you feel comfortable doing so.

      If you do short term, you have to completely furnish an apartment. How many thousands of dollars will that cost? If you do get to a point where you want to put a relative or nanny in the unit, *then* you spend a little money as a bonus for moving out.

      Keep in mind all leases revert to month to month regardless of term, and you can’t kick someone out unless they stop paying or you personally decide to move into the unit. A short term renter could stay indefinitely, and there’s little you could do about it.

      Good luck!

    • claire

      Maybe rent it out on airbnb.com?

  • Rant: I had no clue that Sherwood Rec existed.

    Rave: I was at Sherwood Rec yesterday and I will now be there frequently for basketball, footsal, tennis and even volleyball all free of charge. DC has many hidden gems that really aren’t so hidden.

  • Rave: Guy who owns the music media company got back to me. Hope to arrange a meeting with him tomorrow in the District somewhere. Crossing fingers and toes.

    Rave: Got my Blik design which I can’t wait to affix on my wall tonight.

    Rant: Booking company travel.

    Rant: The inability to keep cash in my wallet. Must focus.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Artist friend is kind enough to draw a picture on my favorite handbag, Teresa.

    Rant: Artist friend is in Arizona.

    Rave: Shipped bag there and she arrived safe and sound.

    Rant: My back up bag sucks; I miss Teresa.

  • kiki

    Rant: Found out a friend from high school was killed in a random drive-by. Completely senseless. He was just married last month.

  • Rave: Little “Woodstock” finally arrived yesterday!

    Rant: Despite the hundreds of friends, relatives, medical staff, caterers and mariachi band members in the birthing room, no one bothered to text me until about 4 hours later.

  • Rant:

    When did men become so complicated?

  • Dopeness: Beer Week

    Wackness: Restaurant Week (overrated no matter which city you’re in)

  • Hey PoP! What ever happened to the “Looking for Love” feature? Did Jonathan find a love connection?

  • rave: beautiful weather, great bike ride into work in the morning

    rant: lack of apt postings on craiglist. need a place for oct 1 so maybe i’m looking too soon. may have missed out on a cute studio in a victorian because of my indecisiveness.

    • You are looking too soon. Wait until Sept. 1 when everyone has to give notice of intent to vacate.

      • Yeah, you really can’t look until a month before. It’s annoying for those of us are responsible and like to plan ahead.

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